1. TwelvestringTrev Lone-Jamming. Sounds like two guitars.

  2. ANGELIC UPSTARTS DRUMMER.Warrer at 'The Bunker'! 1st session after 10 years of not playing!

  3. Trev on Raimundo Classical 2009

  4. TwelvestringTrev 'Guitar Prodigy' in the Recording Studios.

  5. Chris Berry, Mick Clark & Eddie.

  6. TwelvestringTrev goes 'Classical' with 'Latino' Guitar mix!

  7. Terrorist gets his lot.

  8. Cobwebs off the Fender Stratocaster guitar!

  9. Brand new guitar Melody. TwelvestringTrev!

  10. Cool Dude with a Hat on a Strat Guitar! TwelvestringTrev !

  11. TwelvestringTrev 'Toetapping' on the Les Paul Copy Guitar!

  12. Fender Stratocaster,guitar playing moments.TwelvestringTrev

  13. TwelvestringTrev plays 'Aria' Semi-Acoustic Guitar'!

  14. 'Better late than not?Fender Stratocaster Guitar.Trev !

  15. Hotel California.Fender Stratocaster Guitar&TwelvestringTrev

  16. Fender Stratocaster Guitar Blues with TwelvestringTrev.

  17. Unusual guitar chords.Fender Stratocaster.TwelvestringTrev.

  18. Fender Stratocaster Guitar 'On my own'. TwelvestringTrev.

  19. Trev on his £20 Les Paul' Guitar. TwelvestringTrev !

  20. TwelvestringTrev Fender Stratocaster Guitar Playing!

  21. Guitar 'Fretwalk'of the Californian Corona!TwelvestringTrev!

  22. 'Dedication' Fender Stratocaster Guitar.TwelvestringTrev !

  23. Fender Stratocaster.'Off the cuff' Guitar.TwelvestringTrev.

  24. Fender Stratocaster Guitar.TwelvestringTrev. 'KICK'