1. Message to Kids from Park Ranger Emily, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska USA

  2. Miri answers Humpback Whales feeding question with Park Ranger Emily, Glacier Bay Alaska

  3. A "flinker" is neutrally buoyant, Miri explains neutral buoyancy, between float and sink in water

  4. Tour the ENTIRE SHIP w Miri & D! Special presentation walk thru The Sea Lion whole boat Alaska 2012

  5. Floatplane survey 3 Glaciers! Ride with us over LeConte Glacier area, Alaska epic w Miri and D

  6. Alaska sunset 10pm vista on back of boat. iPhone 4 video, beautiful scenery in Coastal SE AK

  7. Alaska goodbye Larry recites "The Peace of Wild Things" poem by Wendell Berry, expedition ending

  8. Alaska camping story: bears growling loud sound! Chicagof Island Tenakee Springs. Linda, NatGeo

  9. Alaska photographing Humpback Whales, Sunset Spectacular 10pm longest day of the year

  10. Sea Lion dance attracts intelligent Steller sea lion (Northern Sea Lions) Coastal Alaska 2012

  11. Alaska Zodiac Raft waves, tide, eddies no trouble. Miri holding on. In a very cool place!

  12. Miri quote "They put on the ennnngines" funny Alaska aboard ship The Sea Lion boat engines

  13. Alaska waterfall originates 4000 feet high or so. Zodiac raft view, Larry likes it. Tall waterfall

  14. Junior Ranger Glacier Bay National Park Alaska Miri age 8 w National Geographic Lindblad Expeditions

  15. Margerie Glacier calving ice as big as a house into Glacier Bay Alaska receding tidewater glacier

  16. Alaska Glacier Bay Timelapse see 2hrs in 1 minute Grand Pacific; Margerie Glacier calving into sea

  17. Larry Hobbs on Bull Kelp forest, National Geographic expedition 2012 Alaska Lindblad

  18. Larry Hobbs on Sea Otters, National Geographic expedition 2012 Coastal SE Alaska Lindblad

  19. Plant Succession After Glacier Recedes Underwater and Above, Larry Hobbs. National Geographic

  20. Sea kayaking! Short clip by Inian Islands Alaska coastal southeast National Geographic boat

  21. Land of the midnight sun: How much sun light is still out at 2AM in SE Alaska, June 2012 on a boat

  22. Seattle WA train by Georgetown Liquor Co.

  23. Shadows on board bow deck of ship, Sitka, Alaska day sunny

  24. Totem pole Sitka Alaska, Tlinget culture. Miri age 8. These tall totems tell a story.

  25. Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Sitka, Alaska church painting watches you

