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  1. Accusations of a Woman

  2. Lost and Found - Wasted Away With Amazing Grace (The Magic Flute was with the Selmer Paris)

  3. Pony Grew Into a Horse

  4. I Got My Way

  5. My No Car Garage

  6. Banty Hens Are Small (Banty hen syndrome)

  7. Raining Outside Staying Inside

  8. Spirit and the bride say, Come (Rev 22)

  9. Mercy endurs (Psalms 118)

  10. Praise The Lord (Psalms 117) - and Carlos-Roland MicroCube Demo

  11. I Wanna See You Yahweh Jesus

  12. I Want Your Money Honey

  13. Bully, Remember me?

  14. Sleep On the Floor and Free to be with Jesus

  15. Jesus King Of Everything

  16. The Rockies On My Way

  17. The Star Seed

  18. I Taught The Son Of Man A Lesson How To Read

  19. When I Come Home I Am Never Alone

  20. Where It Goes Down The River

  21. Where Are You Jesus

  22. The Cartoons

  23. Not Alone With The Phone

  24. I Need a Favor

  25. Albert Jerry Einstein Garcia - Its TIME!

  26. My God ... Down That Road

  27. Are You Gonna Play

  28. Taking Offense is Offensive

  29. What Would I Do Without You

  30. I Know That I Am

  31. That Day

  32. Your Like a Piece Of Glass Up My Ass

  33. To the Man

  34. Life Giver a River Flowing With The Pain

  35. I'd Hit That

  36. The Band Playin

  37. Living For The Man or Jesus

  38. Happy 420 - National Marijuana Day

  39. Franken Food School Poision

  40. Hit On - Hows Is Your Head

  41. Evil Woman About You Jesus

  42. I've Been Lovin You

  43. Getting Late For the Hate

  44. Love You Baby I Do

  45. Are you Crazy Taking All Your Pills

  46. Taking Your Drugs Your Meds

  47. Love In The Hate with Words You Can't Say

  48. Natural flute demo

  49. Demo of my "Super Flute" built from a metal pipe

  50. Phone Home

  51. Truth and Lies In the Name of God

  52. Playin A Hunger Game, No Food That's Lame

  53. Hacked and Attacked