1. Disappears perform Hibernation Sickness at WBEZ's High Fidelity Music Series in Chicago

  2. Disappears perform Brother Joliene at WBEZ's High Fidelity Music Series in Chicago

  3. Veronica Falls perform Stephen at WBEZ's High Fidelity Music Series in Chicago

  4. Veronica Falls perform Come On Over at WBEZ's High Fidelity Music Series in Chicago

  5. Veronica Falls perform Bury Me Alive at WBEZ's High Fidelity Music Series in Chicago

  6. Veronica Falls perform Beachy Head at WBEZ's High Fidelity Music Series in Chicago

  7. Veronica Falls perform Bad Feeling at WBEZ's High Fidelity Music Series in Chicago

  8. Attending the Ryder Cup for less than $100

  9. Attending the Ryder Cup for less than $100 and no interest in golf

  10. Kayak Commute

  11. El-P performs "Jig Is Up" on Sound Opinions

  12. El-P performs "Stay Down" on Sound Opinions

  13. El-P performs $4 Vic on Sound Opinions

  14. El-P performs "Drones Over BRKLYN" on Sound Opinions

  15. CTU Strike - Kids compare days

  16. Chicago Teachers Union strike, day 1

  17. Jerome McDonnell and WBEZ staff say Thank You

  18. Imagine No Pledge Drive

  19. Kanye West on World Cafe. Starring Cats.

  20. NPR's Steve Inskeep and Bill O'Reilly. Starring Cats.

  21. Fresh Air's Terry Gross with Gene Simmons. Starring Cat.

  22. Peter Sagal and Paula Poundstone. Lightning Round. Starring: Cats.

  23. The Jayhawks perform She Walks in So Many Ways

  24. The Jayhawks perform Tiny Arrows

  25. The Jayhawks perform Blue on Sound Opinions

  26. Patrick Stump performs This City

  27. Patrick Stump performs Explode

  28. Wild Flag performs Black Tiles on Sound Opinions

  29. Wild Flag performs Short Version on Sound Opinions

  30. Wild Flag performs Nothing on Sound Opinions

  31. Michael K Williams fact-checks his Wikipedia File

  32. Occupy Chicago expands

  33. Arcade Fire performs Sprawl II

  34. Arcade Fire performs We Used to Wait

  35. The Swell Season performs Falling Slowly

  36. Best Coast performs Summer Mood

  37. Best Coast performs Boyfriend

  38. Best Coast performs When I'm With You

  39. Daniel Knox performs Evryman For Himself

  40. Low perform You See Everything

  41. Titus Andronicus perform A More Perfect Union

  42. Titus Andronicus perform No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future

  43. The 1900s perform Sanzimat

  44. InTallBuildings perform Walking Man on WBEZ

  45. The Vaselines perform Such a Fool on Sound Opinions

  46. Clever Apes presents Dan Telfer's dinosaur comedy

  47. Opening Day: The Cubs biggest fan

  48. Psalm One performs "Better Than My Last" at WBEZ

  49. Rick Bayless on how to find great food in Mexico

  50. SXSW report from Sound Opinions' Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot

  51. Lupe Fiasco: Thoughts on Kanye's Apology to George W. Bush

  52. Tegan and Sara perform The Ocean acoustic for WBEZ Music

  53. Tegan and Sara "Back in your Head" acoustic in Chicago

  54. Pirate Radio with Jason Urick

  55. St Vincent performs Actor Out of Work in an L session

  56. Pitchfork Fest Preview

  57. Peter Rojas and Ryan Block talk tech with Steve Edwards

  58. Ken Nordine Home Studio Tour

  59. Jason Marck picks the winner for the Dark Lord Day tickets

  60. Ernie Banks talks with Steve Edwards

  61. Wikipedia Files with Charlie Wilson

  62. Sad Brad Smith - "Take Me Home"

  63. 848's Jonathan Miller reviews Terry O'Brien's campaign ad

  64. 848's Jonathan Miller reviews Preckwinkle campaign ad

  65. ATM: Always Trust Magic


  67. Traffic Center Minus the Traffic

  68. The Wikipedia Files with John Hodgman part 1

  69. WBEZ Lisa Labuz

  70. The Wikipedia Files - Episode 14 - David Rasche

  71. The Wikipedia Files - Episode 14.2 - David Rasche

  72. The Wikipedia Files - Episode 14 - David Rasche

  73. Alderman Waguespack gets dunked

  74. The Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! Push Up Club (aka The Armbrains)

  75. Justin and Sam on White Sox perfect game

  76. The Wikipedia Files - Episode 9.5 - The Flaming Lips

  77. The Wikipedia Files - Episode 9.4 - The Flaming Lips

  78. The Wikipedia Files - Episode 13 - The Black Lips

  79. The Wikipedia Files - Episode 12 - Lindstrøm

  80. The Wikipedia Files - Episode 11 - Beirut

  81. The Wikipedia Files - Episode 9.2 - The Flaming Lips

  82. The Wikipedia Files - Episode 10 - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

  83. The Wikipedia Files with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips (Part 1)

  84. The Wikipedia Files with The Dutchess and The Duke

  85. Robots Do Talk Radio

  86. Richard Steele

  87. Steve Edwards

  88. Saucony Challenge World Record

  89. Yo La Tengo public radio scoring: LIVE at Pitchfork

  90. The Pitchfork Press Tent

  91. Richard Steele

  92. Coffee House Producers

  93. Driveway Moments

  94. Kai Ryssdal

  95. Peter Sagal

  96. Rob Wildeboer

  97. Carl Kasell

  98. Robot Reporters

  99. Claude Cunningham reminices about WBEZ's vintage logo