1. The History of Swing - When I Get Low - Bees' Knees Dance

  2. Riff time show3

  3. The History of Swing - Clap Your Hands - Bees' Knees Dance

  4. The History of Swing - IN THE MOOD - Bees' Knees Dance

  5. The History of Swing - Collegiate Shag - Bees' Knees Dance

  6. The History of Swing - The Honey Bees - Bees' Knees Dance

  7. The History of Swing - Balboa - Bees' Knees Dance

  8. The History of Swing - Johnny B. Goode - Bees' Knees Dance

  9. The History of Swing - Modern Savoy with Carlynn & Jonathon - Bees' Knees Dance

  10. The History of Swing - Maple Leaf Rag with the Lady Bugs - Bees' Knees Dance

  11. The History of Swing - The Yellow Jackets - Bees' Knees Dance

  12. The History of Swing - Thats A Plenty - Bees' Knees Dance

  13. The History of Swing - Riff Time - Bees' Knees Dance

  14. The History of Swing - When I Get Low - Bees' Knees Dance

  15. The History of Swing - The Tranky Doo - Bees' Knees Dance

  16. The History of Swing - It Don't Mean a Thing - Bees' Knees Dance

  17. The History of Swing - Dinah by the Bees' Knees Trio - Bees' Knees Dance

  18. The History of Swing - The Big Apple - Bees' Knees Dance

  19. The History of Swing - Company Store - Bees' Knees Dance

  20. Company Store

  21. The Shim Sham in St. Catharines

  22. Project Q Niagara edition - swing dancing in front of Niagara Falls with Bees' Knees Dance

  23. Gaudi the Quaker Parrot drinks the green juice!

  24. Toronto Dance Classes: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Choreography

  25. Sloan @ Echo Beach - Everything You've Done Wrong with horns!

  26. Authentic Jazz routine: Jumpin with Symphony Sid

  27. Sloan, Shadow of Love, XX Tour.

  28. Sloan plays Beverly Terrace on their XX tour.

  29. Sloan playing Snowsuit Sound on their XX tour.

  30. Authentic Jazz - Spring Cleaning routine at the Mandi Gould Winnipeg Workshop

  31. Authentic Jazz & Lindy Hop performance in Seoul, Korea

  32. Blues Dance Performance: Stormy Weather

  33. Authentic Jazz - Playing with Rhythm in Solo Vintage Jazz

  34. Solo Charleston & Vintage Jazz workshops: Vancouver Workshop, Mandi Gould

  35. Solo Charleston routine: Edmonton Workshop, Mandi Gould

  36. Charleston Transitions: Tandem Charleston & 20s Charleston Transitions review

  37. Bees' Knees Show - April Fool's Edition Grand Opening! Part 2

  38. Bees' Knees Show - April Fool's Edition Grand Opening! Part 1

  39. Toronto Swing Dance Performance by Intermediate Students - I Like Cake!

  40. Beginner Swing Dance Performance - Learn to swing dance in Toronto!

  41. Authentic Jazz & Charleston Performance - The Lady Bugs

  42. Toronto Dance Performance: All Girls' Vintage Performance Troupe, the Lady Bugs

  43. The Big Apple - Toronto Dance Performance

  44. Rock n' Roll Dancing Performance: Rock Sock The Boogie presents Why Do Fools Fall In Love

  45. Toronto Swing Dancing: Advanced Lindy Hop Performance Troupe

  46. St. Catharines Dance Performance - The Niagara Honey Bees - Hit The Road

  47. Collegiate Shag Performance: Toronto dance performance

  48. Swing Dance Classes in St. Catharines - The Honey Bees all-girls' performance troupe

  49. Rock n' Roll Dance Lessons in Toronto: Intermediate Workshop with Mandi & Phil

  50. Jazzin' Up Your Lindy Hop in Toronto - adding authentic solo vintage Jazz steps to your Lindy Hop

  51. St. Catharines Dance lessons are fun! Learn to swing dance.

  52. Toronto Rock n' Roll Dance Classes: student performance to Rock n' Roll Santa Claus!

