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Not Another Teenage Love Story Chapter 15 pt.. 2

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Uploaded on Nov 11, 2008

*Nicks Locker*
Nick- *twisting the combination then opend his locker nd a skeleton swings out
nd hits him in tha face and it makes creepy noises, he jumps a little*

*Selena and Demi walk down the fall just in time to see his face when it pops

Both- *cracking up*

*Everyone in the hallway is either starring or laughing too*

Selena- *laughing* your face was priceless

Demi- *laughing* it was worse than joes

Nick- i wasnt even scarred

Demi- same thing joe said

Selena- suure you werent *pulls the tape recorder out of his locker nd
presses play*

Nick- *kinda jumps slightly*

Selena- *laughing* you just jumped again

Nick- whatever

Demi- *laughing*

Nick- *gets his books nd closes his locker with the skeleton still in it* all
i have to say to you is expect the unexpected

Selena- yea, were shiverring in out jammies

Demi- ooo000oo

*they both start laughing again*

Nick- okay, just expect it

-End of the Day Announcements-

*Good Afternoon everyone, on behalf of all of your principals
we would like to wish you a happy halloween.. dont drink and drive
and remember have a good time, eat some candy for us... Have A nice SAFE

*in Joes Car*

Joe- so everyone knows to meet up at my house

Selena- yupp

Demi- well only Aj, Cody, Emily, Mitchell, Alyson(stoner) and one of her
friends are coming, everyone else alreaddy had plans

Nick- thats fine with me

Joe- wow our circle is getting pretty big

Demi- tell me about it

*everyone gets dressed*
-Jonas House-

- Joe nd Demi were Harry Potter and Hermoine,
Nick and Selena were Cleopatra and Caesar
Emily and Mitchell were Danny and Sandy(from grease),
Alyson and her Friend were Jasmine and Aladdin,
Aj and Cody were ken and barbie
(i went as a venrtiloquist dummy, everyone thougt it was so cute
just thought i should add that in lol)

*they all take pictures*

Mrs. Jonas- you all look great

Everyone- thanx

Emily- i think nick and selena take the cake.. they look like they just walked
out of a time machine

Selena- *giggles* but you look just like sandy

Aj- yea she does

Demi- aww i finally have a my size barbie

Aj- *giggles* complete with Ken and everything

Alyson- *laughs*

Joe- *talking to nick* dude your hair is soo *reaches for it*

Nick- i know, dont touch it

Alyson- i love everyones costumes

Demi- yea mee too..

Selena- i wounder what everyone else is going to be

*they go to a halloween party hosted by the cheerleaders, who were all not so
good versions of disney princesses nd they also saw their good friends tarzan
and jane (Zac and Vanessa)*

and even though theyre not there...
Aly and Ricky were Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe
David and Lucy were Hansel and Gretel(the less clothed versions);
Mr. ans Mrs. Gomez were Mr and Mrs Incredible
Mr. Lovato nd His lady friend were.. Marc Anthony and Queen of the Nile,
Frankie nd Madison were pebbles and bambam

mr. and mrs. jonas took frankie nd madison to a halloween party hosted by no other than...
Noah Cyrus who was Dorothy.. and the grown ups went to a Halloween Party also..
so everyone had a good time..

*at the teens party*
-they have an orange carpet at the entrance so every couple is walking down it individually and also anyone else who comes-

*while their walking in*

Elvis- *sitting at a table* does anyone wanna sign up for the costume contest.., their are individuals and couples

Nick- sure

*Joe nd Demi, Mitchell nd Emily and Alyson nd her friend sign up to*

*they partayyy for about 3 hours now its around 11:30*

Batman and Batgirl (mileys mom nd dad)- *go on stage*
Batgirl- we have the finalists for the costume contest..
*everyone cheers*
Batman- so were gonna call up the finalists for the couples and individuals then..
Batgirl- your cheers will decide who wins.. okaay

*everyone cheers*

Batman- okay.. the first couple finalists are...*drum roll*.....
CLEOPATRA AND CEASER(nick nd selena)

*audience cheers and they go on stage*

Batgirl- the next couple is...Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe(aly and ricky)
Batman- the next couple issss.. DANNY AND SANDY (emily and mitchell
Batgirl- and last but not least for the couples is.. HANSEL AND GRETEL (david and lucy)

*they do the cheer thing for davis lucy aly and rocky*

Batman- okay so now.. *puts his hand over danny and sandy and the audience goes wild*
Batgirl- and last but not least *puts her hand over selena and nick* Cleopatra and Caesar *the crowd goes crazyy*
Batman- okay judging by your screams...
Batgirl- runner up is... CLEOPATRA ND CAESAR

*everyone cheers*

Batman- and the WINNER of 2 $100 gift cards to the mall is....
Batgirl and Batman- DANNY AND SANDYYY!!!!

*the audience goes crazy*

Batgirl- congratulaions guys
Batman- dont spend all that in one store

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