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    Fischer: Proof That Pornography Is Not A Victimless Crime

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    Jackson: Take Back Rainbow from Gays Before They Recruit Your Children

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    Reed: If We Beg God's Forgiveness, Then He'll 'Have Mercy On Our Land' In November

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    Copeland: The Devil is Trying to Destroy America With Progressive Socialism

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    Spero: Liberalism is Paganism, Obama like Ahab

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    Beck: The Religious Right Will Make World Leaders "Pee Their Pants"

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    Right Wing Watch

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    Robertson: Gays Make People Feel "Unwelcome" with Chick-fil-A Protests

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    Fischer: Obama's Re-Election Will Lead to 'Serious Talk About Secession'

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    Fischer: African Americans like 'Drug-Addled Addicts' looking for Government Welfare

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    Huckabee: Gay Marriage "Sinking" Democrats

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    Barber: Legal Abortion to Blame for Colorado Shooting

  13. 1464 Thumbnail

    Robertson: Gay Marriage is "Death Knell" of Democratic Party

  14. 1465 Thumbnail

    Aaron Fruh: Gay Marriage Brought the Flood

  15. 1466 Thumbnail

    Florida Pastor: Gays Can't Handle the Truth

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    Fischer: 'Big Gay' Wants 'To Go Ahmadinejad on Chick-fil-A'

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    Tyrrell: 'Brain Dead' Liberals to Blame for Aurora Shooting

  18. 1469 Thumbnail

    Fischer: Liberals to blame for Aurora Shooting

  19. 1470 Thumbnail

    Akers: Religious Education vs Indoctrination into the Spartan Mindset

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    Beisner: Pixar's 'Brave' is Part of Satan's Plot to Undermine God's Plan for Mankind

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    Boykin Wonders if Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood Member

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    Fischer: It Was Liberals Who Opposed Civil Rights

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    Fischer: Obama Like a 'Street Thug' Destroying America Just For the Pleasure of it

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    Brewer on SB 1070: Jesus 'Got Me Here'

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    Fischer: Gay Biological Parents Should be Denied Custody and Only Allowed Supervised Visits

  26. 1477 Thumbnail

    Pat Robertson: Dump Your Muslim Girlfriend

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    Fischer: Lesson from Penn State is Keep Gays out of the Boy Scouts

  28. 1479 Thumbnail

    Reverend William Owens' Offensive Anti-Gay Politics

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    Rep. Nunnelee: Bible Decision is "Another Example of Government Assault on Religion"

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    Rep. Tom Reed's Racist Friends Ridicule His Opponent's Asian Ancestry

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    The Heroic Tales of 'Ex-Terrorist" Kamal Saleem

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    Fischer: Gays Driven By A 'Dark, Venomous, Demonic Hatred'

  33. 1484 Thumbnail

    Hagee: Socialism Leads to the Antichrist

  34. 1485 Thumbnail

    AFA Weighs Google Boycott over Gay Rights Support

  35. 1486 Thumbnail

    Graham Lotz: Pornography Sign of End Times

  36. 1487 Thumbnail

    Barton: Preachers Were Responsible For Founding This Nation

  37. 1488 Thumbnail

    Pat Robertson: Ignore Bible on Slavery

  38. 1489 Thumbnail

    Wilson: Is DHS Plotting A Civil War?

  39. 1490 Thumbnail

    Fischer: Mandate That Everyone Attend Church And Tax Those Who Don't

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    Engle: 100,000 Ex-Gay Preachers will Heal AIDS victims, Bring Revival

  41. 1492 Thumbnail

    Engle: See 'The Avengers' for Spiritual Warfare

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    Fischer: America Revolution Was Not A 'Rebellion'

  43. 1494 Thumbnail

    Mat Staver & Kamal Saleem on 'Affirmative Action' for the Muslim Brotherhood

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    LaBarbera, Eliason: Anderson Cooper Must Stop Reporting on LGBT stories

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    Fischer: Obama Will Use 'Medical Nazis' to Force Doctors to Provide Treatment

  46. 1497 Thumbnail

    Conservatives Attack the Judiciary, Gay Rights, Secular Government

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    Fischer: Healthcare Ruling Is "Legal Garbage" And Roberts Should Be Impeached

  48. 1499 Thumbnail

    Crampton: ENDA is Insanity

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    Fischer: Gay Marriage Leads To Sex With Animals

  50. 1501 Thumbnail

    DeMint: God Has Put Christians "In Charge Of This Vineyard We Call America"

  51. 1502 Thumbnail

    Fischer: Liberals Have Been Duped By Satan

  52. 1503 Thumbnail

    Boykin: Go To Dearborn, MI And "You Would Think You Were In Beirut Or Damascus"

  53. 1504 Thumbnail

    Joyner: We Must Act Like Wilberforce Or We'll Be Martyred Like Bonhoeffer

  54. 1505 Thumbnail

    Liberty Counsel: True Science Always Reinforces The Bible

  55. 1506 Thumbnail

    Truth in Action Ministries: US Turning Into "The Hunger Games"

  56. 1507 Thumbnail

    Maginnis: Gay Pride in Military Creates 'Dysfunction' and 'Undermines Morale'

