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  1. The three big groups gang up on EFDD - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  2. Commission set on course that will damage British recycling industry - Stuart Agnew MEP

  3. Delegated Acts with a bit of froth for MEPs to remove - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  4. Sanctions threat against Faroese 'is there', says EU Commissioner Damanaki

  5. Proposal to postpone vote on rushed EU legislation - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  6. Stuart Agnew destroys Cameron's EU reform plans

  7. The Surreal EU Version of Democracy - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  8. How the EU Commission is killing our egg industry - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  9. Considerable mutiny among MEPs against Commission's 'delegated acts' - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  10. Commission has bitten off far more than it can chew - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  11. Commission's back-door route to poultry management - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  12. They've got that power because they've been given it - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  13. Why Farmers Like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  14. Promoting EU & non-EU products at taxpayers expense - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  15. British taxpayer money to regulate Mediterranean fishermen - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  16. Handing over the governance of our country to power-hungry EU functionaries - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  17. Yet another EU power grab - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  18. Leave Gibraltar Alone! - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  19. Stuart Agnew on the punctiliousness of British farm inspections

  20. EU meddling in plant and seed market - UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  21. EU power grab over seeds and plant material - UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  22. Green lobby talking utter nonsense about potato blight - UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  23. EU Commission pushing the bounderies of its powers - UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  24. Preventing the spread of animal desease across Europe - Stuart Agnew MEP

  25. Commissioner Ciolos, which of you will be lifting every single sheep's tail to check its gender?

  26. Two Seats for 'a Fig Leaf for Democracy' - UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  27. Fighting discrimination with more discrimination - UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  28. Erasmus programme another EU propaganda tool aimed at young people - UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  29. EU making life difficult for British growers - Stuart Agnew MEP

  30. Food safety: We have enough EU agencies - Stuart Agnew MEP

  31. EU e-tagging hits UK farmer harder - UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

  32. British taxpayers subsidising Spanish industry to fish in our waters - Stuart Agnew MEP

  33. UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew tests Green MEP on climate computer models

  34. MEP Stuart Agnew on parallel trading in agriculture pesticides

  35. EU fisheries 'gender balancing' another piece of red-tape legislation - Stuart Agnew MEP

  36. British taxpayers pay for industrial EU fishing rights in Moroccan waters - Stuart Agnew MEP

  37. EU should leave food branding to member states concerned - Stuart Agnew MEP

  38. Stuart Agnew MEP on pesticide ban, GMOs and cannibal chickens

  39. Mapping the EU Seabed

  40. Farmers forced to buy imported GM soya as EU rules cause non-GM prices to rise

  41. Foreign ministers heading for redundancy - Stuart Agnew MEP

  42. Can we rely on a Europol data protection czar? (Stuart Agnew MEP, AFCO)

  43. Another attempt to distort democracy in Britain - Stuart Agnew MEP

  44. Women's role in fisheries: What is the endgame? - Stuart Agnew MEP

  45. One Parliament, Two Seats and a Monthly Pilgrimage - Stuart Agnew

  46. British taxpayer subsidising indiscriminate deep-sea trawling - Stuart Agnew MEP

  47. North-East Atlantic pillage continues while UK fishermen lose their job - Stuart Agnew MEP

  48. "Europe is in a vicious circle of recession on the contrary of the United States"