  53. Toronto Dance Classes: Solo Vintage Jazz student performance to T'Aint What You Do

  54. Toronto Dance Classes: Lindy Hop performance to Lester Leaps In

  55. Toronto Dance Classes: Charleston performance to Yes Sir That's My Baby!

  56. Rock n' Roll Solo Dancing - Toronto Dance Classes Happy Holidays!

  57. Solo Vintage Jazz & Charleston Demo by Mandi Gould

  58. Dance Lessons Toronto - The Monster Mash!

  59. Toronto Dance Lessons: Rock n' Roll Dancing to Purple People Eater

  60. Lindy Hop Social Dancing at the Big Apple Lindy Hop Club in Seoul, Korea

  61. Toronto Dance Lessons: Mandi & Zhenya perform as guests in Korea!

  62. Toronto Dance Lessons: review basic patterns for Lindy Hop and Rock n' Roll dancing

  63. Toronto Dance Lessons - Rock n' Roll / Lindy Hop Performance to Rock n' Roll Music

  64. Toronto Lindy Hop: Fun with 6 Count Steps

  65. Social Lindy Hop: Mandi & Zhenya social dancing to Frankie Manning's Shim Sham

  66. Social Lindy Hop - Mandi & Geoff's engagement dance

  67. Toronto Swing Dance Lessons - Vintage Jazz 101 - Review of August 5th class

  68. St. Catharines Dance Lessons: Lindy Hop Swivel/Twist Practice for Followers

  69. Solo Vintage Jazz & Charleston - Great Wall Swingout 2010

  70. St. Catharines Dance Classes: Mandi's spontaneous train dance

  71. A visit to the Arcade and Attica Railway - Steam Engine Train - Bees' Knees Dance

  72. A visit to the Geneseo Airshow - Bees' Knees Dance

  73. Vintage Train Outing - Bees' Knees Dance

  74. St. Catharines Swing Dance Classes: Fun with Basic Lindy Hop steps - 8 Counts

  75. Dance Lessons in St. Catharines: Lindy Hop (swing dancing) footwork variations

  76. St. Catharines & Toronto Dance Lessons: Al Minns 6 Count Lindy Hop Variation

  77. Great Wall Swing Out - Mandi & Zhenya perform at the Great Wall Swingout 2010 in Beijing

  78. Toronto Dance Lessons: Basic Rock n' Roll Connection

  79. Toronto Dance Lessons: Rock n' Roll Steps - Basic Turns

  80. Toronto Dance Lessons: Basic Rock n' Roll Dancing Footwork

  81. Toronto Dance Classes: The Sound of Music Amateur Musical Theatre students

  82. Toronto Dance Lessons: Mary Poppins Amateur Musical Theatre performance, Dovercourt House

  83. Toronto Dance Lessons: students perform Mary Poppins - Bees' Knees Dance

  84. Toronto Dance Lessons: Learn or Practice your Rock n' Roll Footwork (aka Boogie Woogie footwork)

  85. West Side Story performed in Toronto at the Dovercourt House

  86. Bees' Knees Dance students in Toronto perform West Side Story

  87. Beginner Swing Dance Lessons in Toronto & St. Catharines, Ontario - Bees' Knees Dance

  88. Toronto Swing Dance Lessons: Bees' Knees Dance 10 Year Anniversary Mob Dance!

  89. Toronto Students perform Beauty School Dropout

  90. Dance Lessons Toronto - Solo Vintage Jazz Basics

  91. Disco Dancing Toronto - Class Follow Up - material from Tuesday, October 20th

  92. Dance Lessons Toronto: Bees' Knees students perform Singin' In The Rain, Oct. 16 2009

  93. Swing Dance Lessons in Toronto - Beginner 6 Count Lindy Hop Combination - Bees' Knees Dance Oct 16th

  94. Swing Dance Lessons in Toronto - Solo Vintage Jazz & Charleston Routine October 5th

  95. Swing Dance Lessons in Toronto - Breakdown of how to do the Jitterbug Stroll

  96. Dance Lessons Toronto: Amateur Musical Theatre - September

  97. Rehearsal - Amateur Musical Theatre

  98. Toronto Swing Dance Lessons - Snake Hips (Snake Boogies) and the Suzy Q demo

  99. Toronto Swing Dance Lessons - Solo Vintage Jazz & Charleston - September 16th