1. jump rope day session 19/05/2013

  2. How to spin a pen around your fingers - learning the extended thumbaround

  3. Jump rope challenge 7

  4. Some stuff

  5. Jump rope challenge 5

  6. Front flippy fails

  7. BillyTWildi 2yr pen spinning solo

  8. Jump rope challenge 4

  9. Power trick work

  10. Backwards DU Freeze jump rope trick

  11. French trick to inverse TJ (landed, but still a fail) also for jump rope challenge two

  12. How to jump rope like Floyd Mayweather (sort of)

  13. Stall-Backwards inverse TJ/CT jump rope challenge 2

  14. TJ AS quad jump rope trick

  15. Twitter and some other stuff...

  16. New release and power jump rope tricks?

  17. Crougar open quad (hardest multiple I know) jump rope trick

  18. How to do the king cobra jump rope release

  19. FS10

  20. Combo 3

  21. FS9

  22. Billy Wildi's Third year video

  23. How to do the french trick (jump rope)

  24. Mamba to triple AS

  25. Pen spinning personal bests

  26. How to do the anaconda jump rope release

  27. Combo 2

  28. More new skipping tricks

  29. FS8

  30. Freeze kamikaze and backwards rump jump (poor execution)

  31. New skipping stuff since my foot has healed

  32. Update, and Sibu Sodo shoutout

  33. FS7

  34. FS6

  35. FS5

  36. deja vu, injured, again

  37. Billy Wildi jump rope - Best of 2011

  38. FS 4

  39. 27/11/2011 Billy Wildi skipping day session

  40. Freestyle at gymnastics competition

  41. Drinking a yard of tomato soup at skinners got talent

  42. I'm going on hiatus

  43. Two new jump rope releases

  44. FS 3

  45. Switch spread

  46. How to do Bola rope manipulations part 2

  47. How to do Bola rope manipulations part 1

  48. How to do the pushup/pressup jump rope trick

  49. Jump Rope / rope skipping Training Day Staff Demo

  50. Dark Moon & Darkside (pushup to backwards & backwards kamikaze)

  51. How to do the backwards TJ (+ inverse) jump rope trick

  52. 4 new leg + arm wraps jump rope combos

  53. Windmill spin switch release

  54. FS 2

  55. New Skipping Tricks

  56. How to jump rope like Buddy Lee (Vaguely)

  57. FS 1 pen spinning

  58. Billy Wildi's jump rope routine at the Capel fete

  59. How to do the boa jump rope release

  60. How to do the backwards awesome annie jump rope trick

  61. Some Original jump rope tricks 2 (mostly releases)

  62. How to do the mamba jump rope release part 2 (variations)

  63. How to do the mamba jump rope release part 1 (the trick)

  64. Billy Wildi skipping on south east toady

  65. Outtakes of 100th Upload Special.

  66. Billy Wildi's Jump Rope Tricks, 100th Upload Special

  67. One footed combos + one footed push up & frog

  68. New Slow motion channel announcement

  69. Update 14/05/11

  70. 4 different ways of doing CL quads jump rope tricks

  71. May day nostalgia: my first skipping video EVER

  72. Cross switch release (sebastian Deeg's release)

  73. One handed/ Bobby's TJ quad jump rope trick

  74. Frog-TJ-DU Frog jump rope minicombo

  75. New (hopefully) quadruple under jump rope trick

  76. combo 1

  77. mamba to DU toad

  78. Outtakes of skipping

  79. How to do the slam dunk jump rope release (mamba triple under)

  80. How to do the kamikaze jump rope trick

  81. How to do the double under frog jump rope trick

  82. How to do one handed TJs jump rope trick

  83. How to do foot catch kick/flick overs jump rope trick

  84. Release to DU frog jump rope trick

  85. How to do the step through mamba jump rope release

  86. Real backwards mamba (backwards EB mamba)

  87. Quad combo 2 jump rope

  88. Cross megan quad jump rope trick

  89. Quad combo 1 jump rope

  90. Compound release jump rope trick

  91. Jump rope tricks / Skipping Montage 5

  92. Some Original jump rope tricks

  93. Almost every single level 1 and 2 jump rope cross

  94. Billy Wildi jump rope at Skinners' got talent

  95. How to do some forward EB multiples jump rope tricks