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  20. Thank you to all the Supporters of Appalachian Voices

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  31. MTR and Virginia

  32. Mountaintop Removal and Mississippi - What's the Connection?

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  34. Virtual Flyover of Mountaintop Removal Sites in Wise Co., VA

  35. Lou Anne Wallace at a Power Plant Hearing in Wise County, VA

  36. Dr. John Bolton at a Power Plant Hearing in Wise County, VA

  37. Community Questions at Wise County Public Hearing

  38. Kathy Mattea speaks out against Mtn-top Removal Coal Mining

  39. Energy conservation at home

  40. Explosion in Bob White, WV

  41. Lenny Kohm on Activism and Americanism

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  45. Coal River Mountain

  46. Water pollution near Rawl, WV

  47. Aerial flyover of Marsh Fork near Cherry Pond Mountain

  48. Protests outside of Marsh Fork elementary

  49. Mountain Near Mud

  50. Aerial Flyover of Kayford Mountain

  51. Marie Gunnoe Speaks out about Flooding

  52. Anne League's Dream Home

  53. Gertie Moore talks about the Buffalo Creek disaster

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  57. Shawnee Mountain

  58. Peachtree Ridge

  59. Payne Knob

  60. Panther Knob

  61. Panther Knob, Huff Knob, Mtn Near Glen Fork

  62. Mtn Near Monson Summit 2

  63. Mtn Near Monson Summit

  64. Mtn near Elbert WV

  65. Mtn near Eckman wv

  66. Micajah Ridge Reclaimed mine 2

  67. Micajah Ridge Reclaimed mine

  68. Micajah Ridge

  69. Micajah Ridge

  70. Mtn near Helen, mtn near Wyoming

  71. Mtn Near Acme and Sylvester WV

  72. Kayford, Mtn near Acme, Mtn near Sylvester WV

  73. Mountaintop Removal on Cherry Pond and Kayford Mountains 2

  74. Mountaintop Removal on Cherry Pond and Kayford Mountains

  75. Mountain near Belva

  76. McRoberts Residents Speak Out

  77. Mountaintop Removal Movie from iLoveMountains.org

  78. National Memorial for the Mountains

  79. Virtual Flyover of a Mountaintop Removal Site

  80. Virtual Flyover of Marsh Fork Elementary School

  81. Virtual Flyover of the Blair Mountain Historic Area

  82. Virtual Flyover of Blair Mountain with Mining Simulations

  83. Blair Mountain Virtual Flyover as it Looks Now

  84. Seattle, WA, Flyover

  85. Portland, OR, Flyover

  86. San Jose, CA, Flyover

  87. San Francisco, CA

  88. San Diego, CA, Flyover

  89. Milwaukee, WI, Flyover

  90. Sanantonio, TX, Flyover

  91. Nashville, TN, Flyover

  92. Oberlin, OH, Flyover

  93. Cleveland, OH, Flyover

  94. Omaha, NE, Flyover

  95. St. Louis, MO

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