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Laurissy's answers to robin hood questionaire

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Uploaded on Jan 27, 2011

So yeah first time i've done one of these so I hope you like it. I alsowanted to explain my answers in some detail here in the description.

Firstly favourite series 1 episode. The reason I chose this episode is because it has a lot of drama in it and it elevates the bad guys from just being dicks to actually having a grand plan and I really loved the scenes between Jonas and Richard in this episode and it's really our forst look into how dark Robin can go and it was played briliantly of course he does the right thing at the end but it takes him a while to get there. Also I loved wil's confession sweet.

Favourite series 2 episode: The reason I chose childhood was a, guy of gisborne shirtless and B I really think this was a good story, we get to see how deep Alan's portrayal goes and I really love the fight scene at the end. Also the kids were pretty cute and I also love how the actor they got to play the kid looks more like Robin than actual kid Robin. I don't know I always thought that he was Robin and Marian's kid. That's just a theory though.

Favourite series 3 episode. This was a hard one to pick becasue I generally like to pretend series 3 didn't happen but unfortunately Richard Armitage just managed to be so compelling and his character arc was so good that I have to admit that this series was good. Anyway this episode is great because of the great chemistry between Holliday and Richard but I loved Isabella in this episode. I really felt sorry for her and it was a great insight into her backstory and why she is the way she is. Her husband was delightfully evil and abusive. I really understood why she isolated herself and it makes her metal breakdown all the more tragic. Isabella was my favourute series 3 character. You've got to love someone who's that messed up. The only bad thing about this episode was the robin kate kiss. eeewww butdespite that this still manages to be a great episode.

Favourie cannon couple; Will and Djaq. There just so darn cute and the barn scene was so funny and yet so heartbreaking. They are just adorable. I do love Robin and Marian but I couldn't call them my favourite after series 3 God robin was such a dick. But seriously I loved how subtly built up this relationship was and I love that they get a happy ending.

Favourite non cannon couple Alan and Marian. I hate the fact that alan didn't get any romance despite how fit he was. I liked the differences between them and I liked the idea of them overcoming their differences to become a great couple.

Favourite male character Guy of Gisborne sorry Robin but I loved Richard's acting and how Gisborne goes from a villian to a reluctant hero. It feels very organic and in the whole of sereies 3 his actions are the only ones that make sense.

Favourite female character Marian. I know it's predictable but I just love how kickass she is in every possible way.

Best villian The sherrif he's unpredictable and just plain evil what more could you want from a villain.

Best guest star eleanor of aquitane just because I loved the reveal and Lynda Bellingham is just so funny in this role and it was great to see little John do something.

Best family scene: Marian discovering her father has died. I just love lucy's acting her you can really feel the love and regret she felt towards her father and even though you wanted him to die so she could go join the gang. This moment still made you feel sad about it.

Best kiss. Will and Djaq. It was just so cute and there was just such a feeling of finally when it happened I can't help but love it.

Funniest scene. evry time I get bad news I want the sherrif tio tell me it becuase at least then I could get a laugh out of it. poor guy though

Most emotional moment. I had to choose this wedding there is so much sadness in this moment as Marian dies and you can tell she's trying to make it as easy for robin as possible to let her go but his heart is breaking and watching them say goodbye to each other is just heartbreaking.

Best fight sequence I just love the scene in sisterhood wher he's doomed but his gang comes to the rescue. It also shows of all their fighting style and remind me to stay away from djaq when she's wielding pepper.

Saddest death: Marian I know it's predictable but I really felt sad when this happened. Marian was such an awesome character and she died fighting for what she believed in and I suppose you can't do more than that.

On an unrelated note i've wrote a fanfic where Merlin is a robin hood esque outlaw and it's called I fought the law and it's on fanfiction.net. Thanks for reading and watching.

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