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  1. Corporate Media quit asking the same stupid questions

  2. Adam & The Constitution VS Mitt Romney

  3. Thomas Conway, Ron Paul Meetup Organizer

  4. Michele Bachmann Press Conference, West Des Moines, Iowa

  5. [Private Video]

  6. T4TT - EXCLUSIVE... Dean C. Clifford - Both Sides of The Story... Part 1

  7. EPIC MEDIA FAIL: MSM Coverage of Iowa Caucus 2008 vs. Iowa Caucus 2012

  8. Rebel Inc - No Song

  9. Michele Bachmann in West Des Moines, Iowa

  10. How To Elect Ron Paul

  11. Seattle Cop Busted Buying Crack Cocaine!

  12. [Deleted Video]

  13. Rick Santorum Owned on Palestine

  14. Obama Supporter for killing fetuses AND brown people! (Might vote for Gary Johnson)

  15. Surviving The Coming Financial Collapse

  16. Thoreauvian Self Sufficiency: the Only Way the World's People Can Be Free. ZFR 1-7-12. Jeffrey Grupp

  17. The Romney Con

  18. What the Israeli Shill really said

  19. Occupy Oakland vigil raided: Protesters arrested

  20. Media Lies and the Onset of War

  21. Cobra Commander for President!

  22. Blowing Off Some Steam 120

  23. LIES 103 (Rationalization of lies)

  24. An American Moment 103 (Gulf of Tonkin)

  25. [Deleted Video]

  26. [Deleted Video]

  27. Residents of Belle Glade FL Ask For Martial Law Because of Violence In The City

  28. Working Moms, Daycare and the War Against the Family

  29. Meditation & Music at Eden Valley Lodge

  30. Rick Santorum: I believe in states' right, except not really


  32. Statism, Cages and the Murder of Conscience

  33. [Private Video]

  34. Mensa Statists and the Aneurysm of Truth!

  35. [Deleted Video]

  36. Low Wind Turbines In Residential Areas In Virginia On An Average Low Windy Day In January

  37. Answer the Question - Gary Lunn!

  38. Blowing Off Some Steam 121 (H.R. 3166, Ron Paul, Iran)

  39. Edgar the Exploiter

  40. Intel Hub News Brief #6 The Assassination of MLK (01-16-2012)

  41. Rick Santorum Slammed by WeAreChange - Ron Paul and Lt. Colonel Schaffer Assist

  42. Mitt Romney Questioned on FED, Goldman Sachs, Luke Rudkowski kicked out

  43. MLK's assistant we don't know the whole truth about MLK's murder, End The Fed

  44. Huge Full Moon Rise - Realtime 2600mm 720p HD V10798a

  45. The Fear of the State - Terrorist Charlie Veitch

  46. [Private Video]

  47. Good Food vs. Bad Food

  48. Health Care, Gun Control, and Peaceful Freedom

  49. David Icke Says Enough!

  50. RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms


  52. Drone Offers Miami Police Eye In The Sky

  53. Pyramid of Government

  54. Non-Aggression Principle

  55. Don't Stop Recording: Meet James Brown

  56. Breaking! LAX FEMA Rendition Site Confirmed 1/2

  57. CDC Morgellons Study Results Released

  58. Libyans Tortured By NATO's Al Qaeda Rebels

  59. The Past, Present and Future of Internet Censorship

  60. Israel Refuses To Stop Using Internationally Banned White Phosphorus

  61. My response to the State of the Union

  62. Stun gun vs Occupy DC: Cops tase protester in pyjamas

  63. Police Shooting - w/ idiotic commentary

  64. [Deleted Video]

  65. George Ought to Help

  66. Exposed: Raw foods that aren't really RAW!

  67. How to Peel a Banana in the New World Order

  68. The Police State ...

  69. See Something Film Something

  70. Riot police forcibly evict Occupy Miami

  71. How GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans

  72. See No Evil, Hear No Evil

  73. Education without Violence, Currency without Brutality, Hope without Delusion

  74. "It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic")

  75. Graffiti Philosophy

  76. Shit Occupiers Say

  77. #OccupyOakland Black Bloc Anarchists Vandalize Whole Foods & Banks

  78. Fukushima Saga, Seal 6 Psyop, Preppers - New World Next Week

  79. Bank of America does NOT accept U.S. DOLLARS as payment on mortgages in AMERICA? 1 of 2

  80. You Will Not Be Arrested for Free Speech on Private Property (City of London Police)

  81. Blowing Off Some Steam 123 (2+2=5)

  82. Positive change from the bottom up; stop voting to change the face of fascism

  83. Illuminati Super Bowl Half Time Show Symbolism Explained - Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A

  84. Billionaire Bilderberg member supports Ron Paul! Thoughts Alex Jones?

  85. Superbowl Halftime: Narrative about Occupy Wall Street and the Impending Collapse of US Empir

  86. Occupy gal vs. Ron Paul guy

  87. Dont Stop Recording: Traffic Stop with Ian and Nemi

  88. Source Exposes FEMA Training Camp in Missouri

  89. [Deleted Video]

  90. Alan Watt: BPA, Sterilization, Vaccines & Neo-Eugenics

  91. US admits Israel is arming and training terrorist groups to create terrorism

  92. [Deleted Video]

