1. Should you work for free?

  2. We are not for everyone, just the sexy people.

  3. How do you know you're pushing your artistic edge?

  4. Warrior Not Worrier!

  5. Can I avoid failure by seeking wisdom?

  6. To Grad School or not to Grad School?

  7. Knowing your Limitations vs. Spreading yourself too thin.

  8. Speed versus Quality, which wins?

  9. James Victore pursues a career in stand-up comedy.

  10. Distraction, time management and YOU.

  11. An Important Message from James Victore

  12. Getting Blue and getting back up again with James Victore

  13. Stand Up! Or, How We Love to Watch You Risk It All.

  14. Hang loose.

  15. I love my work. I hate my work.

  16. James Victore gets Lazy!

  17. Serious Play

  18. I want cake, but I need patience.

  19. Saving the world one Cubicle at a time.

  20. The relentless pursuit of Happiness

  21. How do I find my voice? My style?

  22. There ain't no shortcuts, you gotta do the work.

  23. Books to start the year off right

  24. This New Year, make a commitment to yourself

  25. To face unafraid the plans that you've made

  26. Learn to love the struggle... and sell, sell, sell!

  27. You're better off if you end up becoming yourself.

  28. James Victore gets fired. Or, Dealing with the second arrow.

  29. Because I Wanna

  30. You don't know me. So, here's an update. 10 Things you don't know about me.

  31. Where do you draw the line?

  32. You've got no friends?

  33. Once, again... this time with Confidence!

  34. A Special 100th Episode of 'Burning Questions'

  35. I'm worth a million dollars. Aren't you?

  36. Are you willing to lose everything?

  37. You got a big 'But'

  38. The first step is Unknown

  39. Stop hitting yourself, why do you keep hitting yourself?

  40. Burning Questions Trailer

  41. Can I find a balance between love and work?

  42. I can't get motivated! Help!

  43. "I quit my job! Am I crazy?"

  44. It's not about your work, It's what you choose to do with it.

  45. Gone Fishing.

  46. Ask more from yourself.

  47. Change or Die

  48. Conflict, Compromise and Kill Fees

  49. It hurts because it's true.

  50. Don't do spec work. Period.

  51. Stop deprecating all over yourself.

  52. Satisfy yourself AND improve your work.

  53. Please change! But, just to please others...

  54. How to create a roadmap for your future and live with purpose.

  55. James Victore's Burning Questions - Serious about Pretending

  56. Don't Chase Money, Let It Chase You.

  57. Taking time off to refelect and live purposefully.

  58. I'm afraid I'm too old for change (at 34)!

  59. Is it "Art'" or is it "Design" and who really cares?

  60. What the hell are you waiting for?

  61. "Freedom is something you take." sneek preview

  62. How many steaks can you eat? Balancing desire and contentment.

  63. The "I'm James Victore" defense never works.

  64. Stop listening to your mother!

  65. Fock Henry Furd. It's not work, man, it's a way of thinking about your life.

  66. "How do I do good work when I have rent to pay?"

  67. Just take the first step. The rest will appear.

  68. You can be brave and scared shitless at the same time.

  69. "You like my blunt honesty, now?"

  70. Breaking Bad

  71. The First Rule of Business

  72. Risk it ALL!

  73. Destiny!

  74. On Reference Material

  75. Clients, we love 'em. We hate 'em.

  76. Mortality as Inspiration

  77. It's NEW YEARS!

  78. It's (almost) Christmas.

  79. On Swearing

  80. On Hustle

  81. Q+A Time Management

  82. On Giving Thanks

  83. On Heroes and Mentors

  84. Money, money, money

  85. Fleck Art School

  86. Comrades v. Clients

  87. On Faith

  88. Q+A The Good Fight

  89. Q + A? Not today. Everybody dance now!

  90. James Victore, Rocks Painted Like Gold.mov

  91. James Victore on Teaching

  92. James Victore on Values

  93. James Victore is a Boob

  94. James Victore, WWJVD?

  95. James Victore on Fear

  96. James Victore on Know-It-Alls

  97. James Victore on Habits

  98. James Victore on Bruce Lee

  99. James Victore, "Begin Before You're Ready"