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Animal Antics

  • by ITN
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  1. Funny: Rooster walks upright like a penguin

  2. CUTE: Rare red panda named after famed Sherpa

  3. Cute alert! Rare baby tiger cubs born in Indonesian zoo

  4. Cute cats! Homeless kittens enjoy tea party for animal charity

  5. Aww! Baby lions pass their swimming test at Washington zoo

  6. US highway forced to close as geese cross the road

  7. Cute! Four rare white Bengal tiger cubs born at Yalta Zoo

  8. Cute baby bear cubs rescued from India Bangladesh border

  9. Cute! Endangered tiger cub set for debut at China zoo

  10. Caught on camera: Greedy snow leopard eats so much he can't walk!

  11. Baby seals rescued from oil pollution at St Petersburg rehab centre

  12. Awww! Two cute baby gorillas born at New York Bronx Zoo

  13. Cute giant panda gains weight after released into the wild

  14. Animals blessed by archbishop for Easter in LA

  15. Hoppie the sea lion makes a comeback

  16. Vicki the orangutan has ground-breaking sinus surgery at Chester Zoo

  17. Sad panda: Depressed bear gets a TV

  18. Adorable penguin chicks born at Chester Zoo

  19. Cute: Baby giraffe introduced to herd at San Diego Zoo

  20. Cute baby seal found in Sweden harbour

  21. Ouch! Huge bear falls out of 30 foot (9 metre) tree

  22. Chimps on the run! Chimpanzees escape Kansas City Zoo

  23. CUTE: Baby baboon born at Miami's Jungle Island

  24. Cute baby panda Bao Bao makes outdoor debut at Washington DC National Zoo

  25. Relaxing giant panda shows off as Chinese president visits Belgium zoo

  26. Baby gorilla and mum's emotional reunion after overcoming pneumonia

  27. Cute baby gorilla, who had pneumonia is out of hospital

  28. Jeffrey the camel enjoys drinking beer

  29. Baby gorilla with collapsed lung recovers after bout of pneumonia

  30. CUTE! Twin polar bear cubs make first outing at German zoo

  31. CUTE: Rare footage of giant pandas wrestling in the wild

  32. Baby gorilla critical with pneumonia after emergency caesarian section in San Diego Zoo

  33. WATCH: Adorable baby gorilla recovers in human ICU after two emergency operations at San Diego Zoo

  34. Baby gorilla born by emergency C-section in San Diego Zoo

  35. Cute cubs: Rare Sumatran tigers born in London Zoo

  36. Lemur takes a selfie at London Zoo

  37. Four cute lion cubs born in Washington National Zoo

  38. Pig in a wheelchair: Two-legged pig entertains sick children in Massachusetts

  39. White tiger at Buenos Aires zoo gets two possible new mates

  40. Monkey takes selfie after stealing tourist's camera in Bali, Indonesia

  41. Rare baby zebra: First foal of her kind for over 30 years born at Chester Zoo

  42. ADORABLE: Pets dress up for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

  43. Cuddling cats: Feline lovers get up close and personal

  44. Watch cute Bulldogs strutt their stuff at a dog beauty pageant

  45. Chimps get Valentine gifts at Whipsnade Zoo

  46. Cutest cubs ever: Three unusual grey lion cubs puzzle zookeepers in Ukraine

  47. Mammoth task: Kenya carries out a census of its elephants

  48. Cute alert! Tiger cubs play with puppies in China

  49. Puppy Bowl 2014: Cute puppies outshine the Super Bowl in New York

  50. WATCH: The moment a giraffe gives birth to baby girl at Paignton Zoo in Devon

  51. Baby Sumatran orangutan shown the ropes in San Diego zoo

  52. Chicken Run: Thousands of chickens escape on Chinese motorway

  53. Brown bear gives couple a fright in California

  54. Toronto Zoo's polar bear cub takes his first bath

  55. Cute lion cubs sleeping and being bottle-fed at San Diego Zoo

  56. The 'flying' lions of Longleat Safari Park

  57. Wombat undergoes rare life-saving hip surgery

  58. Animals given blessings in Mexico City

  59. Monkey in Brazil fed with human breast milk

  60. Dogs, ducks, chickens and a tortoise go skiing in China

  61. Zebra foal runs and bucks at San Diego Zoo

  62. Adorable: Polar bear cub takes his first shaky steps at Toronto Zoo

  63. Cheetah check-up: South African cheetahs get check-ups ahead of debut at Pittsburgh Zoo

  64. Fluffy tiger cubs play in their den in Colombia

