1. Play by the Rules Video Walk-Through 1: The Chaperone Policy template

  2. Graeme Innes supports Social Inclusion Week

  3. 7 Pillars of Inclusion - Carl Currey talks about Policy

  4. Deb Simms talks about communication and inclusion

  5. Graeme Innes on Access

  6. Paul Oliver talks about Partnerships

  7. Pino Migliorino talks about cultural diversity and sport

  8. Peter Downs talks about attitudes and inclusion.

  9. The 7 Pillars of Inclusion

  10. Racism. It Stops With Me.

  11. 7 Pillars of Inclusion - Hamish Macdonald

  12. why complaints are good for sport

  13. The MPIO Role

  14. Play by the Rules Paralympics video featuring swimmer Matthew Cowdrey

  15. Play by the Rules Olympics video featuring Kookaburras coach Ric Charlesworth

  16. Clea Smith and Paul Heptonstall Talk About Sport Culture

  17. Vanessa Brown (Surf Life) Talks About Social Media

  18. Peter Gourlay (VEOHRC) - Talks About Complaint Handling in Sport

  19. Grant Weir (Hockey Australia) Talks About Sport Culture

  20. Michael Beaumont (Bowls NSW) on Complaint Handling

  21. Loren Bartley talks Social Media

  22. Ben Hartung (Hockey Victoria) Talks About The FairGo Sport Program

  23. Alex Bright (Cycling Australia) talks about inclusion of people with disability in cycling

  24. Play by the Rules 2012 Community Service Announcement Ad

  25. Scenario: Ugly parents and abuse of umpires

  26. Scenario: Verbal abuse and inappropriate workloads

  27. Scenario: Role of Member Protection Information Officer

  28. Scenario: Responding to child abuse complaints

  29. Scenario: Inappropriate Demonstration of a Skill

  30. Scenario: Race Discrimination

  31. Scenario: Disability Discrimination

  32. Scenario: Victimisation following a complaint

  33. Scenario: Complaint Handling and Natural Justice

  34. Community Service Announcement - Supermarket

  35. Community Service Announcement - Golf

  36. Community Service Announcement video

  37. 6. Mediation meeting

  38. 5. Making recommendations

  39. 7. Providing feedback

  40. 4. Gathering more information

  41. 2. First meeting with the respondent

  42. 3. First meeting with the complainant

  43. 1. Dealing with an ititial enquiry