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God designed our body for plants NOT for flesh

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Uploaded on Jan 19, 2009

"God giveth the grains and the fruits of the earth for food: and for righteous man truly there is no other lawful sustenance for the body."

If God wanted man to hunt and kill he would have designed us to do just that but as you can see we are not! Plus man is designed to be plant eaters not for carcass.

Words of Jesus

"Therefore, I teach you only those laws which you can understand, that you may become men, and follow the seven laws of the Son of Man. Then will the unknown angels of the Heavenly Father also reveal their laws to you, that God's holy spirit may descend upon you, and lead you to his law."
And all were astonished at his wisdom, and asked him: "Continue, Master, and teach us all the laws which we can receive."
And Jesus continued: "God commanded your forefathers: 'Thou shalt not kill.' But their heart was hardened and they killed. Then Moses desired that at least they should not kill men, and he suffered them to kill beasts. And then the heart of your forefathers was hardened yet more, and they killed men and beasts likewise. But I do say to you: Kill neither men, nor beasts, nor yet the food which goes into your mouth. For if you eat living food, the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will kill you also. For life comes only from life, and from death comes always death. For everything which kills your foods, kills your bodies also. And everything which kills your bodies kills your souls also. And your bodies become what your foods are, even as your spirits, likewise, become what your thoughts are. "

or 400 years after Jesus, ALL christians were vegetarian.

But the Romans wanted to continue there traditional religion of eating meat, drinking alcohol etc

So they falsified Jesus teachings, set up the Vatican, made a random demon the successor to Jesus, called him a "Pope", killed vegetarian christians.

Destroyed most true scripture. This Gospel here was found hidden though. As many other scriptures have been found now, hidden away from smart disciples because Jesus warned this would happen

"Some are not aware that, after the Council of Nicea, the manuscripts of the New Testament were considerably tampered with. Certain scholars called "Correctores" were appointed by the ecclesiastical authorities, and were actually commissioned to correct the text of the scripture in the interest of what was considered orthodox."

Archdeacon Wilderforce

"What these correctores did was to cut out of the Gospels, with minute care, certain teachings of our Lord which they did not propose to follow - namely, those against the eating of flesh and the taking of strong drink."

Rev. Gideon Jasper Richard Ousley

"A Meat Eating Interpretation of the bible became the official creed of the Roman Empire, and vegetarian Christians had to practice in secret or risk being put to death for heresy. It is said Constantine used to pour molten lead down their throats if vegetarian Christians were captured."

Archdeacon Wilderforce

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A critique of:
A Hypothesis to Explain the Role of Meat-Eating in Human Evolution


The Comparative Anatomy of Eating


The Human "Omnivore": a mythological beast


The Predatory Behavior and
Ecology of Wild Chimpanzees:

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