  65. Adorable baby panda: Cub climbs over logs during debut in Taiwan

  66. Elephants playing football in Nepal for special festival

  67. Cute animals in Santiago zoo, Chile, enjoy Christmas gifts

  68. Cute: Penguins in Santa suits take a Christmas stroll

  69. Cats and dogs sit on Santa's lap in North Carolina

  70. Seal pups orphaned in storm surge overrun rescue centre in Norfolk

  71. Tiny baby baboons hitch rides on their parents' backs

  72. Cute Sumatran tiger cubs make debut at National Zoo in Washington, DC

  73. Fox causes havoc in London corner shop: Fox pops to shops in Stoke Newington

  74. Cute panda cub Yuan Zai gets her paws on a new play gym at Chinese zoo

  75. Cute turtle hatchlings race to the sea in Oaxaca, Mexico

  76. Baby orangutan: Cute two-week-old orangutan makes first appearance at San Diego Zoo, California

  77. Cougar fitness: Zoo's salmon toy that keeps cougars hunting

  78. Twin snow leopard cubs: Cubs make debut at New York zoo

  79. Baby rhino orphanage in South Africa gives calves a second chance

  80. Safari park animals celebrate Halloween early

  81. Super cute twin giant panda babies at Atlanta Zoo

  82. Kangaroo hops into shop at Melbourne airport

  83. CUTE: Mexico's Zacango zoo welcomes baby hippo and giraffe

  84. Rare black jaguar cub born in baby boom at Zacango Zoo in Mexico

  85. Kevin Bacon the pig kidnapped from Sydney cafe

  86. Pets blessed in honour of St Francis in Peru and the Philippines

  87. White lion cub meets the media in Belgrade

  88. CUTE AND RARE: White lion cubs go on display in South Korea

  89. Dog surfing competition in California

  90. Baby penguins named after Doctor Who characters learn how to swim and hunt

  91. China shows off 14 giant panda cubs

  92. Dogs strut their stuff at fashion show in Argentina

  93. Rare Puggle: Is the spike-less baby Echidna cute or ugly?

  94. Crocodile on the loose: Reptile roams flooded Acapulco street

  95. Cow on the tracks! Animal brings trains to a standstill in Somerset

  96. HILARIOUS: Frog photobombs NASA rocket launch

  97. Skateboarding goat: Happie enters Guinness Book of World Records 2013

  98. The world's smallest dog: Milly the Chihuahua awarded the Guinness World Record

  99. Cute panda cub: What would you name her?

  100. Wakesurfing dog: Meet Enzo the wakesurfing French Bulldog

  101. CUTE: Snow leopard cub gets ready for public debut

  102. Albino hedgehogs in Moscow named after royal baby

  103. Albino alligator gets acupuncture for bad back

  104. Buffalo stampede: Stampede leaves bikers in Illinois terrified

  105. Is this the cutest baby panda ever? One-month-old Yuanzai is ready to open her eyes

  106. President Obama's new puppy unveiled in White House video

  107. Panda becomes internet star: Baby panda Yuanzai becomes internet sensation

  108. Orphaned baby elephants find a new home in Kenya

  109. Police chase stampeding piglets on Chinese motorway

  110. Amazing CCTV! Bear in Colorado caught stealing restaurant's bins

  111. Pygmy hippo born in Chile: Chilean zoo welcomes baby pygmy hippo to the world

  112. Washington's Mei Xiang the panda showing signs of pregnancy!

  113. CUTE! Hot animals in the zoo try to keep cool

  114. Six giant panda babies born in China

  115. Sumatran tiger takes swimming lessons at London Zoo

  116. PANDA SURPRISE: Two cubs born in Zoo Atlanta

  117. Friendly goats are the stars at Japanese cafe

  118. Fluffy kitten found on tube at Victoria station: Meet the tiny cat found on the tube in London

  119. Monkey takes a dip in Mumbai swimming pool

  120. The incredible moment a panda gives birth to a squealing cub in Taiwan

  121. Baby peccaries get frisky at San Diego Zoo

  122. World's Ugliest Dog: Beagle, Basset, Boxer mix wins 2013 World's Ugliest Dog Contest

  123. Two-faced kitten: Amazing footage of rare 'Janus cat' born in Oregon

  124. Performing Donkey Lola causes chaos on balcony in Brussels

  125. Grumpy Cat: Tarder Sauce is set to release a new book and star in a movie

  126. Is this the world's cutest dog? Blind golden retriever puppy Ray Charles becomes online star

  127. Baby white tiger cubs on show at Tokyo zoo

  128. World's first performing cat theatre opens in Russia

