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  1. Improper Use of Decorative Contact Lenses May Haunt You (Consumer Update)

  2. LASIK Surgery and its Risks

  3. HCG: Dangerous to Dieters

  4. Purchasing Pet Drugs Online: Buyer Beware (Consumer Update)

  5. FDA 101: Product Recalls (Consumer Update)

  6. How Sunscreen Works

  7. Start at the Store: Prevent Foodborne Illness (Consumer Update)

  8. Fortify Your Knowledge About Vitamins (Consumer Update)

  9. Warning on Body Building Products (Consumer Update)

  10. Sunscreen: Stronger Rules, Better Protection

  11. 7 Tips for Cleaning Fruits, Vegetables

  12. Expiration Dates Matter

  13. Health Fraud Awareness (Consumer Update)

  14. Avoiding Drug Interactions (Consumer Update)

  15. Sun Safety: Save Your Skin (Consumer Update)

  16. Get Smart About Antibiotics

  17. Reducing Radiation from Medical X-rays (Consumer Update)

  18. Bad Reactions to Cosmetics? Tell FDA!

  19. Food Allergies: Reducing the Risk (Consumer Update)

  20. Hyland's Teething Tablets May Pose Poisoning Risk (Consumer Update)

  21. Identifying Recalled Products

  22. Avoiding Medication Mistakes (Consumer Update)

  23. Lock it Up: Medicine Safety in Your Home

  24. [Private Video]

  25. Kids 'n Fiber

  26. Your Guide to Reporting Problems to FDA (Consumer Update)

  27. Giving Medicine to Children

  28. Health Fraud Scams -- Be Smart, Be Aware, Be Careful Video

  29. [Private Video]

  30. Eat for a Healthy Heart (Consumer Update)

  31. Inicio en la Tienda: Prevenga las Enfermedades de Transmisión Alimentaria (Consumer Update)

  32. Women and Diabetes

  33. Teaching Kids About Using Medicine Safely

  34. SmartTots to Help Make Anesthetics and Sedatives Safer for Children

  35. Health Fraud Scams - Don't Let This Happen to You

  36. [Private Video]

  37. ¡Nunca Más! Novela educativa sobre salud -- Episodio 1

  38. FDA Women's Health Video Blog: Women's Heart Health

  39. Frank Talk About Drugs: FDA's Dr. Dale Slavin Speaks

  40. [Private Video]

  41. The Shell Egg Rule - Protecting the Public From Salmonella Contamination

  42. Administrando Medicina a los Niños

  43. Are Products From China Safe?

  44. Enseñando a los Niños Sobre el Uso de Medicamentos Seguramente

  45. Understanding Rare Diseases

  46. ¡Nunca Más! Novela educativa sobre salud -- Episodio 4

  47. ¡Nunca Más! Novela educativa sobre salud -- Episodio 2

  48. ¡Nunca Más! Novela educativa sobre salud -- Episodio 3

  49. Dr Margaret Chan Director-General: 100th HIV/AIDS Drug Authorized for Purchase Under PEPFAR

  50. Cochlear Implants for Hearing

  51. AEDs: Keeping Hearts Beating

  52. Blood Glucose Monitors

  53. The ABCs of MRI

  54. The Line on Cell Phones

  55. Making Sense of Stents

  56. Indoor Tanning: The Risks of Ultraviolet Rays (Consumer Update)

  57. Playing it Safe with Eggs

  58. Food Safety during Power Outages

  59. Fresh and Frozen Seafood: Selecting and Serving it Safely

  60. Holiday Food Safety

  61. Safe Handling of Raw Produce and Fresh-Squeezed Fruit and Vegetable Juices

  62. The Dangers of Unpasteurized Milk

  63. Los Riesgos de la Leche sin Pasteurizar

  64. What is Regulatory Science? (video-short version)

  65. What is Regulatory Science? (video-full version)

  66. Taking Acetaminophen Safely

  67. CD-3: A New Tool in FDA's Fight Against Counterfeit Products

  68. Diabetes Products -- Don't Fall for False Promises

  69. Don't Lose Sight of Your Vision (Video)