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Ron Paul Speaks Out Against Bilderberg Takeover

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Published on Nov 9, 2012

Alex talks with Rep. Ron Paul about Obama's re-anointment and the economic implosion now slowly taking out the pinions of the once mighty U.S. economy.

Joel Skousen sits down with Alex Jones and discusses strategies on how to prepare for and survive major disasters.

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  21. Ron Paul Speaks Out Against Bilderberg Takeover

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    Bev Harris: Romney Votes Not Counted in Key States

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    Jesse Ventura: Abolish The Electorial College

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    Your Choice of Nightmare: Infowars Roundtable Discussion

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    Max Keiser: Americans Are Euthanized by Big Banks

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    David Icke: Human Genetics, The Religion of Death

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    Ten Flagrant Examples of Obama Lying During His Presidentcy

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    Bev Harris: Shaving Votes to Get The Ideal Outcome

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    Obama's Campaign of Many Lies

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    Election 2012 Countdown to The Puppet of Choice

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    Sandy is Katrina 2.0

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    The Nanny State is Running Our Lives

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    Attack on Stevens Was A Professional Job

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    MSM, Obamanoids & FEMA: A Culture of Thuggery and Failure

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    Bev Harris: Get Ready for Massive Voting Fraud!

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    Election 2012: Pick Your Poison

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    How The MSM is Pushing Overpopulation Myths

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    Feds Lie, People Die in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath!

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    Obama Re-Election Fears Spark Huge Gun Sales

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    Surviving The Great Culling with Film Maker Chris Maple

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    Obama Ignores Hurricane Sandy Victims Plea for Help!

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    How to Survive Apocalyptic Events with Joel Skousen

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    Police State Gone Wild: SWAT Team Sniper Kills 16yr Old Boy

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    Aspartame Soda: The Taste Zombies Prefer

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    TSA Agent Arrested for Allegedly Raping Boy!

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    Witness To Underwear Bomber False Flag Runs For Congress

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    America is Converting to Tyranny

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    Stewart Rhodes: Election 2012, Trading One Brand of Tyranny for Another

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    Escape From New York 2012!

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    French Bulldog Chases Obama and Romney

  79. 7078

    InfoWars Makes Presidential Endorsement

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    Sandy Looters Brag of Theft on Twitter & Cops Now Taser Children!

  81. 7080

    NDAA Critic Stranded in Hawaii Speaks Out About Secret No-Fly Lists

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    Gary Johnson Talks Nwo, Bilderberg & Bohemian Grove

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    Jury Nullifies NJ Pot Laws

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    No-Fly List Strands Prepper in Hawaii

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    The Gangster Culture

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    Why Do We Need The Constitution Party?

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    Sandy Looters Display Stolen Items on Twitter

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    ADL Targets Alex Jones!!

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    Zombies Attack: Hidden Camera

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    Dan Bidondi Predicted Hurricane Sandy Disaster

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    When Zombies Attack

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    Did Obama Fire General Who Tried to Save Ambassador Stevens?

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    Nuclear Plant Put on High Alert in Hurricane Aftermath

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    Obama Accepts Bin Laden Donations!

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    The Occult Origins of Halloween

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    Drones Set to Share Sky with Commercial Airliners

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    Hurricane Sandy Victims React to Storms Fury

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    Is Obama Using HAARP to Get Re-Elected? Bob Fletcher Reports

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    Facebook Censors Alex Jones, Removes Bin Laden Image

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