1. S Korea: North 'will pay the price'

  2. 'US naval workout in South Korea a provocation'

  3. Video of US joint war games on Korean border

  4. [Deleted Video]

  5. All at Sea: On-board videos of Carnival Splendor cruise chaos

  6. Gerald Celente: "Scenario set up for next war"

  7. Aliens shot down California missile

  8. [Private Video]

  9. Thousands cross Thai border to flee Myanmar vote violence

  10. Calderon firm in drug war decision

  11. Toxic 'Nuclear Train' reaches destination as cops clear blockade

  12. [Deleted Video]

  13. Dr. says he's seeing more & more patients with symptoms of toxic exposure to oil and corexit

  14. [Deleted Video]

  15. Stop Castor! Fierce battles in Germany as protesters fight 'nuclear waste' trucks

  16. Video of massive explosion & fire as trains collide in Poland

  17. ObamaCare: The Facts On Abortion

  18. BP crew member has "Benzene poisoning" -- Paw Paw why you gonna die? asks 5 year old

  19. CNN probes Did Prescott Bush steal Geronimos skull

  20. Firefighters Watch House Burn

  21. [Deleted Video]

  22. Oakland Police Fatally Shoot Another Unarmed Man

  23. Video of 'nuclear train' clashes as toxic waste hauled to German dump

  24. [Deleted Video]

  25. [Deleted Video]

  26. [Deleted Video]

  27. Indonesia buried in ash after volcano Merapi eruption

  28. FEMA Trailer Workers Speak Out

  29. CNN probes Did Prescott Bush steal Geronimos skull

  30. A Sign? - Presidential Seal Falls Off Podium During Obama Speech

  31. Police threaten to KILL Pastor over License Plate Light being Burned Out

  32. Tsunami in Indonesia kills over 100 as earthquake triggers waves

  33. Killing Leukemia: Full recovery real for kids in Russia

  34. BP Rehearsed Oil Spill in 2000 CONFIDENTIAL EXPERIMENT EXPOSED!

  35. [Deleted Video]

  36. Scientist "astonished" that he found so much crude -- Questions Fed's estimate of oil in Gulf

  37. [Deleted Video]

  38. [Deleted Video]

  39. [Deleted Video]

  40. [Deleted Video]

  41. [Deleted Video]

  42. Controversial News - Fluoridated Water - UFO Disclosure by Top Officers - Cure For Cancer


  44. [Deleted Video]

  45. [Deleted Video]

  46. [Deleted Video]

  47. PG&E on the Hotseat - Pt. 2 Public Comment

  48. [Deleted Video]

  49. [Deleted Video]

  50. [Deleted Video]

  51. Owned by Aliens? US missile guards claim UFOs target global nukes

  52. [Deleted Video]

  53. [Deleted Video]

  54. [Deleted Video]

  55. Beer v. Weed, Throw-down in CA

  56. [Deleted Video]

  57. Keiser Report - Currency Wars Break Out! (E79)

  58. Austrian 'Kill Mosque' games: Far-right force gains ground in Europe

  59. Shocking video: Over 100 hurt as stand collapses at car race in Brazil

  60. Oil-eating microbes impacting humans? Corexit dispersant may genetically change bacteria in Gulf

  61. [Deleted Video]

  62. San Bruno 'Ghost Town': Video of fire aftermath, house ruins, melted cars

  63. [Deleted Video]

  64. [Deleted Video]


  66. Hundreds of children witness plane crash in Indonesia

  67. For Sale: Welcome to United States of Tent Cities

  68. [Deleted Video]

  69. Media abandons Pakistan as country drowns

  70. Check this out! -- No more homegrown food

  71. [Deleted Video]

  72. [Deleted Video]

  73. Pakistan Floods - "The Mass Exodus Continues" (HAARP n CHEMTRAILS?)

  74. [Deleted Video]

  75. [Deleted Video]

  76. SpyWitnessNews 18 (Gulf seafood & Iraq Troops)

  77. No land to stand: Aerial video of flood, Pakistan under water

  78. [Private Video]

  79. Video of rare 'Fire Tornado' seen in Brazil

  80. Fever Fear: Deadly West Nile virus hits Russia after record heat

  81. [Deleted Video]

  82. Local farms could be illegal

  83. New Orleans Free Clinic director troubled by MASSIVE # of patients -- "DISTURBING" & "OVERWHELMING"

  84. [Deleted Video]

  85. [Deleted Video]

  86. [Private Video]

  87. [Deleted Video]

  88. Exclusive Israel-Palestinian debate--Full

  89. Exclusive Israel-Palestinian debate--Full

  90. High Alert: Hurricane Earl makes US landfall

  91. Hurricane Earl heads for US after hitting Caribbean

  92. Mexican military has permission to be in US Airspace -Federal Gooberment

  93. End Times Signs - Prophetic Earthquakes and Hurricane Warnings

  94. Mad, Bad & Dangerous: Psycho MMA fighter escapes mental hospital

  95. Congress to recieve the Kenya birth certificate

  96. [Deleted Video]

  97. Nine years after 9/11, 900 responders are dead

  98. 9/11 Proof WTC Attack an Inside Job Part 1 of 2

  99. New dramatic CCTV, amateur videos of San Bruno gas explosion & fire

  100. [Deleted Video]

  101. [Deleted Video]

  102. Suspicious residents report strange lights over Gulf coast -- "Drills"

  103. [Deleted Video]

  104. Pentagon's 'Burn a Book Day': War memoir destroyed as 'security threat'

  105. Clinton and Kissinger Team Up

  106. BP contractors now "DRILLING FOR OIL ON Alabama BEACHES.. and finding it" -- Tourist "amazed"

  107. [Deleted Video]

  108. Southern California Shanty Town / Tent City

  109. [Deleted Video]

  110. [Deleted Video]

  111. Neothink® Testimonial Music Video (© 2010)

  112. [Deleted Video]

  113. [Deleted Video]

  114. [Deleted Video]

  115. The Nephilim

  116. [Deleted Video]

  117. [Deleted Video]

  118. [Deleted Video]

  119. [Deleted Video]

  120. Incandesant Bulbs To Be Banned In USA

  121. [Deleted Video]

  122. What's Wrong With White Folks?

  123. Keiser Report: Gold Price Nice for Crooks

  124. Z100's Trey Morgan Visits the ASPCA!

  125. [Deleted Video]

  126. The SINGLE STRANGEST THING I Have EVER Seen! Gulf of Mexico BP

  127. [Deleted Video]

  128. [Deleted Video]

  129. [Deleted Video]

  130. Hutchison demonstrates Zero Point Energy

  131. Meg McLain Refuses The Airport Body Scan & Is Attacked! Ridiculous!

  132. [Deleted Video]

  133. California Brown Pacific Ocean Haze - Massive Soot and Sulfate Emissions

  134. Chemical Christmas Time


  136. Dean of Invention- The Sport Aircraft Revolution

  137. Plastic bottle Xmas tree set up in Israel as wildfires destroy forests

  138. CNN: Man opens fire at Florida school board meeting

  139. Bilderberg Member Richard Holbrooke Dies At 69

  140. Warning California Missiles are Headed Your Way Part 2