1. Fitzy and Wippa's "Parramatta Rd" song parody

  2. Koala Jay's payback on Ash

  3. Hughesy & Kate Celebrate Luke Hodge's 200th Game

  4. Wil Anderson's Car Stolen

  5. Innuendo Bingo: Ash v Luttsy

  6. Behind Big Brother Australia 2012 - Inside the house

  7. Fitzy shows us life inside Lockdown after ten hours

  8. Fitzy finds out he's doing Big Brother again

  9. Wippa marries Fitzy's wife BJ in front of Fitzy

  10. Interview: Delta Goodrem Uncut

  11. Delta Goodrem does Shaun's Job Better!

  12. Jason Coleman Lays Down a Shufle Challenge to the 24 Hour Dance Off

  13. The Little Ashletics

  14. The Wanted - Drunk in Paris & Whinging Poms

  15. How The Wanted got massive in America

  16. Shaun's Footy Tips 09/08/12

  17. Delta Goodrem "Dancing With A Broken Heart" Nova Acousitc

  18. Jess Mauboy with a Nerf Gun Uncut Interview

  19. Death Metal Cover of Ed Sheeran's 'The A Team' by Dylan Lewis & Kelli

  20. Henry Roth Surprises Nova! Uncut Interview

  21. Shuey Vs. Ballaz Derby 36 Showdown

  22. Kate Has to Rethink Ski Instructor Fantasy

  23. Shaun's Footy Tips 02/08/12

  24. Ed Sheeran's advice for getting laid

  25. Ed Sheeran meets Paul McCartney and introduces his Dad!

  26. Ed Sheeran to perform closing ceremony with Pink Floyd

  27. Ed Sheeran describes his perfect first date, onesie and all

  28. Ed Sheeran and the Malteser challenge

  29. Ed Sheeran's first crush was Aussie girl Missy Higgins

  30. Ed Sheeran does his best Australian accent

  31. Chilly Challenge #6 - Ice Block Eating

  32. The Chris Judd Chicken Wing Re-enactment - Starring Hughesy, Kate and Hodgey

  33. Chilly Challenge #8 - Ski Man Stripping

  34. Chilly Challenge #7 - Bikini Ice Cream Wrestling

  35. Chilly Challenge #10 - Pants Slurpee

  36. Virginia Gay - Beauty or Smarts?

  37. Virginia Gay - The Big Gay Icon

  38. Daisy & Jay - Gaz as a Wingman and Girlfriend

  39. Spouses Tell All! Holly and Peter Speak Out

  40. Daisy & Jay - James Can't Pull, Vicky Mad & Ricci a Dick?

  41. Matt Preston on his Favourite MasterChef

  42. Matt Preston's Fashion Battle with Tim Blackwell

  43. The Veronicas - Personal Journeys (And Cooking)

  44. Veronica's Wanting To Kill Each Other & New Record

  45. Kates Night Out Gets Out of Hand

  46. Darren Percival "In The Blowing Wind" Nova acoustic

  47. 30 boxing kangaroos take over Cronulla for Nova's Hop Of Honour

  48. Kip's Eh Eh hurdles

  49. Ash's Eh Eh javelin

  50. Luttsy's Eh Eh long jump

  51. The Torch Relay

  52. Sophie and Vernessa from The Shire prove they're fake and real

  53. It's not all Gumdrops and Lollipops for Katy Perry

  54. Quick Consult: Johnny Ruffo

  55. Whould Johnny Ruffo sleep with a fan? - The Really Awkward Question

  56. Johnny Ruffo gets his own TV Show?

  57. Reece Mastin Plays "Shout It Out" first with Smallzy

  58. Buzzers of Death: Calum - 5 Seconds of Summer

  59. Buzzers of Death: Ashton - 5 Seconds of Summer

  60. Sarah De Bono excited about No Shame

  61. Quick Consult: Katy Perry

  62. The Quick Consult: Sarah De Bono

  63. Justice Crew strip down and take off their tops

  64. Learn the "Boom Boom" dance by Justice Crew with Smallzy

  65. How to talk like Geordie Shore with Jay Gardner

  66. Buzzers of Death: Ricki Lee Coulter

  67. 5 Seconds of Summer "Lego House" - Nova Acoustic (Ed Sheeran Cover)

  68. The Quick Consult - Christina Parie

  69. Christina Parie channels Avril Lavigne

  70. The Veronicas are back and with their favourite swear word

  71. Christina Parie: 16 and Unstoppable

  72. Fun; Yes to music festivals, No to camping

  73. Fun; The only band to have two songs at Number 1 in 2012

  74. Kele from Bloc Party chats with Cat

  75. Shaun's Footy Tips 2607/12

  76. Anna Gare Goes Truffle Mad!

  77. Andy Allen wins Masterchef but may not become a chef

  78. Fitzy and Wippa's song about The Shire TV show

  79. Ash, Kip & Luttsy Uncovered

  80. Ash, Kip & Luttsy Uncovered teaser

  81. Shaun's Footy Tips 20/07/12

  82. Fitzy and Wippa play with $50,000 cash

  83. The Quick Consult: Justin Bieber

  84. Justin Bieber opens up about his album Believe

  85. Justin Bieber FINALLY remembers Smallzy's High Five

  86. Justin Bieber ansewrs YOUR Twitter questions

  87. The biggest misconception of being Justin Bieber. The Star opens up.

  88. Justin Bieber confirms Australian tour dates

  89. Synchronised swimming - Event 3 in Fitzy and Wippa's Pentathlon

  90. Rhythmic gymnastics - Event 4 in Fitzy and Wippa's Pentathlon

  91. Vault - Event 5 in Fitzy and Wippa's Pentathlon

  92. Pro Bull Riders on Balls and All

  93. Tegan and Kerry give The Shire a better name

  94. Nova's Hairy-est!

  95. West Coast Eagles Luke Shuey and his Relaxation Kit

  96. Wil Anderson Thanks WA for Paying

  97. Dale Thomas Loses Bet and Sports a French Maids Outfit

  98. Nova's Ice Breakers Single Party Madness!

  99. Shaun's Footy Tips 12/07/12