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  1. Republican For A Reason

  2. [Deleted Video]

  3. SCHIP: Care Enough to Smoke?

  4. This Week on the Hill with Brian Darling

  5. An Idea So Dumb Only Congress Could Think of It

  6. What Is Hillary Clinton Doing to Your Health Care? Scary!

  7. Fred Thompson on conservatives acting like democrats

  8. Stop the Anti-American U.N. "Law of the Sea" Treaty

  9. Law of Sea Treaty Hurts American Sovereignty

  10. [Private Video]

  11. An Open Mind

  12. Consistent Conservative (60 sec)

  13. [Deleted Video]

  14. Roy Blunt and Republican Leaders join the President

  15. The Politics of Parsing

  16. CPAS LOST Issue Ad

  17. Simpleton's Guide: Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)

  18. Special Operations Firefight in Iraq ( Special Forces )

  19. Superdelegate Leahy Urges Clinton to Quit Race

  20. DNC

  21. [Deleted Video]

  22. Seek and destroy

  23. Al Qaeda Recruiting Video

  24. Special Forces engage Taliban

  25. Christian Catholic Nun Converted to Islam-Terrorist Vs Truth

  26. Device Fights Enemy With Sounds, Not Swords

  27. Americans for Prosperity-WI Press Conference - Roy Innis

  28. Cuba: Can You Hear Me Now?

  29. [Private Video]

  30. Don Cazayoux and His Deceptive TV Ad

  31. 624787

  32. [Deleted Video]

  33. [Deleted Video]

  34. [Deleted Video]

  35. Senator Craig's New Music Video

  36. [Private Video]

  37. Gay 4 Obama

  38. Hillary Clinton's Tampax Tampon Political Ad

  39. [Deleted Video]

  40. [Deleted Video]

  41. [Deleted Video]

  42. What would King think?

  43. Terrorism has no Religion

  44. "In Iran We Don't Have Homosexuals"

  45. [Deleted Video]

  46. State of the Union

  47. Israeli TV - 14 year old Suicide Bomber

  48. [Private Video]

  49. John Armor discusses campaign finance and "BetrayUs" on KCRW

  50. McCain Addresses Housing Crisis Options

  51. [Deleted Video]

  52. Club for Growth PAC Ad: MS-03: Freedom

  53. Musharraf Swears in New Prime Minister

  54. Fitna! You must see this video 1/2

  55. Barack Obama - "Personal Jesus"

  56. Second Amendment Attorney Alan Gura on D.C. v. Heller

  57. [Private Video]

  58. [Deleted Video]

  59. [Deleted Video]

  60. Archie Bunker on Democrats

  61. Pope Leads Good Friday Prayers

  62. Richardson Endorses Obama for President

  63. House Speaker Meets With Dalai Lama

  64. 1PM EST: Obama, Clinton Iraq Dialogue

  65. Hillary Clinton Schedules - Fox News

  66. Grover Norquist on Earmarks and Transparency

  67. Grover Norquist on Taxpayer Protection Pledge

  68. Grover Norquist on Importance of Stock Market Investors

  69. Grover Norquist on Starving the Left by Cutting Taxes

  70. Grover Norquist on Failures of Sen. Hillary Clinton

  71. Grover Norquist on the 'Leave Us Alone' Coalition

  72. Hillary Clinton's Schedules Released - Today Show

  73. [Deleted Video]

  74. John Kerry interview with SouthCoastToday

  75. Is Obama Wright? - Pastor Jeremiah Wright & Senator Barack

  76. Greatest movie line ever. Bob Hope Democrats

  77. John McCain Thanks British Troops

  78. Vice President Visits Afghanistan

  79. Three M's of Modern Media

  80. McCain Visits Israel As Part of Week-Long Trip

  81. [Private Video]

  82. Chairman Hensarling Talks About Democrats' Priorities

  83. [Private Video]

  84. Tribute Video Honoring House Veterans

  85. [Private Video]

  86. This Week in Washington: March 17, 2008

  87. [Private Video]

  88. Hillary in the House

  89. Principles of economics, translated

  90. [Deleted Video]

  91. Cheney Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq

  92. JP Morgan Chase to Buy Bear Stearns

  93. AP Campaign Minute

  94. Sen. John McCain Visits Baghdad

  95. reservoir brides

  96. [Private Video]