  49. ECJ can overrule UK opt outs on EU Charter - Stuart Agnew MEP

  50. 2014 European Elections date change is not lawful - Stuart Agnew MEP

  51. Clarifying tax exemption threshold on EU farm subsidies

  52. EU meddling with access to genetic resouces - Stuart Agnew MEP

  53. The madness of EU obsession with biofuels and renewables - Stuart Agnew MEP

  54. Non-democratic EU lecturing UK on how to conduct its elections

  55. EU not fit to run fishing industry - Stuart Agnew MEP

  56. European Elections to be moved to May 2014 - MEP Stuart Agnew asks why

  57. EP Fisheries Committee spends an hour debating what to debate

  58. Two-seat EU Parliament to keep Strasbourg economy afloat

  59. Defining 'permanent grassland' in the EU - Stuart Agnew MEP

  60. UKIP MEP Agnew explores EU power-grab solutions with Commissioner Barnier

  61. MEPs vote for controversial EU power grab in the agro market

  62. European Parliament is an elected dictatorship - Stuart Agnew MEP

  63. EU greening measures reducing food production - Stuart Agnew MEP

  64. Horsebeef: UK agriculture secretary as impotent as a bullock or a gelding

  65. High-fertility farmland for subsidised solar panels!

  66. Green lobbyists have cried wolf once too often - Stuart Agnew MEP

  67. Deep sea fishing: Subsidising waste and bankruptcy at taxpayer expense

  68. Taxpayer funding of European Political Parties a slippery slope - Stuart Agnew MEP

  69. Tories adopt Tony Blair's opt-out lies on EU Charter

  70. New EU power must be subject of UK referendum - Stuart Agnew MEP

  71. UK overseas territories are missing from EU AGRI report - Stuart Agnew MEP

  72. Taking land out of production is causing serious food shortages - Stuart Agnew, UKIP

  73. It was indeed a bad deal for Ireland...

  74. Is this aid actually going to help people in Mauritania?

  75. Hypocritical Euro-federalist insists he is not stupid

  76. Enforcing current rules on animal welfare - Stuart Agnew

  77. No mandate for taxpayer-funded pan-European Parties - Stuart Agnew

  78. Stuart Agnew speaks out for free choice on organic farming

  79. Comparing US and EU farm subsidies

  80. Best CAP Reform is to Scrap the CAP - (Common Agricultural Policy)

  81. EU policy distorting markets, producing perverse incentives - Stuart Agnew

  82. I hope the Commission is forced to wake up and smell the cane - Stuart Agnew MEP

  83. EU's reaction to soaring prices: Let's take land out of agricultural production

  84. Emissions red tape that will make every farmer shudder - Stuart Agnew MEP

  85. Commission secretive over endgame of EU agricultural policy reform

  86. Remove obstructions from real farmers - Stuart Agnew MEP

  87. Commission's greening plan impacts smaller farmers most - Stuart Agnew

  88. Stuart Agnew dissects the Santos Report on EU farm subsidies

  89. UK beet sector abandoned by EU and HMG - Stuart Agnew MEP

  90. How can British milk farmers challenge supermarket power? - Stuart Agnew

  91. "This place exists to keep the French happy" - Stuart Agnew

  92. Colonialism by another name - Stuart Agnew

  93. EU agricultural reform: Adding inconvenience to farmers

  94. EU meddling is causing waste - Stuart Agnew

  95. Stifling competitiveness and innovation in agriculture - Stuart Agnew

  96. EU Subsidiarity: Decision making at supra-national levels - Stuart Agnew

  97. EU Secrecy: A refuge of the incompetent and the unaccountable

  98. Tower of Babel effect in the European Parliament - Stuart Agnew

  99. More rules, more red tape and more costs - Stuart Agnew

  100. We do not need more laws - Stuart Agnew

  101. How can compliant farmers compete in a non-compliant common market? - Agnew

  102. EU duplicity reflected in circumvention of UK opt-outs - Stuart Agnew

  103. EU communication for 2014 Euro Elections is not propaganda, Commissioner tells Agnew

  104. Will EU competition rules hit UK sugar growers union? - Stuart Agnew

  105. State production of food is the Soviet way - Stuart Agnew

  106. EU plans to dissolve Tate & Lyle's 'Mr Cube'

  107. More legislation will not protect animals during transport - Agnew

  108. Making an unreliable system mandatory is a recipe for disaster - Stuart Agnew

  109. You're Chasing Fairies: Farmers Cannot Change the Climate - Stuart Agnew

  110. Some home truths about farm animal welfare - Stuart Agnew

  111. EU regulations stifling food production in Europe - Stuart Agnew

  112. Will EU 'capping' criminalise the splitting of farming businesses? - Agnew

  113. Animal welfare: EU legislation is not the solution - Stuart Agnew

  114. European Citizens' Initiative another drip-drip propaganda about the EU - Agnew

  115. Summon Baroness Ashton and call her to account - Stuart Agnew

  116. When Will Common Sense Prevail? - Stuart Agnew MEP

  117. The effects of centrally-planned EU agricultural policy - Stuart Agnew