  57. 1508 Thumbnail

    Bachmann: Media Plot to Sway Kennedy's vote on Health Care Reform

  58. 1509 Thumbnail

    Fischer: Abortion, Gay Rights, & Environmentalism "Ultimately Come From Satan Himself"

  59. 1510 Thumbnail

    Gaffney: Ground Zero Mosque Is Evidence To Muslims "That Our Submission Is Inevitable"

  60. 1511 Thumbnail

    Issa Peddled Conspiracy Theory at NRA Convo, Called Fast and Furious an Attack on the 2nd Amendment

  61. 1512 Thumbnail

    Gaffney: Muslim Brotherhood Engaged In "Pre-Violent" Civilization Jihad Against America

  62. 1513 Thumbnail

    Fischer Longs For The Days When Homosexuality Was "The Infamous Crime Against Nature"

  63. 1514 Thumbnail

    Joe The Plumber: Unlike the Bible, Science Keeps Changing

  64. 1515 Thumbnail

    Huckabee: The EPA Might Tell Baptists They're Using Too Much Water

  65. 1516 Thumbnail

    Barton: Many of the Clauses in the Constitution 'are Literal, Direct Quotations out of the Bible

  66. 1517 Thumbnail

    Engle: "The Homosexual Agenda Can Be Broken"

  67. 1518 Thumbnail

    Rosenberg & Robertson: God Removing Hand of Protection over Legal Abortion

  68. 1519 Thumbnail

    Gaffney: Muslim Brotherhood "Is Trying To Keep Us Stupid" About Plans To Take Over U.S.

  69. 1520 Thumbnail

    Jim Garlow: 'If Necessary, Here We Die' To Fight Gay Marriage

  70. 1521 Thumbnail

    Fischer: Boy Scouts Cannot Allow Gay Scout Leaders Like "Homosexual Pedophile" Jerry Sandusky

  71. 1522 Thumbnail

    Boykin: Occupy Protestors Are 'Useful Idots' Just Wandering Around Doing Drugs And Raping People

  72. 1523 Thumbnail

    Glenn Beck: 'Horrifying' Glee Must Be Stopped

  73. 1524 Thumbnail

    Beck: "I Have Seen The Finger Of God"

  74. 1525 Thumbnail

    Fischer: Gays Cannot Be Reasoned With Because God Has Given Them Over To Depraved Minds

  75. 1526 Thumbnail

    Jim Martin: Obama would be in Jail if Lying was a Crime

  76. 1527 Thumbnail

    Barber: WI Election Signals the 'Implosion [of] the Progressive Movement'

  77. 1528 Thumbnail

    Bryan Fischer Goes Ballistic over New Yorker Profile

  78. 1529 Thumbnail

    Boykin: From Public School Textbooks to the 'Full Implementation of Marxism'

  79. 1530 Thumbnail

    Fischer: Allowing Gay Adoption is 'a Form of Sexual Abuse'

  80. 1531 Thumbnail

    Joyner: "We Rebuked That Flu" And Stopped Its Spread

  81. 1532 Thumbnail

    Wilson: Is the Repeal of DADT Responsible for Increase in Suicides in the Military?

  82. 1533 Thumbnail

    Gohmert Misleads on ENDA, Criticizes Gay-Affirming Faith Groups

  83. 1534 Thumbnail

    Gohmert: Commerce Secretary Bryson is a 'Guy That Crashes his Car from Car to Car':

  84. 1535 Thumbnail

    Obama "Ripped The Final Shred of Divine Covering" By Bowing To Saudi King

  85. 1536 Thumbnail

    Joyner: Feeding The Multitudes From Just One Dish Of Casserole

  86. 1537 Thumbnail

    Fischer: Women Have "Far More Significant Impact On The World" By Staying Home And Raising Kids

  87. 1538 Thumbnail

    Creflo Dollar: Devil Behind Child Cruelty, Battery Arrest

  88. 1539 Thumbnail

    Barber: PFAW, ACLU, FFRF, & AU are Communists Engaged in 'Religious Cleansing'

  89. 1540 Thumbnail

    Fischer: If Gays Aren't Discriminated Against, Christians Will Be

  90. 1541 Thumbnail

    Janet Porter Declares "Open Season On RINOS"

  91. 1542 Thumbnail

    Hagee Tells Atheists To Leave The Country b/c They Are Not Wanted & Won't Be Missed

  92. 1543 Thumbnail

    Liberty Counsel Defends Notorious Anti-Gay Activist Scott Lively

  93. 1544 Thumbnail

    Jackson: Blacks and Hispanics Must Escapes The "Democratic Party Plantation"

  94. 1545 Thumbnail

    Perkins: "Same-Sex Marriage Violates Reason And Natural Law"

  95. 1546 Thumbnail

    Joyner: "We Are Close To Having Race Riots In America"

  96. 1547 Thumbnail

    Fischer: "It Is Altogether Right To Discriminate Against Homosexual Behavior"

  97. 1548 Thumbnail

    Fischer & Beisner Describe the Tenets of the Religion of Environmentalism

  98. 1549 Thumbnail

    Barber: Progressive Principles Can Only Be Imposed Through Tyranny

  99. 1550 Thumbnail

    Hagee: Five Proofs That America Is Cursed By God