1. 2MIN News June2: Solar Watch is ON

  2. 2MIN News June1: Gamma Bursts, Antarctic Quake, Spaceweather

  3. So Much 4 Sun-lluminati... a bit of Evening Fun

  4. 2MIN News May31: Volcanos, CME Impact, Coronal Hole

  5. 2MIN News May30: Disaster Update, Massive Coronal Hole

  6. All we have to say about it

  7. 3MIN News May29: Quakes, Weather, Middle East, Solar/Planetary Update

  8. 2MIN News May28: Big Quake Argentina, Spaceweather, Planetary Update

  9. 2MIN News May27: Earth Sun Planetary Update

  10. 2MIN News May26: More North Pole Quakes??? Solar/Planetary Update

  11. 2MIN News May25: ArticQuake, Hurricane Bud, Solar/Planetary Update

  12. 2MIN News May24: Economic Strife, World Update

  13. 2MIN News May23: Animal Deaths, Magnetic Storm

  14. 2MIN News May22: Lots of News

  15. 2MIN News May21: GAMMA Burst, NATO Protest, Solar/Planetary Update

  16. 2MIN News May20: ECLIPSE, NASA Spaceweather, Planetary Positions & News

  17. 2MIN News May19: Extinctions, Preppers, Supervolcano, Solar/Planetary Update

  18. 2MIN News May18: Climate, EuroFail, Solar/Planetary Update

  19. May17 - Vacation: 2MIN News Returns Friday

  20. 2MIN News May16

  21. 3MIN News May15: More Sick Animals, Dec21.2012

  22. 2MIN News May14: Gamma Ray Burst, Solar/Planetary Update

  23. 2MIN News May13: NICT Freakout, Spaceweather, Quake Watch

  24. 2MIN News May12: Disaster Update, Spaceweather/Planetary Update

  25. 2MIN News May11: 'Nibiru' - Weather - Solar/Planetary Update

  26. 2MIN News May10: Earth Update, Spaceweather

  27. 2MIN News May9: 2012 Warmest Year SO FAR, Magnetic Storm Watch

  28. May 8, 2012 - Magnetic Storm Watch Through May 14

  29. 2MIN News May8: Earth-Directed CMEs

  30. 2MIN News May7: $tupidity, SOLAR WATCH is ON

  31. 3MIN News May6: F1 Critical Frequencies - Continuing Analysis

  32. 2MIN News May5: Science News, Solar/Planetary Update

  33. 2MIN News May4: Supermoon, Quakes, Solar Activity

  34. 2MIN News May3: Yellowstone, Climate, Solar/Planetary Update

  35. 3MIN News May2: Full Update + Quake Watch

  36. 2MIN News May1: World News, Solar/Planetary Update

  37. +8.0 Earthquakes

  38. 2MIN News Apr30: Weird Quakes, Planetary/Solar Update

  39. 2MIN Apr29: World Update, Spaceweather

  40. Quakes [RETRACTED 4/30] Leaving up so you can see my mistakes and laugh

  41. 2MIN News Apr28: Earth News, Spaceweather

  42. 2MIN News Apr27: Solar Activity, GeoMagnetics, World Update

  43. 2MIN News Apr26: NASA, Magnetic Storm

  44. 3MIN News Apr25: Solar Watch/Magnetic Storm Watch

  45. 2MIN News Apr24: Volcanos, Spaceweather, Planetary/Lunar Position

  46. 2MIN News Apr23: CME Impact, Full Updates, Quake Watch Extended

  47. 2MIN News Apr22

  48. 2MIN News Apr21: Meteor Shower [Where to Look Tonight] & Quake Watch Begins - 6.9 already...

  49. 2MIN News Apr20

  50. 2MIN News Apr19: Earth-Directed CME/Quake Watch Peaks 21st/22nd

  51. 3MIN News Apr18: Disaster Update, Planetary/Solar Conditions

  52. 2MIN News Apr17: Massive CME & Earthquakes

  53. 2MIN News Apr16

  54. Planetary/Lunar/Solar Geometry April 15 - June 19

  55. 2MIN News Apr15: Tornados, Earthquakes, Solar/Planetary Update

  56. 2MIN News Apr14: '100 Tornados Possible' & Quake Watch

  57. 2MIN News Apr13: MAGNETIC STORM

  58. 2MIN News Apr12

  59. 2MIN News Apr11: 8.9 Quake Indonesia [8.6 USGS] & a New Gamma Burst!

  60. 2MIN News Apr10: NASA News, Seismicity, Solar/Planetary Update

  61. 2MIN News Apr9: NASA, WW3, Extreme Weather, Solar/Planetary Update

  62. 2MIN News Apr8: Infant Mortality, World/Solar Update

  63. 2MIN News Apr7: World/Planetary/Solar Update

  64. CONFIRMED: Polar Bears in Alaska are Sick Too

  65. 2MIN News Apr6: MAJOR UPDATES! Gas Leak, Alaska Animals, Spaceweather

  66. 2MIN News Apr5: NASA News, World/Solar/Planetary Update

  67. 2MIN News Apr4: NASA, Nuclear, Earthquakes, Planetary/Solar Update

  68. 2MIN News Apr3: World Updates, Solar Data back online!

  69. 2MIN News Apr2: Disaster Report, Solar/GeoPhysical Update

  70. 2MIN News Apr1: NASA Comets, Weather, Earth, and Solar Update

  71. 2MIN News March31 + Silent Lightning: Weird Weather 0bservation

  72. 2MIN News March30: World News, Solar Update

  73. Solar Watch [March 30 - April 7]

  74. 2MIN News March29: NKorea, Europa, foF1 Values, Solar Watch begins Today

  75. 2MIN News March28: NASA Chemtrails, Solar Watch starts tomorrow!

  76. 2MIN News March27: Updates + A Trap for African Americans?

  77. 2MIN News Mar26: World Update, Solar Activity

  78. 2MIN News March25: Quakes, Planets, The Sun

  79. Elites: A Harsh Truth

  80. 2MIN News March24: Road-to-WW3, Volcano in Caribbean, M Flare & New Active Region

  81. 2MIN News Mar23: US Tremors/Serious Weather, Solar Activity

  82. 2MIN News Mar22: NWO, Solar/Geophysical Updates

  83. March 21, 2012 - Quake News Edition

  84. 2MIN News Mar20: Tornado Watch, Magnetic Repair, Low Solar Activity

  85. 2MIN News Mar19: Weather, Sun, Magnetosphere Data Available!

  86. NASA Missing Data of Magnetosphere Reversal

  87. 2MIN News Mar18: Fukushima, Earthquakes, Solar Update

  88. 2MIN News Mar17: World News, Solar Update

  89. 3MIN News Mar16: RSOE, Planetary/Solar Update

  90. Magnetic Storm [March 15, 2012] & Sunwatching101 as an Intro...

  91. 2MIN News Mar15 - Civil Terror, Spaceweather, and the Threat of WW3

  92. Dark-Side Cosmic Burst & ANOTHER CME ON ITS WAY [March 14, 2012]

  93. 3MIN News Mar14: Earthquake, Cosmic Ray Flux + Magnetopause Flip

  94. M8 Flare, Earth-Directed CME, Solar Radiation Storm, Earthquake Watch

  95. 2MIN News Mar13: Weather, Quakes, Geomagnetic Update

  96. 2MIN News Mar12: CME Impacting Now

  97. The 2012 Plot Thickens: Mayan Cycle, Pole Shift, Earthquake Predictions

  98. 2MIN News Mar11: Planets, CMEs on the Way

  99. 3MIN News Mar10: China, Iran, Volcanos, Solar/Planetary Update