  118. More EU-Planned Solutions for the EU's Failing Agricultural Policy

  119. Polish agriculture minister losing faith in EU policy

  120. Small farmers suffer most from pointless EU agricultural policy - Stuart Agnew

  121. Farmers and free market don't need Commission interference - Stuart Agnew

  122. Agnew: Obey the Rule of Law or We Will Challenge You!

  123. Towards the reform of direct payments to farmers - Agnew insists on clarity

  124. EU treaty change: 'A member state's veto must be respected' - Stuart Agnew MEP

  125. Stuart Agnew outlines the plight of dairy farmers

  126. How a climate-change scammer deals with Agnew's question on Nitrogen reduction

  127. On not wasting waste - Stuart Agnew

  128. EU-Morocco fisheries deal a sham - Stuart Agnew

  129. Stuart Agnew demonstrates that a muddle-free CAP is impossible to achieve

  130. Sugar production: How sweet a future for the EU? - Stuart Agnew MEP

  131. Agnew questions Commissioner Ciolos on Stalinist agricultural madness

  132. EU 'greening measures' only increase world hunger - Stuart Agnew MEP

  133. Stuart Agnew asks about an obscure €560m amendment

  134. Pull up the drawbridge - Stuart Agnew MEP

  135. EU Commission only adds costs to farmers - Stuart Agnew MEP

  136. What will the EU's new 'associate membership' entail?

  137. Agnew: Green illusion ruining UK agriculture

  138. The peoples of Europe don't want 'More Europe' - Stuart Agnew

  139. "Greening of Pillar 1" will pose major problems to farmers - Stuart Agnew

  140. Forcing national civil service to attend EU hearings

  141. Some common-sense solutions towards food security - Stuart Agnew MEP

  142. Lobbyist register will not stop the vultures - Stuart Agnew

  143. Stuart Agnew delivers some truths on EU centrally planned farming

  144. EU wants farmers to change the climate - Stuart Agnew MEP

  145. 'Convergence' means UK farmers lose out - Stuart Agnew MEP

  146. Commissioner Dalli admits to unknown implications of EU's Laying Hens Directive

  147. EU's bluetongue vaccination recast to conform with EU treaty - Stuart Agnew MEP

  148. EU-funded 'European Political Parties' to be allowed to campaign nationally - Stuart Agnew MEP

  149. British egg producers left standing like rabbits in the headlights - Stuart Agnew MEP

  150. UK cannot spend more on agro-funding in other countries

  151. EU farm subsidies going to landowners not active farmers - Stuart Agnew MEP

  152. British farmers face huge cost increases - Stuart Agnew MEP

  153. Putting EU money to better use - Stuart Agnew MEP

  154. UK needs to regain control of its dairy policy - Stuart Agnew MEP

  155. GM crop cultivation in UK: British people should decide, not EU

  156. EU rules and grants a fraudsters' paradise - Stuart Agnew MEP

  157. Dioxin in animal feed: More EU legislation solves nothing - Stuart Agnew MEP

  158. EU battery cage ban will lead to eggs shortage or law breaking - Stuart Agnew MEP

  159. British Sugar hit hard by global warming hoax - Stuart Agnew MEP

  160. Dioxin in animal feed not a matter for EU regulation - Stuart Agnew MEP

  161. EU rules run havoc in egg industry - some home truths from Stuart Agnew

  162. "Chaps, you've done enough to stop global warming" - Stuart Agnew MEP

  163. Agro-trade: 'We are being led by the nose' - Stuart Agnew MEP

  164. Commission impeding Ombudsman's proper conduct - Stuart Agnew MEP

  165. Help tourism - Stop ruining our countryside

  166. How the EU promotes protein deficiency

  167. EU regulations disrupting British livestock sector - Stuart Agnew MEP

  168. Stuart Agnew exposes woolly thinking

  169. Stuart Agnew's farming common sense (UKIP MEP, Eastern)

  170. Bilderberg has 'Global Cooling' issue on agenda - Stuart Agnew MEP

  171. Compliance issues with EU battery cage ban - Stuart Agnew MEP (AGRI Committee)

  172. EU should not interfere with member states' cloning regulations - Stuart Agnew MEP

  173. EU controls will not enhance animal welfare - Stuart Agnew MEP

  174. If there has to be CAP, let it assist farmers not hinder them - Agnew

  175. UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew calls for common sense in EU agricultural policy

  176. EU-inspired crisis to hit egg industry - Stuart Agnew MEP

  177. MEP Stuart Agnew fights to protect British farmers

  178. Vaccination no guarantee against animals bringing desease across borders - Stuart Agnew MEP

  179. EU harmonisation to abolish British aviation IMC safety rating - Stuart Agnew MEP

  180. A climate conference with real science - J. Stuart Agnew MEP

  181. Agnew questions Cioloş on anomalies of hen batteries ban

  182. Costs of EU bureaucracy over trace GM contaminants - John Stuart Agnew MEP

  183. Costly Green Policies 'Corrected by Ambitious Tax Policies' - @UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew