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  7. Do you like golf, Mr. Kramer?

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  27. Wilford Brimley on his experience with diabetes (Rap)

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  29. [Deleted Video]


  31. YTP: Free Dinner From Liberty Medical

  32. Message from Wilford Brimley

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  38. Fucking Diabeetus

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  40. [Private Video]

  41. YTP - Fizzy Lifting Beetus

  42. [Private Video]

  43. "Pants on the Ground" with Wilford Brimley

  44. {YTP} ~ Why won't Wilford's parakeet eat his Diabeetus?

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  46. [Private Video]

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  50. [Deleted Video]

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  52. Wilford Talks About How Ice-cream Gave Him The Diabeetus

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  54. Free Diabetes / YTPMV: Know You're On Medicare

  55. [Private Video]

  56. [Private Video]

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  59. Ice Ice Brimley

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