  129. Farmer discovers sheep still alive after 11 days buried under a huge snow drift

  130. Elephant seal stops traffic in Brazil

  131. Grumpy Cat Tardar Sauce: Nothing makes this cat happy...not even screaming fans and a book deal

  132. Pig helps firefighters train in Somerset: Meet Fireman Ham

  133. 'Wonky' the dog gets physio to straighten her legs so she can walk again

  134. Sea otter 'Eddie' plays basketball and slam dunks at Oregon Zoo

  135. Tiny piglet walks on wheels instead of legs

  136. Kangaroos storm golf course during Women's Australian Open in Canberra

  137. Diva chimp: Only goes out in the snow wrapped in a blanket

  138. Tigers play with snowmen at Longleat Safari Park

  139. Fearless elk dodges traffic on Russian motorway... and falls over

  140. People wrestle a ten-foot alligator to steal her eggs in Australia

  141. Elephant goes on rampage in Indian village

  142. Cat smuggles contraband into Brazilian prison

  143. Australian police chase runaway kangaroo in airport car park

  144. AMAZING VIDEO: Wild deer charges down Essex road, injures woman

  145. Dogs learn to drive a car in New Zealand

  146. The amazing 'genius' Samoyed learns to do complex sums in his head

  147. Monkey in a coat spotted at Ikea, Toronto

  148. Is this the cleverest dog in the world?

  149. Dog drives car solo: World's first

  150. Dog in China drives scooters, skateboards and bicycles!

  151. Man screams as faced with crocodiles in Florida Everglades

  152. The amazing Chinese diving pigs taught to jump from a 3m platform to keep fit

  153. One of world's oldest gorillas turns 55

  154. Baby elephant rescued from Kenyan well

  155. Kangaroo sparks hunt in carpark at Melbourne Airport, Australia

  156. Vicious kangaroo fight captured on camera in Australia

  157. Testosterone fuelled stag chases man in Bushy Park, London

  158. Incredible: Leopard strike caught on camera

  159. Steve Irwin's son, Robert, feeds a saltwater crocodile at the family zoo in Australia

  160. Meet the world's first liliger, a hybrid of a lion and a liger

  161. Dog learns to walk with artificial legs in Mexico City

  162. Buttermilk the leapfrogging goat: Kid plays with his friends in Maine, USA

  163. Five thousand ducks block road in China

  164. San Diego hosts 7th annual dog surfing competition

  165. Fireman resuscitates dying dogs with oxygen mask

  166. Stray dog runs to Tibet with Chinese cyclists

  167. Baby penguin sits on man's face

  168. Norman the bike-riding dog cycles along street

  169. If you love baby animals, you must watch these jaguar cubs!

  170. Dog climbs ladder to sit on thatched roof with best friend

  171. Kung-Fu bear 2012: White claw bear does martial arts on camera

  172. French bulldog adopts wild boar piglets

  173. [Private Video]

  174. Lion escapes from cage and kills camel

  175. Crocodile battles lawn mower

  176. 'Pacman Frog' catches ants on a smartphone

  177. Baby seal found curled up on sofa

  178. Wild at Heart giraffe gets stuck in a swimming pool

  179. Chinese dog goes shopping

  180. Sleepy dormouse snores for the cameras

  181. Irate man chases Fenton the dog in Richmond Park

  182. SURFING GOAT: 'Goatee' takes to the waves

  183. KUNG-FU CAT: Angry feline fighter shows off moves

  184. Massive buffalo is world's largest pet

  185. SNAKE IN AN ATM: Bizarre discovery at a cash point

  186. TODDLER'S PET LION: Cub shares play pen with 3-yr-old

  187. ANTELOPE HITS CYCLIST: Animal charges at man during a race

  188. GIANT MOTH: Huge insect found in China

  189. Crocodile turns orange down under

  190. Absolutely quackers! Meet the duck who goes shopping

  191. Drunk Swedish moose gets stuck in an apple tree

  192. ARCHIVE CLASSIC: Angry panda attacks man and steals his jacket

  193. Shrek the sheep dies

  194. Gorilla learns to swagger like a man

  195. Baby gibbon loves to play with cat

  196. Hungry lion tries to eat toddler in zebra-striped jumper at Oregon Zoo

  197. WHITE WOMBAT: Rare wombat is wonder Down Under

  198. Cute cats: Rare sand kittens born in Tel Aviv

  199. Cute wonkey donkey has front legs set in cast

  200. Dog show fail: Crufts pooch has an 'accident' in the arena