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LORE - The Elder Scrolls Lore in a Minute!

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Uploaded on Dec 15, 2011

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It's finally here -- the Lore for Elder Scrolls in (slightly) over a minute. Have Fun!

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Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross

Animation by Schroeder

Narrated by Jesse of OMFGCata

Head Writer

Written by Cody


LORE - The Elder Scrolls Lore in a Minute!

Once upon a time in the mystical land of Tamriel, the benevolent ruler of Cyrodil, Emperor Uriel Septim VII, is secretly usurped and banished to Oblivion by none other than Jafar, er, I mean "Jagar," the king's most trusted advisor. However, our hero is able to oust Jagar by traipsing throughout all the provinces of Tamriel and gathering pieces of the mystical MacGuffin Staff, which is never heard about or seen again despite all of the BS.

Years later, a new hero is hired by Uriel Septim to sail to Daggerfall and investigate numerous mysterious goings-on. Once arrived, Sir-or-Madam Hero discovers a plot to reactivate a humongous fancy mecha. After deciding who gets control over Optimus, in the end it turns out all possible endings are canon, except where the robot goes bezerk and Goomba-stomps the whole of Tamriel.

A few more years later, a disease known as The Blight is sweeping across the North-Eastern province of Morrowind. Papa Uriel, showing the same kind of ingenious logic he used when he appointed his grand vizier, chooses to send a convicted criminal to solve the problem. Shockingly enough though, the criminal-hero manages to stop The Blight Kratos-style by killing a local evil god. High fives all around!

Funnily enough, this wouldn't be the last time someone is released from prison to save the day, but this time ol' Uriel is assassinated by a cult with a name pulled straight from the emo poetry of a highschool girl. Fortunately, our hero, with the aid of Martin Septim, is able to stop the invasion and save Tamriel from certain ruination.

Of course, now it's time for the new Elder Scrolls and it's the doomiest one yet! Alduin, the Nordic aspect of Akatosh (the dragon-god of time), has returned to destroy the current riffraff and begin a new dragony filled world. However, our latest hero is the last of the Dragonborn, a person born with the "soul of a dragon" who might be able to save the day by defeating the god of time and his army of gigantic, evil dark dragon spirits who eat entire towns much larger than you on a regular basis.

Have fun.

Oh and if you're wondering why the Elder Scrolls are significant... they kind of aren't.

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