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  1. A Look at Quinnipiac University's Carl Hansen Student Center

  2. Ireland's Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University

  3. Dedication of MUSAEM AN GHORTA MHÓIR, Ireland's Great Hunger Museum

  4. "Irish America and the Struggle for Freedom in Ireland" by Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Féin

  5. Behind the Scenes at the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute

  6. QU Singers Fall 2011 Holiday Concert

  7. QU 9/11 Symposium: Panel 3: "International Law and Homeland Security"

  8. QU 9/11 Symposium: Panel 2: The Media and 9/11

  9. QU 9/11 Symposium: Panel 5: International Law and Homeland Security

  10. How To Be A Champion- Maurice Clarett, Former Ohio State Football Running Back

  11. Decision Making- Marion Jones, Former Track & Field Athlete

  12. QU 9/11 Symposium: Panel 1: Reflection on the Effect of 9/11 on the World

  13. QU 9/11 Symposium: Panel 4: The Effects of 9/11 on the Quinnipiac Community

  14. Quinnipiac University Honors Program Overview 2011

  15. Quinnipiac University Hosts 9th Annual Television News Institute

  16. Quinnipiac University hosts 2011 Connecticut Film Training Program

  17. Quinnipiac University's Big Event 2011

  18. Quinnipiac University Celebrates Earth Day 2011

  19. Keynote from Quinnipiac's Big Event 2011- Danielle Zingaro, Volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House

  20. QU Singers Spring 2011 Concert

  21. AIDS Researcher, Dr. David Ho Lectures at Quinnipiac University

  22. Quinnipiac University's First Annual Spin-a-thon: A Fundraiser for Guatemala

  23. US Senator Joseph Lieberman Visits Quinnipiac University to Discuss Trip to the Middle East

  24. Quinnipiac University Celebrates Book on 250 Years of the NYC St. Patrick's Parade

  25. Quinnipiac University Opening Reception of New Haven Holocaust Memorial Exhibit

  26. Award Winning Chef Michel Nischan Speaks About Sustainability at Quinnipiac University

  27. An Introduction to Quinnipiac University's Arnold Bernhard Library

  28. Introduction to Service Learning at Quinnipiac

  29. "Turbo-Charge Your Career With Strong Personal Branding"

  30. A Look Inside Quinnipiac University's Rocky Top Student Center

  31. York Hill Bash at the Rocky Top Student Center 2010

  32. A Quick Look at the Newly Renovated Mount Carmel Cafe

  33. A Quick Look at the Newly Renovated Mount Carmel Cafe

  34. Quinnipiac University's Celebration of Service

  35. Quinnipiac University's Earth Day 2010

  36. QU Singers Spring 2010 Concert

  37. "Free Culture: The Future of Creativity, Collaboration, and Knowledge"

  38. Quinnipiac Mummy Experts Explore Barnum Museum's 4000 Year Old Mummy

  39. Quinnipiac University Mummy Experts Hold Press Conference Before Examining Barnum Museum Mummy

  40. Quinnipiac University Career Fair 2009

  41. Quinnipiac Univerisity's Parents and Family Weekend 2009

  42. Constitution Day 2009 at Quinnipiac University

  43. Quinnipiac University Involvement Fair 2009

  44. Gov. Jodi Rell Makes Announcement Regarding Student Loans

  45. The 18th Annual Bill Mecca Roundball Golf Open

  46. QU Around Campus- Reactions to 2009 Inauguration

  47. Quinnipiac University: Christopher P. Ball Named Honorary Consul of Hungary for Connecticut

  48. Quinnipiac University Ensemble Concert Fall 2013: QU Singers

  49. Quinnipiac University Ensemble Concert Fall 2013: Acapella Group

  50. Quinnipiac University Ensemble Concert Fall 2013: Chamber Ensemble

  51. Quinnipiac University Ensemble Concert Fall 2013: Jazz Band

  52. Quinnipiac University 2014 Spring Concert - QU Singers

  53. Quinnipiac University 2014 Spring Concert - QU Chamber Symphony

  54. Quinnipiac University 2014 Spring Concert - Jazz Ensemble

  55. Quinnipiac University 2014 Spring Concert- A Cappella Ensemble

  56. Quinnipiac University: 2014 Faculty Spring Recital