  93. Bill Moyer- What Does it mean to be an Organizer

  94. Addicted to the Lie

  95. Video: Athens on fire as mass protest turns violent

  96. TSA Help Wanted - hilarious satire animation about TSA perverts and the Bill of Rights

  97. FKTV covers Keene City Council Bearcat meeting

  98. Stefan Molyneux - I have a brain surgeon for you. He's kind of a maverick.

  99. [Private Video]

  100. Special Ops, Global Tax, Zombie Voters - New World Next Week

  101. Disturbing, I'm Sick☞ ABC Practicing Israel's War on Iran

  102. None Of Us Are Free by

  103. [Deleted Video]

  104. What are GMOs: The Basics

  105. sh*t government says

  106. Outside San Francisco Obama fundraiser "in god we trust, we don't trust you"

  107. [Deleted Video]

  108. Mechanically Separated Chicken + Health Ranger commentary on the animation

  109. 4409 -- How to CAPS lock a Highway for Ron Paul

  110. Crime - Prepping and Door Repair

  111. Video: 49 dead, 550 injured as train slams into platform in Argentina

  112. SLUTS!

  113. PRESIDENT PAUL! HOORAH!?! (get the ringtone from the description!)

  114. Who is Fighting Who? (What They Feed You 111)

  115. Blowing Off Some Steam 126 (Hitler, Ron Paul, Brain Dead)

  116. Virginia Nullifies NDAA, Iran Oil Bourse, Illuminati Pimping - New World Next Week

  117. CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1950)

  118. [Private Video]

  119. Get off the pitch you murdering twat!

  120. POLICE STATE CANADA: Cops Arrest Father After His Daughter Draws A Picture of Him With A Gun

  121. False Environmentalism - by the Health Ranger

  122. NH town shows world how to fight Washington (Bearcat, tank battle)

  123. Ray William Johnson makes fun of 9/11

  124. County Sheriff's Continue Harassment

  125. [Deleted Video]

  126. The Danger of Allowing Status Quo Media to Dominate Our Discourse

  127. Conversation with an undercover cop

  128. History They Dont Teach You in School - Zionism

  129. An Example of How Anti-Medical Marijuana Policies Kill Patients

  130. Skin care common sense

  131. Pay It Forward with Wool Blankets

  132. Conversation with Cheshire County Sheriff - Raw

  133. Epic Debate George Galloway about 'War with Iran'

  134. Bay Area Moratorium & Occupy Sacramento Deliver Illegal Foreclosures To CA Attorney General, Feb 29

  135. Protesting Made Illegal!

  136. Are you a Bigot?

  137. Zak Carter, Veteran for Ron Paul - I AM NOT A HIPPIE!

  138. Freedom Does Not Fail! Stefan Molyneux Speaks to the Georgia Libertarian Convention

  139. America's greatest threat

  140. To the Police, Everything is Fine

  141. CopBlockers featured on John Stossel special "Illegal Everything"

  142. Iraqis should thank us. How arrogant/ignorant can neocons be.

  143. Bill H.R. 347 (What They Feed You 112)

  144. How to sue the police - Nicholas Wright on GRTV

  145. The Gun in the Room - Stefan Molyneux Interviewed on Wide Awake News

  146. Antonio Buehler Takes on the Cops! An Interview from Freedomain Radio

  147. Ben Swann delivers real Ron Paul delegate story to Brett Baier on Fox News, ignored

  148. Jeffrey Smith GMO update January, 2012 - Monsanto, Roundup, Bayer, DuPont and more

  149. Hey Rick Santorum, What's The 4th Amendment?

  150. Bart Attack

  151. On Solutions: Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California (Mar 5, 2012)

  152. Liberty Forum hottie has 3 switchblades (NH, knives, pretty women)

  153. 'Post-Birth Abortion' Advocated by Journal of Medical Ethics

  154. Dale Pregent: Pro-BEARCAT, Rude to Indy Media

  155. Gas Prices Explained

  156. Gas Prices Explained

  157. Wireless Radiation is a killer! Want a cure? Blushield!

  158. CBC 'Finding The Freemen' Hit Piece

  159. Kony 2012 - Just Another Government Program

  160. The Kony 2012 Controversy

  161. Recall the Governor for not liking Mexican food?

  162. What Caused Tila Tequila's Brain Aneurysm After Exposing the Illuminati on The Internet?

  163. Yes We KONY [RAP NEWS 12]

  164. PHONY KONY 2012

  165. Soccer, Water Boarding & Drugs (Blowing Off Some Steam 127)

  166. Conclusion: Improper Influence

  167. Blowing Off Some Steam 128 (Jekyll Island, Marijuana, Kleptomaniacs)

  168. My Garden Project! Spice Up Your Preps! CNN Money Misrepresents Preppers!

  169. [Deleted Video]

  170. Men In Black 3 - Unreleased Trailer [FULL HD]

  171. OWS Afternoon Arrests - 6 Month Anniversary - RAW FOOTAGE

  172. Just a little message...

  173. Martial Law

  174. NYPD's Iron Fist: OWS Re-Occupation Arrests: Protester Has Seizure in Handcuffs

  175. Immortal Technique - "Talk to Em"

  176. Lamb Chop Is Confused Baaaa

  177. Cashless Sweden, Missile Secrets, Korea Cold War - New World Next Week

  178. Occupy Wall Street vs The Tea Party: The Grim History of Tomorrow

  179. [Private Video]

  180. Trayvon Martin shooting; race, gated communities, and FOX douchebags

  181. [Private Video]

  182. [Deleted Video]

  183. Fishing with Donuts - OWS Union Square