  97. Handful of A**holes

  98. [Private Video]

  99. Democrat Super Delegate Donna Brazile says "I Get Two Votes"

  100. [Private Video]

  101. Spitzer Call Girl Resigns

  102. Jim DeMint Presents Earmark Amendment on Senate Floor

  103. Raw Video: Freak Wave Sweeps Away Cars

  104. [Private Video]

  105. After N-word Funeral, Mayor Uses It

  106. How McCain wins the Millennial vote.

  107. Peter Leyden: A Moment of Transformation

  108. Obama's Pastor: "Hillary ain't never been called a nigger"

  109. Post-Taliban Afghanis See 1st Woman 'Idol' Star

  110. Paulson Recommends Better Mortgage Oversight

  111. [Deleted Video]

  112. Sen. Jeff Sessions Speaks to Heritage on Missile Defense

  113. Vice President Cheney Remembers William F. Buckley Jr

  114. NY Republican Leader Says Its Time to Move on

  115. Muslims Protest Over Danish Cartoon Reprint

  116. Black News Crew Attacked in South Carolina

  117. Where's Pigfoot? Looking for Porker of the Year Jack Murtha

  118. Vice President Cheney Speaks to Heritage on Missile Defense

  119. Sharpton Threatens to Sue Over Delegates

  120. Silda Spitzer: New York's First Lady

  121. March Top Ten Findings

  122. This Week in Washington

  123. [Private Video]

  124. Robert Bluey on ABC News Now (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama)

  125. [Private Video]

  126. Senator DeMint talks about the Democratic Campaigns

  127. Obama - Building a Religion (Censored by YouTube)

  128. [Deleted Video]

  129. [Private Video]

  130. Appeasing Islam

  131. "If I Die Before You Wake" sung by Dustin Evans

  132. Mad World of Barack Obama

  133. Dr. Holmes on Liberty's Best Hope Part 3

  134. Dr. Holmes on Liberty's Best Hope Part 4

  135. Rep. Wally Herger on Ways & Means Committee Race

  136. Rep. Wally Herger on Democrat Plans to Increase Taxes

  137. Rep. Wally Herger on Importance of Cutting Taxes

  138. Rep. Wally Herger on 2008 and John McCain

  139. Rep. Wally Herger on Free Trade and NAFTA

  140. Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Federal Budget Transparency

  141. Rep. Marsha Blackburn Explains 'Budget School'

  142. Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Earmark Reform

  143. Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Entitlement Reform

  144. Clinton Papers

  145. [Private Video]

  146. McCain Bears the Brunt of Bloopers

  147. White House 2.0

  148. Oldest WWI Vet Honored at Pentagon

  149. [Private Video]

  150. Raw Video: Bush Tap Dances

  151. [Private Video]

  152. Gen. Odierno on need to act prudently in Iraq

  153. Gen. Odierno on the Iranian threat

  154. Gen. Odierno on Iraqis rejecting al Qaeda

  155. Gen. Odierno on honoring fallen comrades

  156. Gen. Odierno on the impact of the "Sons of Iraq"

  157. Gen. Odierno on the decrease in violence

  158. Dr. Holmes on Liberty's Best Hope Part 2

  159. Dr. Holmes on Liberty's Best Hope Part 1

  160. This Week in Washington

  161. ABC's Chris Cuomo: Prince Harry 'Expendable'

  162. Senator Jim DeMint on Earmark Moratorium

  163. [Private Video]

  164. Global Defense Group's Final Video

  165. [Private Video]

  166. Phyllis Schlafly on Fox and Friends

  167. New Iron Man Trailer #2 FEB 28th 2008!

  168. Star Trek vs. Star Wars

  169. Stop the Raid on Social Security: Senator Jim DeMint

  170. Janet Jackson teaches Larry King how to dance

  171. MIT Creates Picture of NY Communications

  172. Detroit Mayor Facing More Pressure to Resign

  173. February Top Ten

  174. Bloomberg: I Won't Be a Candidate for President

  175. RNC Chairman on Sen Obama's Inexperience

  176. Talk show host slams Obama

  177. Hillary Clinton recalls SNL parody: Does Obama want pillow?

  178. Hoekstra on Bipartisan Protect America Act Compromise