1. A Day in Sanctuary

  2. Elecam Encounter: Dining with Deer

  3. Pumpkin Banana Delicacy

  4. The Great Pumpkin Drop

  5. Lota and Misty's Arrival - November 17, 2004

  6. Pumpkin Treats for the Big Girls

  7. In Memory of Bella

  8. Grandma's Molasses

  9. Elecam Encounter: A Deer Guest Comes to Dinner

  10. Winkie Helps Caregivers

  11. Elecam Encounter: Minnie's Baton

  12. Elecam Encounter: THE BIG BRUSH-OFF

  13. Elecam Encounter: Misty's Roots

  14. Elecam Encounter: Conversation Over The Fence

  15. Elecam Encounter: A Day with Misty and Dulary

  16. Ronnie and Debbie Dancin' in the Fire Hose Shower

  17. Elecam Encounter: Misty Just "Chilling"

  18. Elecam Encounter: The Art of Dusting

  19. Elecam Encounter: Tarra and Shirley Simply Grazing Together

  20. Elecam Encounter: Deer Guests Come to Dinner

  21. Elecam Encounter: Sissy and Winkie at the Pedicure Salon

  22. Elecam Encounter: Misty Enjoys the Tree Limbs

  23. Elecam Encounter: Misty the Sleeper

  24. Elecam Encounter: Sis and Winks at Dr. Scott's Pond

  25. Behind the Scenes at The Elephant Sanctuary - Kellie Pickler as an Ele Caregiver on Day Jobs

  26. Remembering Bella Day Podcast

  27. Flora and Tange Enjoy a Habitat Sauna

  28. Elecam Encounter: Winkie

  29. Elecam Encounter: Sissy

  30. Dulary & Misty's First Swim of the Season 2012

  31. Girl Talk: An Ele-Orchestration

  32. Elecam Encounter: Minnie

  33. Elecam Encounter: Tarra

  34. Elecam Encounter: Minnie

  35. Elecam Encounter: Sissy and Winkie

  36. Elecam Encounter: Debbie and Ronnie

  37. Elecam Encounter: Tange and Flora

  38. Elecam Encounter: Ronnie and Minnie

  39. Elecam Encounter: Debbie and Ronnie

  40. Minnie and The Great Flood

  41. Elecam Encounter: Shirley and Tarra 4/30/2012

  42. Elecam Encounter: Tange 4/17/2012

  43. Elecam Encounter: Debbie and Ronnie 4/10/2012

  44. Elephant Easter Enrichment

  45. CNN Interviews Elephant Sanctuary CEO About Recent Poachings

  46. 2012 The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee Calendar

  47. Minnie and Her Culvert

  48. Minnie's New Blue Popcorn Toy

  49. One Lucky Elephant Star Flourishes at Sanctuary in Tennessee

  50. USDA Fines Ringling Bros. Circus: CNN Interviews Elephant Sanctuary CEO

  51. Elephant Mourns Loss of Canine Companion: Tarra And Bella, Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

  52. In Honor of Bella - Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee Slideshow

  53. Shirley & Tarra: Spring Fever

  54. Flora & Tange in The Sanctuary's North Woods Valley

  55. Billie's Last Chain

  56. A Spring Dip in the Pond with Minnie

  57. African Elephant Guide to Eating Trees

  58. Information about The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

  59. Shirley & Tarra's Trumpeting Party

  60. Tarra and Bella in the Snow: Elephant and Dog Best Friends

  61. Flora, Tange & Zula: Our African Elephants

  62. Our Elephants in 2010

  63. Minnie, Debbie and Ronnie

  64. Flora and Tange Playing at Elephant Sanctuary

  65. Elephant Enrichment Toy Story

  66. Remembering Lottie

  67. Debbie & Ronnie in the Pond

  68. Summertime at the Sanctuary

  69. Tarra & Bella: Summer 2010

  70. Billie's Orange Toy

  71. Sissy, Winkie and the Water Wagon

  72. Dulary & Misty's Spring Swim

  73. Flora's Bouncing Trees at Elephant Sanctuary

  74. Shirley & Tarra Playing

  75. Elephants in the Snow at Tennessee Sanctuary

  76. Flora and Tange have a Mud Party at Elephant Sanctuary

  77. Asian Herd in the New Habitat

  78. One Lucky Elephant Star's Arrival at Sanctuary

  79. Tarra & Friends

  80. In Memory of Tina

  81. In Memory of Ned

  82. Namaste, Bunny

  83. In Memory of Zula

  84. Tarra and Bella: A Match Made in Ele-Heaven

  85. Happy New Year, Ned

  86. Dulary & Misty's First Swim

  87. Peace On Earth

  88. Ned's Arrival

  89. Happy Anniversary Shirley

  90. Education Gallery Virtual Tour

  91. Queenie's Gift

  92. Delhi's Farewell Journey

  93. Liz, Frieda and Billie Arrive

  94. Ronnie & Debbie Arrive

  95. Minnie, Lottie & Queenie Arrive

  96. Celebrating Jenny

  97. Tarra Talking & Playing

  98. Tarra Digs The Sanctuary - Elephant Using Shovel

  99. Misty's Freedom