1. Rev. Rick Hoyt on Why His Church is Suing the NSA

  2. A Conversation with Markus Imhoof, Director of More Than Honey

  3. New Report Reveals Offshore Fracking in California

  4. How Local LAPD Spying Parallels Federal Surveillance Programs

  5. ATF Agents Zealously Pursuing Drug Convictions Over Heists of Fictional Drugs

  6. South LA's New Art Walk is About More than Just Art

  7. The Fight to Preserve Whittier Hills

  8. Understanding the Affordable Care Act

  9. Report on Los Angeles Protests Against Zimmerman Verdict

  10. Victor Serge: A Political Biography - An In-depth Conversation with Author Suzi Weissman

  11. Boys With Sisters More Likely To Become Republicans

  12. House Republicans Target Food Stamps

  13. Sonali_CommonDreams_Optimism

  14. Movie Critic Jonathan Kim discussing Oscars 2013

  15. Diego Luna on Uprising.MOV

  16. Conversation with Israel Feminist Activist, Dalit Baum on Elections and Activism

  17. Liberty Hill Foundation Selects 2013 Leaders to Watch

  18. Gather at the Table - Part 2

  19. Gather at the Table - Part 1

  20. Army Corps of Engineers Under Fire For Destroying Local Wildlife Preserve

  21. A Conversation With Palestinian Activist Iyad Burnat on Activism and the Occupation

  22. My People Are Rising: Memoir of a Black Panther Party Captain

  23. Reflections on the 11th Anniversary of Guantanamo

  24. Katie Buckland Reflects on Rape Culture at Home and Abroad

  25. Actor Andy Garcia and Writer/Director Damien Lee Discuss 'A Dark Truth'

  26. Local East LA Band, Las Cafeteras, Share Their Music and Politics

  27. Analyzing Typhoon Bopha's Effects in the Philippines

  28. kamau bell on uprising H 264 for Apple TV

  29. Lost Angels: Skid Row is My Home

  30. Corporate Alternatives to Holiday Shopping

  31. New Doc, Chasing Ice, Documents Stunning Visual Impact of Climate Change on Glaciers

  32. Seed: A Weird Act of Faith

  33. Latino Voters in Arizona Demand Their Votes Be Counted

  34. Uprising Radio: Conversation with Vandana Shiva - Part 2

  35. Uprising Radio: Conversation with Vandana Shiva - Part 1

  36. Money in California Propositions - a look at Propositions 30, 32, and 37

  37. Shakespeare in Shackles

  38. Karin Hayes

  39. Shahid Buttar on "Fusion Centers," Constitutional Violations and What Americans Can Do About It

  40. Better Than We Found It: Conversation with Author Darrell Park

  41. Jeff Biggers

  42. Jill Stein Part 2 of 2 - Interview with Sonali Kolhatkar on Uprising Pacifica Radio

  43. Jill Stein Part 1 of 2 - Interview with Sonali Kolhatkar of Uprising Pacifica Radio

  44. Desert America: Boom and Bust in the New Old West

  45. 'Encounter' Depicts Story of Military Oppression and Resistance Through Song, Dance, and Acrobatics

  46. 'Year of the Rabbit' Parallels Vietnam and Afghanistan Wars

  47. Jackie Lacey on her LA Roots & Where She Stands on Issues

  48. Los Angeles To Vote on Veolia Contracts

  49. Fix Our America Launches Campaign to Overturn Citizens United Decision

  50. Estee Chandler Reacts to Rachel Corrie Ruling

  51. Community Coalition Announces Music Festival to Educate South LA Voters

  52. Erick Huerta on Undocumented Youth Applying for "Deferred Action"

  53. Conversation with Omar Offendum

  54. 8 Attacks on American Mosques in 11 Days

  55. Theatricum Botanicum's 2012 Summer Repertory Features Shakespeare and Shaw

  56. No Ordinary People: Garrick Ruiz on SB1070

  57. A Queer and Pleasant Danger

  58. 'Call Me Kuchu' Highlights Struggles of Uganda's LGBT Community

  59. Josefina Lopez's Newest Offering, Trio Los Machos, Hits the Stage

  60. Green Party's Mike Powelson Vies for California's 30th District Seat

  61. Evangeline: The Queen of Make-Believe

  62. A People's Guide to Los Angeles

  63. Activists Protest BofA Ahead of Shareholders Meeting Over Fraudulent Home Foreclosures

  64. Jack Black On Charlie Haden's Legacy and the KPFK Hero Awards

  65. What's at Stake As LA's Adult Ed Programs Face Closure - Part 1

  66. What's at Stake As LA's Adult Ed Programs Face Closure - Part 2

  67. How Has LA Changed, 20 Years After the 1992 Unrest?

  68. Eye Witness Account of LA Uprising, 20 Years Ago

  69. Urban Legends: LA's First Public Art Exhibit and Live Auction

  70. Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America

  71. New Play, Café Vida, Addresses Hunger in LA and Beyond

  72. The 23rd Annual Great LA River Cleanup

  73. New Evidence Surfaces in Death of Undocumented San Diego Resident on the Border

  74. The Central Park Five: The Untold Story Behind one of New York City's Most Infamous Crimes

  75. Korean War Film, My Way, Offers Fresh Perspective on World War II

  76. Chuck Collins on Obama and the Buffett Rule

  77. Proposed LA Football Stadium Draws Serious Concern Over Traffic, Pollution, and Financing

  78. Chittagong Premieres at 10th Annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

  79. Selma James: Sex, Race and Class - the Perspective of Winning

  80. Slake Magazine Editor Joe Donnelly on the Occupy Movement

  81. Garrick Ruiz on LA's 'Dump Veolia' Campaign

  82. Visions of Abolition: From Critical Resistance to a New Way of Life

  83. Green Party Offers Solutions to Election Season Cynicism

  84. Makin' Us Whole: A Tribute to Literary Activists

  85. Growing Number of Americans Eager to Start Small Businesses During Recession

  86. Arroyo Food Co-op Attempts to Increase Access to Healthy Food

  87. Venice Communities Fight Gentrification

  88. Women Occupy LA, Demand End to Attacks on Welfare, End to Poverty and War

  89. Campaign to Organize Carwash Workers in LA Gains Steam

  90. Mujeres De Maiz Celebrates 15 Years

  91. Venerated Physician & Activist Dr. Quentin Young Urges 'Single-Payer Healthcare'

  92. Bonsai People: The Vision of Muhammad Yunus

  93. Panther Baby: A Life of Rebellion and Reinvention

  94. Debt: The First 5000 Years - Extended Interview

  95. Pentagon Papers: The Play

  96. Delirium: How the Sexual Counterrevolution is Polarizing America

  97. El Nogalar: Up and Coming Playwright Tanya Saracho Adapts Chekhov's Cherry Orchard

  98. Public Uproar Over Proposed Coal Mine Expansion Planned Near Utah's Bryce Canyon

  99. Domestic Surveillance and Militarism, Past and Present