1. We are SGI

  2. SGI InfiniteStorage Tech Brief: Don't Try This at Home!

  3. US Presidential Election 2012: Obama vs. Romney on Twitter

  4. Hurricane Sandy Tweetbeat: View the Superstorm through the eyes of Twitter

  5. The Global Twitter Heartbeat Project: Analyzing Real-Time Data with the SGI UV

  6. SGI UV 2000 MPI (with Japanese subtitles)

  7. "Outcomes over Algorithims": Explore Big Data at the Speed of Big Data

  8. Introducing the SGI UV 2 Product Family (with Japanese subtitles)

  9. SGI UV 2000 & MPI

  10. The Sentiment of the World Throughout History Through Wikipedia

  11. "Outcomes over Algorithms": Explore Big Data at the Speed of Big Data (HD)

  12. Introducing the SGI UV 2 Product Family: Big Brain Computing

  13. A View of World History Through Wikipedia

  14. Stephen Hawking uses Intel (an SGI partner) to power his wheelchair computer

  15. How SGI Deploys Hadoop Clusters (with Japanese subtitles)

  16. SGI Hadoop Clusters Overview (with Japanese subtitles)

  17. Professor Stephen Hawking 70th Birthday. Intro by Dr Goh (with Japanese subtitles)

  18. SGI Hadoop Clusters: Overview

  19. How SGI Deploys Hadoop Clusters

  20. SGI ICE X Introduction (with Japanese subtitles)

  21. Professor Stephen Hawking's 70th Birthday Symposium with Dr. Goh

  22. SGI ICE X

  23. SGI Professor Hawking on COSMOS

  24. SGI Altix UV Technology Overview

  25. Modeling the World: A Discussion with SGI CTO Dr. Eng Lim Goh

  26. An updated version of this video is available at http://youtu.be/uQ7nBS925ZY