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Moving Back Into Your Heart- Jonas Brothers Love Story Chapter 84

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Uploaded on Jan 22, 2009

Sorry it took so long for me to post this part...I had to do homework :( ... But anyways thanks for commenting. If you haven't read the first part yet, go and read that part first please!

Nick's POV:
Joe and I finished our pizza and just when I was about to get up I heard someone that I really didnt want to hear. Of course, it was Greg. I told Joe to be quiet so that I could listen to what he was saying to one of his friends. Greg's friend asked something about Addison... I think it was a question about how far she and Greg had gone.

Greg: Addison and I went all the way, if you know what I mean.

I clenched my hand into a fist and took a deep breath. He was talking about Addison and I couldn't stand to just sit there and listen to him. He was a liar, and I couldnt stand it. How dare he talk about Addison in that way! His friend gave him a high five and that's when I lost it. I stood up and went over to Greg's table.

"Whats your problem man?" I asked as Greg got up from his chair.
Greg: I think youre the one with the problem.
"Why are you talking about Addison like that? I know that you two never did anything." I told him as I moved closer.
Greg: and how would you know that? Are you her boyfriend or something? Well if you are I hate to tell you that she is in love with that gay Nick Jonas.

Just then I realized that I was still wearing my disguise and that Greg didnt recognize me. I took of my wig and sunglasses and stepped closer to Greg. He was definitely surprised to see it was me and kind of backed away.

"You can say whatever you want about me, but NEVER talk that way about Addison. She is amazing and I know that she never did anything with a jerk like you." I told him triumphantly.

I turned away from Greg and walked back over to Joe. But then Greg had to scream something at me...

Greg: you and your whore of a girlfriend can just get over yourselves.

I couldnt stand it, I had to do something. I walked back over to Greg and punched him square in the jaw. He hit me back, in the eye... but all I was thinking about was hitting him again. But that didnt happen...

Addisons POV:
Lola and I both found the perfect outfits! They were so cute and the boys would die when they saw us. I was hoping that Nick would ask to be his girlfriend soon. I know that we already acted like a couple, but it would still be good to make it official.

After we paid for our clothes we walked out of the store and over to the food court to meet Joe and Nick. Just when the food court came into view I saw Nick, without his disguise, punching Greg! OMG! What could have made him do that? Then my heart dropped because Greg punched Nicks eye! He better not have hurt my Nick!

Lola and I ran over to where they boys were fighting. Thank goodness for Joe! He pulled Nick away from Greg and one of Greg's friends pulled him back. Joe saw us and walked toward us, still holding Nick. No one said anything, we just ran to the car. Then the questions started.

*With Kate and Kevin*
Kevin was still lying on his bed looking at the ceiling. He didnt know what he was feeling... he thought Kate was annoying... but was she perfect for him after all? He rose up and without thinking he went over to Kates door and knocked.

Kate had just put on her pajamas, short shorts and a tank top. She let her hair fall naturally over her shoulders and put on some cute pink tube socks to keep warm. She actually looked really cute. Even though she tried to keep herself busy, all she could think about was Kevin. She heard a knock on the door and went to answer it.
Kate opened the door and she was shocked when she saw Kevin standing on the other side. He looked at her and gasped, he had never seen her with shorts on before... especially not with tight tank top.

Kate: Hi... (She said, not knowing what to say)
Kevin: hey.
Kate: do you need something?
Kevin: no... I just... uhh...
Kate: why don't we go to the kitchen and I can fix us something to eat.
Kevin: promise not to poison my food? (He joked)

Kate playfully hit Kevin on the arm and pretended to look offended. They both walked down the stairs and Kevin sat at the kitchen table, while Kate browsed through the fridge.

Kate: so how about I make some of those pancakes that you never got to try?
Kevin: deal.

Kevin watched as Kate skillfully made her famous pancakes. It only took her a few minutes and then she set the plate and syrup in front of Kevin. She watched him take the first bite and was glad when he smiled.

Kevin: I hate to say it, but Joe was right... these are the best pancakes ever!
Kate: thank you. (She smiled)
GO NICK! And Kate and Kevin are getting a little closer.... wonder where that will lead??? So, I guess I'll talk to you guys on Sunday! Have a great weekend!


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