1. Obscene Norwegian traffic signs: the real story

  2. Naked Model gets huge hard-on: it's a hard job

  3. SUPER BOWL 2012: Bark side in Star Wars / Volkswagen

  4. Dumb blonde actress in horror movies: stereotype

  5. Trigger Chaos: make love, not war ! Axe ad

  6. Torrid brazilian blonde proposing to you on the beach

  7. Dirty minds: what men think about

  8. Hot blonde with big football breasts

  9. Darth Vader vs Obi Wan : Duel in underwear

  10. Possessed by voodoo queen

  11. Worst wedding fail ever: Swedes do it right!

  12. Swedish nudist camp victim of shocking attack

  13. Farting for your friends: no dignity!

  14. Finnish bread makes kids fart

  15. Worst and dumbest bets ever: the Swedes win!

  16. Ronaldo, Neymar, and Ribéry in Nike football commercial/ My time is now

  17. Aretha Franklin & Joan Collins: a diva in every man

  18. Pussy or tiger: which one scratches deeper ?

  19. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Kiss & Elton John in Romania?

  20. Penis : your best friend ever

  21. Superhero transformation: Invisible man or teleportation ?

  22. Hamster Rap: the one and only / 2010 Kia commercial

  23. Irish gushing beer fountain: a Bud ad, really?

  24. Gay teen coming out with conservative parents: marriage soon ?

  25. Mario Balotelli: Iroquois at Nike Barbershop / Nike advert: My Time is Now

  26. Worst jobs you can find: bad economy ?

  27. English hooligans brewing at Carlsberg's Fan Academy

  28. Top Gun in real life: hot pilot, hot blonde

  29. Inflatable doll: treat her like a woman

  30. Kick a guy in the balls and enjoy it ! New fair game

  31. Cuckolded by Aladdin's descendant: magic lantern

  32. David Beckham, Katy Perry, Lionel Messi, Dwight Howard & friends

  33. David Beckham caught red-handed stealing in LA

  34. Hugh Jackman caught in morning jogging: fan harassment

  35. Iggy Pop and successor: rock star life

  36. Tribute to Moms: hardest job in the world

  37. Blonde beauty vs Transformer ? Armwrestling for beer

  38. Geeks at redneck show: crushed by monster 4-wheeler

  39. Messi, Drogba, Lampard, Torres, Aguero at DJ Calvin Harris party !

  40. Three little pigs murder the Wolf: revisited story

  41. Maniac orders biggest hamburger ever

  42. Lost dick: Where is boyfriend's penis?

  43. Strip Club night: the hot blonde surprise

  44. Limp, spineless & flaccid Youtubers: your favorite videos

  45. Danish cop lets bank robbers run! The Non-Experts

  46. Germans hand-bashing metal : national pasttime

  47. Hairy reenactment of Flashdance: disgusting tights!

  48. Jamaica : where runners are rappers !

  49. Dumb Yankee in London: no culture !

  50. Not for pussies ! Canadian real food socks wimps

  51. Drunk Russian astronaut leaves for space shuttle !

  52. Rivaldo stealing from Juventus ?

  53. Maurice Greene & Thierry Henry vs. zombie: ultimate fight

  54. Hippie Dragee defies death: fresh cobras and speeding buses

  55. Google's Rube Goldberg machine

  56. Exhilarating build-up of amphibious & flying car

  57. Crazy chicken mascot crashes 100-yard grand finale

  58. Flashmob: gunfire shatters peace in tranquil Belgian town square

  59. Fantastic tale of Richard Branson, from toddler to Virgin

  60. Terrifying thriller unfolds in court.

  61. Worst fails ever by Norwegian geek !

  62. Drug-dealing kid wants out: will dad be OK ?

  63. Claudia Schiffer strips to wash car ?

  64. Lingerie strip-tease torture: Rosie Huntington torments boyfriend

  65. Rotten cop betraying buddies ?

  66. Hot chicks rape and whip boys: Morgan Freeman investigation

  67. Company kills customers ! Suckmaster inventor...

  68. Homo sapiens vs Neanderthals: booze made the difference

  69. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy superstar in concert & funeral

  70. Poisoned drink for Soviet leader ? Indian humor

  71. Raving rabbids mess up history

  72. Harassed by hot girls: toy boy, toy body

  73. Class nerd's first time! How to show off

  74. Indiana Jones camel piss spoof: lethal misunderstanding

  75. Lovely brunette looks for her panties

  76. Evil twin ruining his brother's life

  77. Suicide by fired General Motors employee?

  78. Lady Gaga in Farmville: star vs.farmer

  79. Pathetic Slovak cover of Pitbull, Lady Gaga, & Rihanna

  80. Aziz Ansari fails! Dating with facebook

  81. Brazilian Booty shaking wedding dance

  82. Ken and Barbie 's bathroom problems resolved by MTV

  83. Hard scenes on construction site

  84. Zoophilia: cuddlie Love between twin sheeps & hot blondes

  85. Zegar wild Amazon indian attack: my new roommate

  86. Annoying ninja attack on car: cold sensation

  87. Puberty: boobs, boners, hair and acne

  88. Poop & chat: cats embarassed by human masters

  89. Freaking out on Mondays: loser combo

  90. Braveheart geek: lunatic scottish IT engineer

  91. Flushing horny housewive's drain: a plumber's dream

  92. Blast 2 girls and get one horny chick

  93. Red light district Amsterdam: Leslie Nielsen & hookers

  94. Desperate agent tries to sell goofiest basketball player ever

  95. Nerd Pride: stupid video tricks for Youtube

  96. Car hooker obsessed by great white legend

  97. Hot female cop attracted by thief

  98. Analyzing boys body language in front of girls

  99. Public onanism: ashamed of nothing