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  1. [Deleted Video]


  3. Barack Obama AAPI Fundraiser Washington DC

  4. A Message from Maya

  5. Barack Speaks To HQ Staff & Volunteers

  6. Saleem from Pittsburgh

  7. Rinku Sen on Barack Obama's Speech About Race

  8. [Private Video]

  9. Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack's Sister

  10. Obama's Half Sister - Maya Soetoro-NG

  11. Maya Soetoro-Ng at the Democratic National Convention

  12. California State Legislators Back Barack Obama

  13. Mayor Mufi Hannemann of Honolulu, HI

  14. U.S. Veteran Tribute

  15. AAPI Leaders for Senator Obama

  16. Congressman Mike Honda addressing the 2008 DNC Convention

  17. Ashwin Madia Interviewed at Obama Rally

  18. John Liu Interview at the AAPI Caucus at the DNC 2008

  19. DNC AAPI Caucus: Mee Moua Pt. 1

  20. DNC AAPI Caucus: Mee Moua Pt. 2

  21. DNC AAPI Caucus: Obama's half-sister Maya Soetoro-Ng

  22. Politicians sing during AAPI Caucus at 2008 DNC

  23. DNC APIA Caucus - Tammy Duckworth

  24. Veterans for Obama

  25. Asian American/Pacific Islanders for Obama

  26. Capt. James Yee for Obama - Delegate

  27. Obama on ACID? "Barack OBollywood"

  28. Next Generation Veterans for Obama

  29. Kal Penn Asks Minnesota to Get Registered

  30. A Message from Maya

  31. A Message from Maya

  32. Holly's Story: Backstage with Barack at the 2008 DNC