1. Romney on Obama's REAL Unemployment Number

  2. From Mondale to Biden: Democrats Promise To Raise Your Taxes

  3. MSNBC's Toure: Obama Did So Poorly Because...He's Black

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  10. Romney: "He Calls It 'Forward' -- I Call It Forewarned"

  11. Obama: Republicans Don't Care About Sick People, Dirty Air, Education, or Law & Order

  12. Obama: "I Want To See Us Export More Jobs--Excuse Me, I Was Channeling My Opponent"

  13. Obama: "The Path I'm Offering Is Not Quick Or Easy"

  14. Obama: People Always Faint When I Speak..."Not Because I'm So Exciting"

  15. UN President Introduces "His Excellency" Barack Obama

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  17. Democrat Columnist: The Media "Taking Marching Orders From Obama Administration"

  18. Paul Ryan: "We're All In This Together" Rings Hollow From An Anytime, Anywhere Abortion President

  19. Newt: "We Had An Opportunity Yesterday To Teach The Muslim World About Freedom"

  20. Bin Laden's Killer: 1st Thing I Did After Arriving in U.S. Was Order Taco Bell & Ate It In My Truck

  21. "There Was Nothing In The Speech That Gives Confidence That The President Knows What He's Doing"

  22. Tom Brokaw After O's DNC Speech: Obama is Commander in Chief, Romney is Not

  23. Scarlett Johansson to Youth: I Don't Care Who You Vote For--Just Commit To Vote At BarackObama.com

  24. Ashley Judd on Obama: "I Was So Excited I Had Dry Mouth"

  25. Villaraigosa on "God" DNC Platform Ruling: "That Was My Decision...No One Protested"

  26. DNC Speaker: "Reproductive Freedom [Abortion] Means Economic Freedom"

  27. DNC Floor Fight To Adopt "God" (Christians) and "Jerusalem" (Jews) Back Into Platform

  28. TIME Journalist: There's No White Men at DNC

  29. Politico's VandeHei: "The Mainstream Media Tends To Be Quite Smitten With The Obamas"

  30. Biden's Bumper Sticker: We're Better Off Because "Osama bin Laden Is Dead & GM Is Still Alive"

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  39. Teachers' Union Pres on Christie: American Schools "Have The Best Scores We've Ever Had"

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  51. [Pt. 1] Piers Morgan Ridicules D'Souza; Then Agrees With Him

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  53. Navy SEAL on Obama: "They're Just Saying Things That Will Get Them Reelected But Will Get Us Killed"

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  55. EPIC FAIL: CNN Takes 2 Hrs 45 Min To Report Shooting At Building 1.1 Miles From Their Location

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  69. Obama: "I've Got A Plan. That's Why I'm Running"

  70. Chick-fil-A Drive-Thru Employee: "I Forgive Him. I Really Hope America Forgives Him"

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  72. Albert Mohler Defends Chick-fil-A CEO On CNN Against Host & Gay Journalist

  73. WaPo's Capehart: Chick-fil-A "Want To Do Harm...To Gay People"

  74. Victim's Brother To MSNBC: The Families Won't "Politicize This" For Your Gun Restriction Agenda

  75. Bloomberg: Police Officers Should Not Protect Americans Until Strict Gun Control Is Enacted

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  77. "Batman" Assassin's Dad Arrives At Denver Airport

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  89. Obama: "My Vision" For 2nd Term Is To Spend, Spend, Spend

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