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  1. How Far Can Legolas See?

  2. Is the Universe Entirely Mathematical? Feat. Max Tegmark

  3. How to See Without Glasses

  4. Relativity Isn't Relative

  5. Why is the Solar System Flat?

  6. Why The Full Moon is Better in Winter

  7. What is Sea Level?

  8. 3 Simple Ways to Time Travel (& 3 Complicated Ones)

  9. Magnetic Levitation

  10. How to Destroy a Magnet (+ interactive periodic table)

  11. MAGNETS: How Do They Work?

  12. Where Was The Big Bang?

  13. Science, Religion, and the Big Bang

  14. Do We Expand With The Universe?

  15. Where is the True North Pole?

  16. How to Turn Sound Into Light: Sonoluminescence

  17. Can Humans Really Feel Temperature?

  18. The Order of Operations is Wrong

  19. Foiled Proof

  20. NEW SHOW: MinuteEarth!

  21. Parallel Universes: Many Worlds

  22. The True Science of Parallel Universes

  23. Youtube Video vs. The Universe

  24. How Big is the Universe?

  25. What Is The Universe?

  26. The BEST Science Online (Henry's List)

  27. Immovable Object vs. Unstoppable Force - Which Wins?

  28. Another Physics Misconception

  29. TOP 10 REASONS Why We Know the Earth is Round

  30. Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?

  31. Is There Poop on the Moon? ft. Smarter Every Day

  32. Common Physics Misconceptions

  33. Does the Universe Have a Purpose? feat. Neil deGrasse Tyson

  34. What is Touch?

  35. Open Letter to the President: Physics Education

  36. Can we Predict Everything?

  37. E=mc² is Incomplete

  38. The Origin of Quantum Mechanics (feat. Neil Turok)

  39. 2012 Nobel Prize: How Do We See Light?

  40. Real World Telekinesis (feat. Neil Turok)

  41. Why is it Dark at Night?

  42. Is Racewalking a Sport?

  43. How to Simulate the Universe on your Laptop

  44. What if the Earth were Hollow?

  45. Usain Bolt vs. Gravity

  46. London Bridge Was Sold to the US!?

  47. The Most Burly Hurls

  48. Higgs Boson Part III: How to Discover a Particle

  49. The Higgs Boson, Part II: What is Mass?

  50. The Higgs Boson, Part I

  51. MinutePhysics Birthday

  52. Open Letter to the Universe

  53. Open Letter to the Universe

  54. Picture of the Big Bang (a.k.a. Oldest Light in the Universe)

  55. Proof Without Words: The Circle

  56. Every Force in Nature (Theory of Everything, Part III)

  57. How to Count Infinity

  58. Why the solar system can exist

  59. Ye Olde Debunking

  60. There is no "Fourth" dimension

  61. How far is a second?

  62. Einstein's Proof of E=mc²

  63. Einstein and The Special Theory of Relativity

  64. Albert Einstein: The Size and Existence of Atoms

  65. Albert Einstein: Why Light is Quantum

  66. What are years... and the galactic supermassive black hole!

  67. Theory of Everything: What is Matter?

  68. Theory of Everything (intro)

  69. VomitPhysics! Physics of Fiction

  70. Tutorial: Rocket Science! (plus special announcement)

  71. Football, Physics, and Symmetry

  72. Round Triangles!

  73. SMBC Physics: Why are stones round? feat. Zach Weiner

  74. The Tides

  75. Faster Than Light Neutrinos (maybe): Field Trip!

  76. What is a Neutrino?

  77. The Tacoma Narrows Fallacy

  78. How lasers work (in theory)

  79. The Hairy Ball Theorem

  80. Weigh a million dollars with your mind

  81. The Arrow of Time feat. Sean Carroll

  82. GPS, relativity, and nuclear detection

  83. How to break the speed of light

  84. The Speed of Light in Glass

  85. There is no pink light

  86. 2011 Nobel Prize: Dark Energy feat. Sean Carroll

  87. Schrödinger's Cat

  88. Taming Infinity

  89. What is fire?

  90. Distance and Special Relativity: How far away is tomorrow?

  91. What is a dimension? In 3D...and 2D... and 1D

  92. Tutorial: creating the sound of hydrogen

  93. Adding Past Infinity (WARNING: Math Ahead)

  94. What is Quantum Tunneling?

  95. The Sound of Hydrogen

  96. What is the Uncertainty Principle?

  97. How the Sun works: Fusion and Quantum Tunneling

  98. The Wave/Particle Duality - Part 2

  99. What is the Wave/Particle Duality? Part 1

  100. Minute Physics: What is Dark Matter?

  101. Minute Physics: What is Gravity?

  102. A Polarizing Discovery About the Big Bang!

  103. How Modern Light Bulbs Work

  104. Evolution vs Natural Selection