1. Labeling and Sorting Toys

  2. How Many is More Complicated Than We Think

  3. Children can be Very Literal

  4. It's Alive!

  5. It's All About Me!

  6. Talking to Infants

  7. Kids Helping in the Kitchen

  8. Measuring With Shoes

  9. Ephasizing Size and Shapes

  10. Why Outdoor Play Is Good

  11. Treasure Basket

  12. Make A Shopping List

  13. Laundry Basket Classroom

  14. Investing in Michigan's Greatest Assest: Our Children

  15. The State of Michigan's Children

  16. David Hollister Speaks About Early Childhood in Michigan

  17. The People of Michigan's Great Start Initiative

  18. The Promise of Great Start Initiative

  19. The Crib Exchange in Macomb County

  20. The Crib Exchange in Macomb

  21. The Time is Now: Developing a Viable Workforce Starts Early

  22. Consumers Energy wins Fierce Heart Award standing up for Michigan's children

  23. Marvin McKinney: We need to reach ALL families in Michigan

  24. Investing in Early Childhood Programs: David Mengebier Consumers Energy Foundation President