1. Qdoba Taste Off: Our Queso vs. Their Queso

  2. Qdoba Taste Off: Our Gumbo vs. Their Gumbo

  3. Qdoba Taste Off: Our Ancho Chile BBQ Sauce vs. Theirs

  4. Taste Off: Three of Our Signature Flavors vs. Three of Theirs

  5. Introducing Brown Rice. With a Surprising Ingredient. Flavor.

  6. The Taste Off. Qdoba's Queso vs. Chipotle's.

  7. Food For People Who Love Food

  8. Quesodisiac

  9. The Queso Quest Begins

  10. Qdoba Franchising

  11. Burrito Boredom Beating Rap

  12. Ready Aim Fire...

  13. "I Got the Cure for Burrito Boredom"

  14. Beating Burrito Boredom With A Song!

  15. Chef Ted Talks Inspiration

  16. Burrito Boredom Blues Freestyle

  17. Behind the Line With Chef Ted

  18. The Untold Story of Mexican Gumbo

  19. Taking It To The Streets

  20. What is Burrito Boredom?

  21. Bold Flavors Make For A Bold Cure!

  22. Queso Cures All!

  23. How Do You Craft Your Personal Recipe?

  24. How To Make Rajas Ensalada

  25. How To Make Mango Salsa

  26. How To Make Grilled Verde Salsa

  27. How To Make Escabeche

  28. How To Make Chili Verde

  29. Chef Ted's Quick Mango Salsa Recipe

  30. Chef Ted's Culinary Tour

  31. Chef Ted's Culinary Tour of Mexico

  32. Starlight Children's Foundation

  33. Packing Is The Pits

  34. Qdoba Partners with Starlight to Donate Fun Center in Denver