1. How to Add a U2 Datasource

  2. How to Add a Mapping Suite and Use it in a Report

  3. How to Install Informer on a Unix Machine

  4. How to Update a Databundle and Import the Updates

  5. How to Import a Databundle

  6. How to Create a Databundle

  7. How to Add a Mapping to Informer

  8. How to Link SQL Tables

  9. How to Add a Simple Condition to Informer Reports

  10. How to Add Select/Returning to Informer Reports

  11. How to Launch an Informer Report

  12. How to Use a Key List

  13. How to Export Informer Report Results

  14. How to Create a Simple Informer Report

  15. Create a Saved List and Use a Get List

  16. How to Add a Compound Condition to Informer Reports

  17. How to Tag a Report

  18. Informer and Sugar CRM

  19. What's new in Informer 4.3 - Summary Only, Aggregate Options

  20. Mantis How-to

  21. Informer User Conference - ICON 2012

  22. Using the Report Homepage

  23. Aggregate Functions

  24. The Analytics Panel

  25. Informer Customer Testimonial - Carson-Newman College

  26. Informer Customer Testimonial - Fresno Pacific University

  27. Reporting off Multiple Datasources

  28. Partner Testimonial: APT Solutions

  29. Scheduled Reports

  30. Working with Archives

  31. Calculated Columns : Templates

  32. Calculated Columns : Scripts