1. Winter Wonderland by Megan Lee

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  9. Megz Closet with YesStyle June 2012

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  27. 2012 Big Bang Cover - Blue by Megan Lee

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  29. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift ft.The Civil Wars (Cover) Megan Lee

  30. IU & Seulong- Nagging 잔소리 by Megan Lee & Mike Choi

  31. Tribute to Whitney Houston - When you Believe (Cover) Megan Lee

  32. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) Cover by Megan Lee

  33. Adele - Rolling in the Deep LIVE cover by Megan Lee

  34. I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz Cover by Megan Lee

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  36. 이젠 그랬으면 좋겠네 Cover by Megan Lee

  37. Megan Lee Destiny Cover Contest WINNER!!!!

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  46. "Destiny" Music Video SNEAK PEEK official release-9/18/11

  47. A Whole New World - Aladdin Cover by Megan Lee & Ray Lee

  48. He said She said "닭살커플" by Tim ft. Esna Cover by Megan Lee ft. Jonathan/EM

  49. Lil Wayne - How to Love Cover by Megan Lee ft. Shin-B

  50. Lighters - Bad Meets Evil Ft. Bruno Mars Cover by Megan Lee ft. DanakaDan-Paul Kim

  51. [마법의 성 -The Classic / TVXQ] Magic Castle Cover by Megan Lee feat. Ensemble Memo

  52. I Will Be - Christina Aguilera Cover by Megan Lee #BamaJam

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  60. 2NE1 - LONELY COVER Contest Winner- Megan Lee 4MEG1

  61. Justin Bieber ft. Chris Brown - UP (Cover) Megan Lee & Jason Chen

  62. Megan Lee (15 yrs) Singing Live - God Bless America at Dodger Stadium

  63. Megan Lee (15 yrs) Singing Live - USA National Anthem at Dodger Stadium

  64. Breathe into Me MV by Megan Lee & Oak and Gorski

  65. Bruno Mars - The lazy Song (Cover) Megan Lee

  66. **UPDATE VLOG " Connect 2011 " @ TKC 5/14/2011- Megan Lee

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  68. Born This Way - Lady Gaga Cover By Megan Lee

  69. That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber Cover by Megan Lee ft. Paul Kim

  70. If - 만약에 by Taeyeon Cover / Megan Lee

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  75. Price Tag-Jessie J ft.B.O.B / COVER Megan lee & Verseatile

  76. Love Laugh & Live - Megan Lee

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  78. Megan Lee SHOUT OUT- Kollaboration Houston Open Mic & Auditions!

  79. 위대한 탄생-메이건 리 MBC Star Audiiton singing- 2NE1 "I Don't Care"

  80. Clap Your Hands -2NE1 (Cover)

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  82. Clap Your Hands (2NE1) - Cover Teaser!! COMING SOON!

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  84. Beauty In The World-Macy Gray Cover (Collaboration @senior rehab center)

  85. Xmas List - Megan Lee & Andrés Fierro, Megan Panther & Sunho Lim /MV

  86. MBC star audition 위대한 탄생 Megan Lee 메이건 리

  87. Rocketeer-Far East Movement feat. Ryan Tedder Cover by Megan Lee and Shock-1

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  89. 3 yrs old Lindsey Singing Little Mermaid -Part of Your World

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  92. 4C the power workshop rehearsal footage dancing with Jay Park!

  93. Beauty and the Beast Duet originally by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson COVER

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  98. Super Adorable 5 yrs old sings"Happy Song"- by lindsey