  26. Raptor rehabilitation center Alaska eagle Miri question

  27. Zodiac raft expedition departs from Sea Lion, Lindblad Nat'

  28. Just flying over glacier ice fields and floes. Coastal SE Alaska quick phone video upload

  29. Harbor seal mom, pup on ice floes near glacier. Alaska 2012

  30. Southeast Coastal Alaska rainwater runs off mountainside we

  31. Alaska report on National Geographic boat Sea Lion Lindblad

  32. Tea Leaf Green Ride Carter Ride ENCORE 6-8-12 Lawrence Bottleneck Ride Together sammy

  33. Tea Leaf Green THE GARDEN I, II, III Lawrence KS The Bottleneck 6-8-2012 part 1 2 3

  34. Tea Leaf Green w Davey Diamonds guitar Criminal Intent 6-8-12 The Bottleneck Lawrence

  35. Tea Leaf Green GEORGIE P w The Stone Foxes special guest 6-8-2012 The Bottleneck

  36. Tea Leaf Green ENCORE 6-7-12 Got No Friends In Arizona, I've Got A Feeling (Beatles) STL

  37. TEA LEAF GREEN - JEZEBEL 6-7-12 Firebird St Louis whole show on ustream n youtube

  38. Tea Leaf Green 16 min Rattlin' I've Got A Truck California (3 songs) 2012 STL Firebird 6-7

  39. Tea Leaf Green TTBP Bootlegger Forgiven 6-7-12 STL Firebird 3 songs St Louis MO 2012

  40. TEA LEAF GREEN "FALLEN ANGEL" 5-31-12 Wakarusa Festival Arkansas

  41. Tea Leaf Green w Matt Smith guitar "Criminal Intent" jam 5-31-12 Wakarusa Festival Arkansas

  42. Tonight You Belong To Me (a capella, only voices) The Secret Sisters 6-2 set closer 2012 Wakarusa

  43. The Secret Sisters song for Alabama "King Cotton" live 2012 in Arkansas Ozarks Forest Wakarusa

  44. The Secret Sisters - Little Again 6-2-2012 Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival, Ozark, AR

  45. The Secret Sisters - RIVER JORDAN original song inspired by Ralph Stanley, Wakarusa Arkansas 2012

  46. Hank Williams "Your Cheatin' Heart" sung by The Secret Sisters at Wakarusa Fest 2012

  47. The Secret Sisters BAD HABIT Wakarusa Music Festival Arkansas USA June 2, 2012

  48. New Song "What Is Keeping You" (The Secret Sisters) Lydia Rogers first time played 6-2-12

  49. Secret Sisters NEW SONG "Black And Blue" 2012 first time played on stage 6-2 Wakarusa

  50. The Secret Sisters 6-2-12 Patsy Cline song "Leavin On Your Mind" Wakarusa Festival Backwoods

  51. THE SECRET SISTERS 2012 "The One I Love Is Gone" Wakarusa Festival Ozark Arkansas June 2

  52. Tea Leaf Green heat fire Devil's Pay jam 5-31-2012 Wakarusa Festival Reed Mathis bass

  53. Del McCoury Band WAKARUSA 2012 I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome Too (Hank Williams, Bill Monroe) 6/2

  54. View of Wakarusa Festival, Bob Weir w Chris Robinson banter, "Oh Boy" w Jackie Greene sunset clip

  55. Chris Robinson sings a verse of "Loser" (Grateful Dead) 2012 Wakarusa w Bob Weir and Jackie Greene

  56. Wakarusa Fest Avett Brothers talk about giant praying mantis prop dancing in the audience

  57. #NoFilter true colors Mulberry Mountain after Wakarusa 2012 Arkansas hay field, thunder, vlog

  58. Bela Fleck & the Flecktones 2012 Fayetteville ARK Walton Arts Center banjo harmonica clip by mas003

  59. Great Food Truck Race 2012 Fayetteville filming S03 E04 my #GreatFoodTruckRace vlog Food Network TV

  60. Wakarusa 1 of 3 Preview 2012 Festival radio show podcast Honest FM The Soundboard: Edward Sharpe +

  61. Wakarusa 2 of 3 Preview 2012 Festival radio show podcast Honest FM The Soundboard: Secret Sisters +

  62. Wakarusa 3 of 3 Preview 2012 Festival radio show podcast Honest FM The Soundboard w Tinarawin +

  63. 3 Penny Acre "Mackinaw" w Anthony Da Costa electric guitar. Bernice bows, Bayard sings. 5-22-12

  64. 3 Penny Acre "WILL & WOODY" new song about Will Rogers, Woody Guthrie. 5-22-2012

  65. Riverboat by 3 Penny Acre live w Anthony Da Costa electric gutiar, John Elliott backing vocal

  66. 3 Penny Acre w Anthony da Costa "Highway 71" 5-22-2012 George's Majestic Fayetteville

