1. Child Rape: Liberia's Open Wound

  2. John Irving at Home

  3. 'Last Dance': American Proms

  4. Joe Klein On His Cover Story: How To Die

  5. Fans Wait for Justin Bieber

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  11. Undocumented Americans: Victor Palafox

  12. Undocumented Americans: Mandeep Chahal

  13. Undocumented Americans: Jose Antonio Vargas

  14. Despite More Jobs, Vets Still Struggle to Sell Themselves

  15. 10 Questions for Chris Rock

  16. StartupBus: Building an App En Route to SXSW

  17. Joplin: Picking up the Pieces, Putting on a Prom

  18. Pastor Rick Warren on The Daniel Plan Fitness Program

  19. The Man with the Golden Voice: An Interview with Ted Wiliams

  20. Slash: Life After Guns N' Roses

  21. Governor Mitt Romney Talks to TIME

  22. Ian Bremmer Interview: Apple, China and the G-Zero World

  23. Marilyn Sings to JFK: The 50th Anniversary of an Iconic Photo

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  25. Space Tourism: Will It Fly?

  26. Life in the Universe: Easy or Hard?

  27. A Brief History of Facebook

  28. The Facebook IPO: Explainer

  29. Bowe Robert Bergdahl: The Last Prisoner of War

  30. 10 Questions for Wladimir Klitschko

  31. 10 Questions for Robert Caro

  32. Is Online Marketing Disguised as Games Making Kids Obese?

  33. Attachment Parenting: Dr. Sears and the Origins of a Movement

  34. The Human Cost of Immigration Enforcement in Phoenix

  35. TIME 100: Ai-jen Poo

  36. Camels for Cash: India's Fleeting Camel Trade

  37. TIME 100: Barbara Van Dahlen

  38. TIME 100: Cami Anderson

  39. On the Red Carpet at the 2012 TIME 100 Gala

  40. 10 Questions for Julia Louis-Dreyfus

  41. Space Shuttle Enterprise Flyby

  42. The Artist Behind Santa Monica's Famous Ferris Wheel Lights

  43. Poachers Beware: Indonesia's Fight Against Wildlife Trafficking

  44. Interview with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos

  45. Cuba's (Rocky) Love Affair with The Harley-Davidson

  46. For Wounded Vets, All Rehab Under One Roof

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  52. How to Tag a Shark

  53. Sights and Sounds of the Million Hoodie March

  54. Game Changer: Luis von Ahn, Crowd Sourcer

  55. Game Changers: Tony Hsieh, Chief Happiness Officer

  56. Game Changers: Jim Lindner, Archive Automator

  57. Game Changer: Emily May, Harassment Avenger

  58. Game Changer: Casey Nolan, Housing Visionary

  59. Game Changer: James Corner, Urban Dreamscaper

  60. Game Changer: Bre Pettis, Replicator Maker

  61. Game Changers: Barry Scheck, Justice Seeker

  62. Game Changer: Amy Cuddy, Power Poser

  63. How They Train: Synchronized Swimming with Sean Gregory

  64. The Platinum Age of Mixology: Teeter-Totter Tea

  65. Off the Grid in Slab City, California

  66. 10 Questions for Dr. Peter Goodwin

  67. Rally for Rubles: Paying Crowds to Support Putin

  68. Hunting Children in Sudan

  69. Godspeed, John Glenn: Americans in Orbit

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