1. Walls Don't Stop Him!

  2. To End on This Just Wow!

  3. I Can See You!

  4. 2 In One Game, Amazing!

  5. That Was Legendary!

  6. Thats How To Hit a Crane Shot!

  7. Now Thats How To Get a 2 Piece!

  8. Don't Try Run From Him!

  9. No Way How do People Do This!

  10. Now Thats How to End Favela!

  11. That Was So Sick!

  12. That Was Clean, So Nice!

  13. Now Thats How to Take Out Two!

  14. How Did He Hit That?

  15. How Many Fingers?

  16. Such a Sick Way to End!

  17. Walls Don't Stop Him!

  18. Now That Was Creative!

  19. You Cant Hide From Me!

  20. That Was Unbelievable!

  21. Now Thats a Wallbang!

  22. Best Way to End a Game on SubBase!

  23. What an Epic KillCam!

  24. Such a Sick GWK!

  25. Random But Beast!

  26. Don't See How People can be This Good!

  27. No Way This is Possible!

  28. This Guy is Boss!

  29. That Was Beast!

  30. Now Thats How to End the Game!

  31. Wasn't Expecting That!

  32. Now Thats How its Done!

  33. Gun Pickup?

  34. Where Was He?

  35. Thats How to Finish on Afgan!

  36. How Many Spins!

  37. Is That Even Possible?

  38. So Fast Just Epic!

  39. Epic Suicide Shot!

  40. Now That Was a Wall bang!

  41. Epic Distance Shot!

  42. Could You See Him?

  43. OMFG Lucky Shot!

  44. Why Doesn't That Always Happen?

  45. RPG Swap? Epic!

  46. That Was A lot of Spins!

  47. So Clean, Epic Shot!

  48. Sick Shot! Koala Climb?

  49. Was That Luck or Skill?

  50. Thats How to End FFA!

  51. He is a Boss!

  52. Thats How to Start a Game!

  53. That Was So Random!

  54. Get of my Plane!

  55. That Was Beast!

  56. Wow Epic Wallbang!

  57. That Was Sick!

  58. Thats How to Finish the Round!

  59. Now That was Random!

  60. Wow could You Hit That?

  61. That was Sick!

  62. Insane Wallbang!

  63. Wow That was Beast!

  64. Now That Was Epic!

  65. C4 BOSS!

  66. Best Way to Start Quarry!

  67. That Was Beast!

  68. You Got Ten Fingers?

  69. How to Boss Highrise!

  70. LUCKY!

  71. That Was Clean!

  72. That was INSANE!

  73. Didn't Even Know this was Possible?

  74. HE IS THE ONE!

  75. Epic 1080 Ladder stall on High-rise!

  76. AIMBOT?

  77. Did he Mean to do That?

  78. Epic Wallbang!

  79. Where Was He?

  80. OMFG thats Epic!

  81. Epic Wallbang So Good!

  82. OMFG!..

  83. Epic is Not the Word!!!

  84. FAIL TO WIN!!

  85. How many Fingers Do you Have?

  86. WTF

  87. This Guy Can Feed + GWK!!

  88. How to End a Game Properly!

  89. Now Thats How to Show Off!!

  90. You Cant Hide From Me!!

  91. How to Finish S&D Like a Boss!!

  92. Did You Mean to do That?

  93. That Was Insane? WTF!!




  97. AMAZING Shot Across Afghan!

  98. How do People do This?