1. Persian Parade~NYC~2012~Belly Dancers~NYCParadelife

  2. Persian Parade~NYC~2012~Azarbaijan Dancers~NYCParadelife

  3. Persian Parade~NYC~2012~Armenian Dancers~NYCParadelife

  4. Persian Parade~NYC~2012~Gypsy Dancers~NYCParadelife

  5. Persian Parade~NYC~2012~Yeraz Armenian Dance Ensemble~NYCParadelife

  6. Persian Parade~NYC~2012~Persian Dancers~

  7. Tartan Parade~NYC~2012~Jamming After Parade Amazing Grace~NYCParadelife

  8. Tartan PArade~NYC~2012~Celtic Dancers Sword Dance~NYCParadelife

  9. Tartan Parade~NYC~2012~Shamrock & Thistle Pipes and Drums~NYCParadelife

  10. Tartan Parade~NYC~2012~Westies Dogs March~NYCParadelife

  11. Tartan Parade~NYC~2012~Tunes of Glory Pipes and Drums~NYCParadelife

  12. Tartan Parade~NYC~2012~Calgary Police Service Pipa and Drums~NYCParadelife

  13. Tartan Parade~NYC~2012~Atlantic Watch Pipes and Drums~NYCParadelife

  14. Tartan Parade~NYC~2012~NY Metro Pipes and Drums~NYCParadelife

  15. Tartan Parade~NYC~2012~West Point Cadets Pipes and Drums~NYCParadelife

  16. Easter Promenade~NYC~2012~Large floral bonnet in front of St. Pat's~NYCParadelife

  17. Greek Independence Day Parade~NYC~2012~Hellenic Times~NYCPar

  18. Greek Independence Day Parade~NYC~2012~ Humanities and the Arts MB~NYCParadelife

  19. Greek Independence Day Parade~NYC~2012~Mother Cabrini MB~NYCParadelife

  20. Greek Independence Day Parade~NYC~2012~School of Plato MB~NYCParadelife

  21. Greek Independence Day Parade~NYC~2012~Park Ridge HS Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  22. Greek Independence Day Parade~NYC~2012~Greek Warriors~NYCParadelife

  23. Greek Independence Parade~NYC~2012~Greek Folkloric/Greek Warriors~NYCParadelife

  24. Greek Independence Parade~NYC~2012~Presidential Guards Evzones~NYCParadelife

  25. Greek Independance Parade~NYC~2012~NYPD Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  26. St.Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~Chattahoochee HS Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  27. St.Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~Londonderry HS Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  28. St. Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~Emerald Society FDNY Pipes and Drums~NYCParadelife

  29. St. Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~ Marine Corp march up 5th Ave.~NYCParadelife

  30. St.Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~Brewster HS Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  31. St.Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~United Irish Counties~NYCParadelife

  32. St. Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~Lt. Murphy's Family~NYCParadelife

  33. St.Patrick's Day Parade~NYV~2012~Civil War Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  34. St. Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~Xaverian HS Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  35. St. Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~US Navy Chase Out the Brits ..Again..~NYCParadelife

  36. St. Patricks"s Day Parade~NYC~2012~Dover Union Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  37. St.Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~Pipes and Drums NYPD~NYCParadelife

  38. St.Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~Brittany Band~NYCParadelife

  39. St.Patrick's Day Parade~NYC~2012~Bagad Plougastell~NYCParadelife

  40. Holi Festival~Queens~2012~Rainbow People Dancing in Smokey Park~NYCParadelife

  41. Holi Festival~Queens~2012~Smokey Park drummers~NYCParadelife

  42. Holi Festival~Queens~2012~Drummers in Smokey Park~NYCParadelife

  43. Holi Festival~Queens~2012~Mandir Floats 2~NYCParadelife

  44. Holi Festival~Queens~2012~ Mandir Floats pt 1~NYCParadelife

  45. Holi Festival~Queens~2012~Legends of Holi~NYCParadelife

  46. Happy Holi Festival~Queens~2012~ Young Dancers Celebrate Holi~NYCParadelife

  47. St.Patrick's Parade~Staten Island~2012~Corvettes Roll~ NYCParadelife

  48. St.Patrick's Parade~Staten Island~2012~Msgr. Farrell HS~NYCParadelife

  49. St. Patrick's Parade~Staten Island~2012~Susan Wagner HS~NYCParadelife

  50. St. Patrick's Parade~Staten Island~2012~Port Richmond HS~NYCParadelife

  51. St. Patrick's Parade~Staten Island~2012~Step Dancers~NYCParadelife

  52. Chinese Lunar New Year~Flushing~2012~Falun Dafa Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  53. Chinese Lunar New Year~Flushing~2012~Closing Fireworks~NYCParadelife

