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Shields and Brooks Wrap on 2012 RNC

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Published on Aug 31, 2012

Political analysts Mark Shields and David Brooks digest the top political news of the week, namely the 2012 Republican National Convention. They discuss the tone of RNC political rhetoric and how it targeted small business, the lack of any mention of the military in Romney's speech and Clint Eastwood's appearance.

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  1. 5305

    Labor Leaders talk Attacks on Unions, Falling Membership

  2. 5306

    Father and Son Delegate Team Represents Colorado

  3. 5307

    As Convention Ramps Up, Dems Focus on Unions this Labor Day

  4. 5308

    Shields and Brooks on the DNC, Platform Agenda

  5. 5309

    Democrats on Offense: Hopes of Turning Some Red States Blue

  6. 5310

    To Win Over N.C. Voters, Organizing Democrats on the Ground

  7. 5311

    Democrats Hope to Reignite Enthusiasm from 2008 Election

  8. 5312

    Talking Democratic Party Agenda with Stephanie Cutter

  9. 5313

    Flooding, Electrical Outages Remain One Week After Isaac

  10. 5314

    Will Hosting the DNC in North Carolina Pay Off in November?

  11. 5315

    Arun Chaudhary on Being the First White House Videographer

  12. 5316

    The Doubleheader: Shields, Brooks Talk Eastwooding, Baseball and the NewsHour Hatcam

  13. 5317

    Political Checklist: Labor Day at the Democratic National Convention

  14. 5318

    Union Member on Obama: "He Did Save Our Jobs"

  15. 5319

    Wellness experts help journalists relieve stress at this year's political conventions

  16. 5320

    Dems Economic Platform: Support of Small Business, Education

  17. 5321

    Undecided Voters Weigh in on Romney's Convention Speech

  18. 5322

    DOJ Ends Investigation on Alleged Use of Torture by CIA

  19. 5323

    Surveying the Aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaac

  20. 5324

    Romney-Ryan Ticket Try to Build on Momentum from RNC

  21. Shields and Brooks Wrap on 2012 RNC

  22. 5326

    News Wrap: Bernanke Stops Short of Announcing Stimulus Plan

  23. 5327

    Tagg Romney Talks About Expectations for Dad's Big Speech

  24. 5328

    Why Does the Foreign Media Care About the RNC?

  25. 5329

    Romney Family Friend Pam Finalyson Gives Emotional Speech about Mitt Romney's Role in Her Family

  26. 5330

    Watch Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's Full Speech

  27. 5331

    Jeff Brown's Video Journal From "Radio Row"

  28. 5332

    Sen. Marco Rubio: 'Hope and Change Has Become Divide and Conquer'

  29. 5333

    Massachusetts Delegates Look Forward to Mitt Romney's Speech

  30. 5334

    Watch Clint Eastwood Speak at Republican National Convention

  31. 5335

    Watch RNC Video Bio on Mitt Romney, His Family, and Life

  32. 5336

    Former Gov. Haley Barbour Stops By NewsHour Skybox

  33. 5337

    On Day 2 of RNC, Rice and Ryan Speeches Were Standouts

  34. 5338

    Romney's Record: Businessman, Olympic Savior, Mass. Governor

  35. 5339

    A Style Guide to the Kind of President Mitt Romney Might Be

  36. 5340

    News Wrap: As Storm Isaac Pours Down, Evacuations Begin

  37. 5341

    Map Center: What If the Battleground States Go Red?

  38. 5342

    Voter Opinion on Romney's Likeability, Credibility, Faith

  39. 5343

    Watch American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks Sing at RNC

  40. 5344

    Former Mass. Lt. Gov. Healey: Romney 'Worked Harder Than Anyone I Know'

  41. 5345

    Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush: 'Our Failing Schools Need To Be Fixed'

  42. 5346

    Watch the RNC Video Tribute To Ronald Reagan's Presidency

  43. 5347

    Watch the RNC Video Featuring Hispanic Politicians

  44. 5348

    Sen. Mitch McConnell: 'Good Politics Is Multiplication'

  45. 5349

    Craig Romney: 'It Needs To Be About Como Se Puede' (How Can We?)