  67. Greensky Bluegrass RADIO BLUES, watch iTunes backup copy 25000 songs 2 minutes

  68. Devil Makes Three 2012 "Bangor Mash" George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville Arkansas clip

  69. Jack White guitar solo 2010 "Will There Be Enough Water" Dead Weather 4-22 Tulsa OK Cain's

  70. Heartless Bastards "Could Be So Happy" 2010 acoustic 4-11 George's Majestic Lounge

  71. Charliehorse - The Race Is On "for the kids" 5-20-12 Block St Block Party Fayetteville Arkansas fest

  72. Block Street BLOCK PARTY 2012 Charliehorse SONG 5-20 Fayetteville Arkansas banjo trumpet guitar

  73. for LEVON HELM 2 songs Charliehorse 2012 Kingfish 5-18 Fville Arkansas, Get Up Jake, Released

  74. Charliehorse "Blinkin" 2012 Kingfish 5-18 Fayetteville, Arkansas live alt country rock band

  75. "The Way I Am" (Sonny Throckmorton, Merle Haggard) Charliehorse 5-18-2012 Kingfish Ben Wardlaw

  76. PAYNE COUNTY LINE Carter Sampson sings, Cody Russell pedal steel, Joe Mack guitar 5-17-12

  77. Carter Sampson "Twilight" at twilight 5-17-12. With Joe Mack, outdoor music Kingfish Fayetteville

  78. Cody Russell, Carter Sampson, Joe Mack Feelin' Fine Mountaintop Shine trio song 5-17-12 Kingfish

  79. KVHW Poonk Express Yourself Poonk sandwich 1998 Wetlands NYC, Bobby Vega bass

  80. KVHW 1998 "SPRING WATER" NYC. Ray White sings, John Morgan Kimock Age 9 drums w Hertz

  81. KVHW 1998 "Slumber" Wetlands Preserve: Steve Kimock, Bobby Vega, Alan Hertz, Ray White

  82. Dickson St longest line ever seen: Elie Wiesel 3-7-12 Walton Arts Center more than 1000 people

  83. Wilco "DAWNED ON ME" 5-10-12 The AMP Fayetteville Arkansas Music Pavilion full song video edit

  84. WILCO 5-10-12 "Heavy Metal Drummer" live Fayetteville Arkansas Music Pavilion show encore The AMP

  85. Wilco "A Shot In The Arm" set closer 5-10-2012 The AMP Fayetteville Arkansas Music Pavilion

  86. Wilco: Tweedy 'remembering lyrics' in Hates It Here 5-10-2012 Spring Tour opener show

  87. Clips: Dan Coody announces run for return to Mayor of Fayetteville Arkansas in election 2012 speech

  88. Pimps Of Joytime 3-8-2012 "Janxta Funk" Fayetteville AR George's Majestic Lounge show Brooklyn band

  89. Pimps Of Joytime set: Stop Wasting Mine - Workin All The Time - Long Ride (23 minutes) May 8, 2012

  90. Pimps Of Joytime "Take The Blues" 3-8-12 George's Majestic Lounge Fayetteville Arkansas

  91. Native American Flute Circle Remix 8 players 3-31-12 Bentonville Arkansas Museum Flute Circle

  92. Nervous Curtains MOODY PHOTOS 05.05.12 LaLaLand Fayetteville AR garage show 15000 Frames

  93. Nervous Curtains "Wired To Make Waves" live post punk snyth tension trio band 5-5-12 LaLa Land

  94. Nervous Curtains live "It's Cramped In The Casket" Fayetteville ARK LaLa Land 5-5-2012 ENCORE

  95. Mickey Hart Band ENCORE 4-23-12 "Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad" Fayetteville AR band introductions

  96. Mickey Hart Band 4-23-12 Set 2 highlights. Dave Schools bass. Fire On The Mtn, The Other One, more

  97. Mickey Hart Band "Farewell Levon" Set 1 highlights 4-23-12 Fayetteville Arkansas George's Majestic

  98. Wakarusa 2012 preview of festival campgrounds Mulberry Mountain music site

  99. macro epic inchworm vs black ant slow motion close up spring 2012 ozark highlands trail