  54. Chinese Lunar New Year~Flushing~2012~Korean Drummers~NYCParadelife

  55. Chinese Lunar New Year~Flushing~2012~TaeKwonDo students~NYCParadelife

  56. Chinese Lunar New Year~Flushing~2012~Traditional Korean Dancing~NYCParadelife

  57. Chinese Lunar New Year~Flushing~2012~Korean Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  58. Chinese Lunar New Year~Flushing~2012~Dancing Lions~NYCParadelife

  59. Chinese Lunar New Year~Flushing~2012~Colorful Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  60. Chinese Lunar New Year~Flushing~2012~Dragons Opening the Parade~NYCParadelife

  61. Chinese Lunar New Year~Chinatown/NYC~2012~Acrobatic Lions Dancing~NYCParadelife

  62. Chinese Lunar New Year~Chinatown/NYC~2012~Golden Dragon~NYCParadelife

  63. Chinese Lunar New Year~Chinatown/NYC~2012~Dual Dancing Dragons~NYCParadelife

  64. Chinese Lunar New Year~Chinatown/NYC~2012~Dancing Lions~NYCParadelife

  65. Chinese Lunar New Year~Chinatown/NYC~2011~Staten Island Lions~NYCParadelife

  66. Chinese Lunar New Year~Chinatown/NYC~2012~Beijing Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  67. Chinese Lunar New Year~Chinatown/NYC~2012~Beijing Student Dancers~NYCParadelife

  68. Chinese Lunar New Year~2012~Chinatown~NYC~Dragons Eating Lettuce~NYCParadelife

  69. 3 Kings Day Parade~NYC~2012~Greenburgh Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  70. 3 Kings Parade~NYC~2012~Museo Del Barrio Float~NYCParadelife

  71. 3 Kings Day Parade~NYC~2012~Start of the Parade~NYCParadelife

  72. 3 Kings Day Parade ~ NYC~ 2012~ Talented and Gifted School~NYCParadelife

  73. Veterans Day Parade~NYC~2011~Oregon City Pioneer Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  74. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Santa Claus Arrives~NYCPara

  75. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Miami Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  76. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Straight No Chaser and Virginia~NYCParadelife

  77. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Clumsy Smurf~NYCParadelife

  78. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~ Legacy HS MB~NYCParadelife

  79. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Plymouth Canton HS MB~NYCParadelife

  80. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Build-a-Bear and Miss Kitty

  81. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~ Tim Burton's B.~NYCPa

  82. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Nation Ford MB~ NYCParadelife

  83. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Spiderman Balloon~NYCParadelife

  84. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Uncle Sam Balloon & Veterans~NYCParadelife

  85. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Homewood MB and Neil Diamond~NYCParadelife

  86. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Flying Snoopy and Peanuts~NYCParadelife

  87. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Iriquois Dancers and Joba Chamberlain~NYCParadelife

  88. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Sonic Balloon~NYCParadelife

  89. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Julius Balloon~NYCParadelife

  90. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Carmel HS Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  91. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Kung Fu Panda Balloon~NYCParadelife

  92. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Spongebob Balloon~NYCParadelife

  93. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Kool-Aid Float~NYCParadelife

  94. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Pillsbury Doughboy~NYCParadelife

  95. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Buzz Lightyear Balloon~NYCParadelife

  96. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Fireman Balloon~NYCParadelife

  97. Thanksgiving Day Parade~NYC~2011~Cops and Robbers~NYCParadelife

  98. Veterans Day Parade~NYC~2011~White Plains Marching Band~NYCParadelife

  99. Veterans Day Ceremony~NYC~2011~Mayor Bloomberg's Remarks~NYCParadelife