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Windows Movie Maker Windows 7 2012 Tutorial Music & Voice

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Published on Apr 10, 2012

Windows Movie Maker EASY Tutorial adding music and voice is for those just starting to learn video editing. Add background music and voice quickly and easily. I show you how to narrate your video quickly. Microsoft FREE Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 can be used to make your Youtube videos quickly. Want it for FREE, go to the link below and download it.

I said 2012 in the title because its no longer the year 2011.

In order to add background audio voice and music to your video movie you need a video editor that will let you do it. Windows movie maker 2.6 for Vista, Windows7 and Windows 8 has this option and lets you do it. Its easy to learn how to do it and only takes a few minutes to master the skill. Sound tracks, voice tracks, audio tracks, music tracks and background music with lyrics from artists is easy to produce in your new video.

Download FREE Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista & Windows 7 :

Recommended FREE video editors:
AVS Video Editor

Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

Apple iMovie

YouTube video editor

There are a good number of FREE video editing software programs available for download today. However, not all of them are good as they claim to be. I always recommend that you download a few, install them and try them. If you find them to hard or just plain non-user friendly them run the uninstall and remove them from your computer. Try a few more until you find the video editor that you like and works well for you. A good video editor is one that you find friendly and performs the functions you want out of a FREE editor.

Now here are few video editors that I recommend that cost a few bucks:

Magix Video Easy 3 HD (I like this one a lot! and I use it myself to do my videos.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow0rDS...

Adobe Premiere Elements 10 (Cost serious bucks and is a slow performer but a lot of people swear by it.)

Here's a pretty good text driven YouTube video editor tutorial.

The Video Editor is a free tool on YouTube that allows you to edit your own uploaded clips and others to produce an entirely new video. With the Video Editor, you can:
•Combine multiple videos you've uploaded to create a new longer video
•Trim your uploads to custom lengths
•Add a soundtrack from our library of approved tracks
•Customize clips with special tools and effects

Using all of these tools, you can put together clips to Create new videos without worrying about file formats, and publish the new video to YouTube with one click (no new upload is required).

To access the Video Editor, just go to http://www.youtube.com/editor or follow these steps:
1.Log in to your YouTube account.
2.Click on your name in the upper right of YouTube.
3.In the menu that appears, click Video Manager.
4.Click Video Editor at the top of the page

Now that you're in the Video Editor, it's time to get creative!

Please visit my websites:

A few top billboard music artists that might make good video background music for your video could be Rihanna Jake Owen Miranda Lambert Adele Coldplay Jason Aldean Justin Bieber Nicki Minaj Flo Rida The Wanted Katy Perry

To do really good voice dialogue or audio narration over video background music takes a really good video editor to produce good sound. I really like Magix Video Easy 3 HD but there are a few really good free video editors that I mention earliar that might work good enough for you.

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