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  1. Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- extend OP Bonus Movie 2 with Thai sub (Eng sub in annotations)

  2. Project Diva Extend - Extend Opening Voice Dubbed ver. (Bonus Movie 2) [w/ Active English Sub]

  3. Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd : Opening Movie Full version

  4. Kocchi Muite Baby (Look This Way Baby) Hatsune Miku - English/Japanese Subtitles

  5. [Hatsune Miku] Romeo and Cinderella [PV] [with English & Chinese Sub] +Romaji

  6. 【鏡音レン】戦いの道程【中文字幕】

  7. [初音ミク] なんだか泣けてきた [中文字幕]

  8. [Kasane Teto] Mischievous function [English & Chinese Translation] +Romaji

  9. [Hatsune Miku] Why was this happening [English Sub] +Romaji

  10. 初音ミクAppend「Soft-β」Dear Mother [English Sub]

  11. 【KAITO PV】 Morning Call 【Miku Hatsune】【VOCALOID OSTER Project】

  12. Miku Hatsune Animation PV - Music Box "オルゴール" with Lyrics

  13. Hatsune Miku Soft - Hello/How are you (haro/hawayu) PV (English Subs)

  14. 【Vocaloid】Rugrats Theory(FullVersion)【Kaai Yuki】

  15. Hatsune Miku - A Song I'd Like To Sing (うたうたいのうた)

  16. ↑The Game of Life↓ [Hatsune Miku] English Subs

  17. 【GUMI】 The Highschool Girl next to me ~English~ 【Vocaloid PV】

  18. Kagamine Rin - Sadistic Love (English Subbed)

  19. 【Kagamine LenRin】 Cinderella ~another story~ English 【Vocaloid PV Story】

  20. 【鏡音リン】 My True Self 【Vocaloidカバー】Eng Sub

  21. Melt (Gameboy Edition) - Miku Hatsune

  22. 【Kagamine Rin/Len】Desert Bluebird[English/Romaji]

  23. Proof of Life - Rin Kagamine [English Subs + Mp3]

  24. Project DIVA Arcade 2nd - Romeo and Cinderella

  25. 【Project DIVA 2nd】 trick and treat 【Edit PV】

  26. 【Project DIVA Dreamy Theater】【Kagamine Rin & Len】Rotating Flow Noise

  27. Project DIVA Dreamy Theater 2nd: Cantarella - Kaito & Miku [HD]

  28. 【Sprite Theater】The Talior Shop on Enbizaka

  29. Kaito's モーニングコール English+Romaji Subs

  30. Don't just take your clothes off! PV WITH SUBS

  31. KAITO Shion & Miku Hatsune - [ Cantarella ]

  32. Miku X Kaito- magnet

  33. Romeo and Cinderella PV [Hatsune Miku]

  34. Kagamine Rin - I want to be a Princess! English/Romaji Subs

  35. [Rin] "Magical Rin☆☆☆LOVE" english sub (annotation) [romaji english in the description]

  36. [Deleted Video]

  37. The Real Story Of The Little Mermaid

  38. MMD Roxas in DisneyTown singing When You Wish Upon A Star (Preview)

  39. Ventus inside Sora's Heart (english) HD

  40. Birth By Sleep - Aqua creates Castle Oblivion. True Final Boss !

  41. 【Kagamine Rin & Len Power Append】 Karakuri 卍 Burst 【English・Romaji Sub】

  42. Miku's "BLACK ROCK SHOOTER" with English Lyric

  43. [Deleted Video]

  44. [MMD] Dream Fighter (male version) English

  45. COLOGNE『Dream Fighter』 English Version

  46. Kingdom Hearts - Dream Fighter

  47. Vocaloid - Kagamine Rin Melt

  48. Triple Baka - Miku, Teto, and Neru ft. Mikuo, Ted, and Nero [Remix]