1. (Part 3) Facebook Town Hall Meeting - July 29, 2011

  2. Neugebauer Opening Statement at FSC Oversight Subcommittee Hearing

  3. Congressman Neugebauer Discusses Dodd-Frank on CNBC's Squawk Box

  4. Neugebauer Gives Democrats an "A" for More Big Government

  5. Congressman Neugebauer Speech on House Floor for an Amendment to stop B1s from being retired in 2012

  6. America's DEBT Problem

  7. Congressman Neugebauer questions panel at FSC hearing on Mutual Funds

  8. Congressman Neugebauer Launches American Job Creators

  9. Congressman Neugebauer Floor speech on H.R. 1632, honoring Sgt. Chris Davis

  10. Neugebauer Argues Against Rewriting Farm Bill on the House Floor.

  11. Congressman Neugebauer on the One Year Anniversary of Obama's "Recovery Summer"

  12. Randy Neugebauer Votes Against Debt Ceiling Increase

  13. Congressman Neugebauer Speech on House Floor Supporting the B-1 Bomber

  14. Congressman Neugebauer Town Hall Meeting in Big Spring, TX - May 18

  15. Rep. Neugebauer Asks Director Gould about the Sagebrush Lizard Listing in Texas

  16. Abilene Town Hall Meeting April 29, 2011

  17. Congressional Art Competition 2011 - 19th District of Texas

  18. Neugebauer Reaction to Obama El Paso Visit - KJTV

  19. Plans for the B-1 Bomber on KTXS

  20. Interview with FOX 34 April 7, 2011

  21. Live Appearance on KLBK February 22, 2011

  22. My Reasons for Repeal of Obamacare

  23. Swearing In by Speaker Boehner

  24. Christmas Message from Congressman Neugebauer

  25. Neugebauer on Willis Report: Dems Playing Politics With American Jobs

  26. Best Christmas Gift to the American People is Permanently Extending Tax Relief

  27. Neugebauer on Fox Business' Willis Report

  28. Neugebauer on National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

  29. Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

  30. Neugebauer Questions Sec. Geithner

  31. Congressman Neugebauer Questions Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke

  32. We've Got To Cut Up The Government's Credit Cards!

  33. You Can't Deem Things, You've Got to Do Things

  34. Congress Just Isn't Listening...

  35. Celebrating America's Dairy Industry

  36. We need real reform, not a permanent bailout

  37. America Speaking Out

  38. Memorial Day Reflections

  39. It's Another Trillion Dollar Week in Washington...

  40. YouCut: The American People Speaking Out

  41. Now Is TheTime To Cut Spending.

  42. Honoring Lubbock's Corporal Harvey During National Police Week

  43. Welcome

  44. National Day of Prayer

  45. Mr. Speaker: When will the bailouts, government spending and debt stop?

  46. Mr. Speaker, The American People Deserve Better

  47. We Need To Get Back To The Basics: Cut Spending and Get The American People Back To Work

  48. TAX DAY 2010

  49. In Case You Missed It: Neugebauer on Hannity

  50. Shame on you Madam Speaker

  51. Empowerment Minute: We Are Facing Unsustainable Debt

  52. H.R. 2554 National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers Reform Act of 2009

  53. Reflections on Today's Health Care Summit

  54. Weekly Empowerment Minute

  55. Tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America


  57. Randy's Empowerment Minute

  58. March for Life Event

  59. A Look Ahead at 2010

  60. March for Life

  61. Health Care Special Order Part 2

  62. Health Care Special Order Part 1

  63. GOP Alternative Ends the Bailouts and Protects Consumers, Small Businesses &Taxpayers

  64. The Democrats Financial Regulation Bill Will Kill Jobs

  65. Congressman Neugebauer on CFPA

  66. H.Res. 845 - Recognizing the United States Air Force and Dyess Air Force Base

  67. We Must Hold Congress More Accountable for the National Debt

  68. Don't Take Away Our Options

  69. Kill The Bill!


  71. "House Call" Press Conference

  72. Stop the Bailouts

  73. Speaker Pelosi's H.R. 3962

  74. Madame Speaker, what are you hiding?

  75. Letter to Speaker Pelosi

  76. Congress just doesn't get it.

  77. H.R. 3613 the Transparency and Executive Accountability Act.

  78. Stop the 'Czars' FOXNews com

  79. House GOP on President Obama's Czars

  80. Lubbock Coffee with the Congressman

  81. Abilene Coffee Floor Speech

  82. Congressman Neugebauer Discusses Health Care on Fox 34

  83. Coffee with the Congressman in Big Spring

  84. Congressman Neugebauer Discusses Healthcare on Fox34

  85. Lubbock Coffee Part 2

  86. Abilene Coffee Part 2

  87. Health Care Bill: Prescription for Disaster

  88. For every dollar that this Congress is spending right now, we're borrowing 50 cents.

  89. Neugebauer Amendment

  90. Republican Financial Regulatory Reform Plan

  91. Where are the Jobs?

  92. Neugebauer questions Chairman Bernanke

  93. Representative Neugebauer on Reg Reform

  94. Cap and Tax is a bad bill

  95. Neugebauer discusses Administration's plan for regulatory reform

  96. Neugebauer on Fox Business discussing Obama's regulatory reform plan

  97. Neugebauer discusses GOP Regulatory Reform Plan

  98. Neugebauer opposes cap and tax