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Ron Paul 2012: Real Hope

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Uploaded on Jun 28, 2011

He is the Only candidate who wants to bring the troops home, end the federal reserve which is stealing money right out of your bank account, reduce the size of government and give power back to the people and defend the constitution. Come on America you can do this! Ron Paul 2012.

Some of the videos were taken from the fantastic DVD "For Liberty" which you can watch online here:


And purchase here to help the creators of this DVD:


America is worse than ever and obamas "change you can believe in" reality has hit hard on the American people, but finally a man has come forward he lives by his word. Ron paul once said change is just a fancy word most politicians use but never do anything with well Ron Paul is here to change that.... Sticking by the constitution and the rights set down by the forfathers, this is a man of intergrity who is gaining popularity by the minute and has even been said to be the living thomas Jefferson.Fighting for freedom, liberty, Wanting to abolsih the federal reserve that is stealing money from the american people while making billions for itself, bring the troops out of afganistan and Iraq, his views on the war on terror and drugs has been applauded by many... This is Ron Paul... Ron paul 2012. In 2008 he was donated over 16 million dollars from his fans alone. And a further 1 million last month dont listen to what the Mainstream media tells you wake up!!!


Produced and Directed by
Chris Rye & Corey Kealiher

Chris Rye

Assistant Editor
Corey Kealiher

Director of Photography
Chris Rye

Special Editorial Assistant
Bryan Thome

Key Grip/Awesome Dude
Michael Maresco

Additional Photography
Bret Hatch
Bryan Thome
Ernest Hancock
Bill Dumas
Barclay Bean
Bernard Carman
Tom Westbrook
Mike Mart
Bob Dwyer
Julian Smith
Boston Liberty Project
Kenneth & Julie van Schooten
Byron Jackson
Gary Franchi
Tory Watson
Corey Kealiher
Shane O'Hara
John Vidurek
Michael Matthews
Robert Abraham
Istvan Lettang, Eclipptv.com
Andrew Neef
Cynthia Kennedy
Mandy Nichols
Ron Paul Air Corps
Granny Warriors
John Seibold

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