  46. 5350

    Sen. Dick Durbin Gives Democratic Perspective of RNC

  47. 5351

    Colorado GOP Chairman Call on Colorado as a Battleground State

  48. 5352

    Former Gov. Robert List on Why Nevada is a Battleground State

  49. 5353

    Analyzing the Future of the Race in Wisconsin

  50. 5354

    The Doubleheader: Shields, Brooks Talk The Start of College Football, Wednesday Night Speeches

  51. 5355

    Romney's Record: Businessman, Olympic Savior, Mass. Governor

  52. 5356

    Romney prepares for RNC acceptance speech

  53. 5357

    On the Floor at the RNC: Delegates Respond to Ryan's Speech

  54. 5358

    Michael Gerson on the Art of Speechwriting

  55. 5359

    Political Checklist: What to Take Away from the Second Night of the Convention

  56. 5360

    Watch Full Speech from Rep. Paul Ryan at RNC

  57. 5361

    Livestream Promo

  58. 5362

    Isaac Downgraded, Still Batters Gulf with Wind and Downpours

  59. 5363

    Exploring Romney's Foreign Policy

  60. 5364

    Rubio: A Choice Between Two Visions of Government, Economy

  61. 5365

    Shields and Brooks: Was the First Day a Success?

  62. 5366

    Rep. Eric Cantor: Romney, Ryan Improves Life for Americans

  63. 5367

    Paul Ryan Stood Out Based on the 'Strength of His Ideas'

  64. 5368

    Gov. Susana Martinez: In America, Everything is Possible

  65. 5369

    Watch Rep. Paul Ryan's Introduction Video at Republican National Convention

  66. 5370

    Former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice: 'Hard Work Before Us At Home'

  67. 5371

    Former Gov. Mike Huckabee: Pres. Obama 'Promised Us Candy, But Left Us With Cavities'

  68. 5372

    Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty: "Welcome to Barack Obama's Retirement Party'

  69. 5373

    Former Sen. Rick Santorum: Romney Needs to 'Open Up' to Win Election

  70. 5374

    Sen. Rob Portman on Pres. Obama: 'No More Years'

  71. 5375

    Sen. John Thune: Romney Understands What It Takes For Businesses 'To Thrive'

  72. 5376

    Watch Republican National Convention Video on Former Presidents Bush

  73. 5377

    Sen. John McCain: 'We Can't Afford to Abandon the Cause of Human Freedom'

  74. 5378

    RNC Delegate Tom Rath on Why New Hampshire Is a Battleground State

  75. 5379

    Shields, Brooks on Chris Christie's RNC Speech, Negative Advertising

  76. 5380

    Vet Activist Goes on Hunger Strike in Front of White House

  77. 5381

    Jeffrey Brown with Gov. John Kasich

  78. 5382

    Political Checklist: What to Take Away from First Night of Convention

  79. 5383

    Twitter's Adam Sharp on Social Media's Impact on the Election

  80. 5384

    WIll Americans Buy Romney Plan to Turn Around the Economy?

  81. 5385

    Political Cartoonists Face Off in RNC Drawing Duel

  82. 5386

    Three Doors Down Performs at Republican National Convention

  83. 5387

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: "What Matters Now is What We Do"

  84. 5388

    News Wrap: Nearing Louisiana, Isaac Reaches Hurricane Status

  85. 5389

    John Boehner on the GOP Platform and Romney's Speech

  86. 5390

    Promoting a Candidate Who Doesn't Savor the Spotlight

  87. 5391

    Shields and Brooks on Roll Call Nostalgia, Speech Previews

  88. 5392

    Map Center: What Swing States Say About Jobs and the Economy

  89. 5393

    Ann Romney: 'Mitt Romney Was Not Handed Success. He Built It.'

  90. 5394

    South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley Addresses Republican National Convention

  91. 5395

    Artur Davis: "America's the Land of Second Chances"

  92. 5396

    U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Cruz: Millions of Americans Saying "We Want Our Country Back"

  93. 5397

    Former Sen. Rick Santorum: "I Shook the Hand of the American Dream"

  94. 5398

    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: In Recall Election, the "Hard-Working Taxpayers Won"

  95. 5399

    Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell: "While the President Talks, Republican Governors Lead"

  96. 5400

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich: "The President is Doing Nothing" About National Debt

  97. 5401

    Jeffrey Brown Speaks with Al Cardenas, Chairman of American Conservative Union

  98. 5402

    Louisiana Delegates Keep in Mind Home as Hurricane Isaac Nears

  99. 5403

    Why Humor Should Transcend Politics, And Other Questions Answered by Shields and Brooks

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