1. Michael Tyler "Miss Tonight"

  2. Michael Tyler "Give Me That"

  3. Somebody's Heartbreak by Hunter Hayes covered by Michael Tyler

  4. Michael Tyler singing Hard To Love by Lee Brice

  5. Michael Tyler original song Your Love

  6. Michael Tyler, Something I Don't Get About Love LIVE

  7. Michael Tyler on drums and piano

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  11. Michael Tyler, Jani Lane, Private Blue World

  12. Michael Tyler Original song I Don't Wanna Fall

  13. Writers block!

  14. Michael Tyler, Original Song, Don't wanna be alone tonight

  15. For the first time( The Script ) Cover by Michael Tyler

  16. Michael Tyler, original song, I Don't Wanna Go, @Craig Morgan Show

  17. Michael Tyler, original song, This Heart @ Craig Morgan Show

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  19. Michael Tyler Radio Interview

  20. Michael Tyler, This Heart, Original Song

  21. MIchael Tyler singing Can't Help But Love You, Original Song

  22. Michael Tyler, Don't let forever come between us, Original Song

  23. 11 year old Halie singing apologize cover

  24. LAZY Song, Original song by Michael Tyler

  25. Michael Tyler original song Promises

  26. Original Song by Michael Tyler & Jani Lane, Best Part Of Me

  27. Michael Tyler, Original song, Something I Don't Get About Love

  28. Halie Singing Don't You Wanna Stay, 10 years old just beginning to sing