1. "Sen. Ashley Judd" Is Not as Unlikely as You Think

  2. Cory Booker's Food-Stamp Odyssey Begins This Week

  3. Cory Booker's Food-Stamp Odyssey Begins This Week

  4. Hillary Clinton Says Drug Legalization Would Stop Violence

  5. Study Finds 98 U.S. Prisons To Take Gitmo Detainees

  6. Republicans' All White, All Male House Committee Leadership

  7. Chris Christie Now Most Popular New Jersey Governor Ever

  8. McCain on Abortion: "Leave the Issue Alone"

  9. Mitt Romney Was Right About the 47 Percent, in a Way

  10. Ron Paul: "Secession Is a Deeply American Principle"

  11. Tea Party's Allen West Inches Closer To Defeat in Florida

  12. WATCH: John McCain Snaps at CNN Reporter

  13. Romney Says He Lost Election Because of Obama's "Gifts" to Minorities, Women

  14. Rand Paul Set to Compromise? Tea Party Favorite Signals Moderation

  15. U.S. Secession Petitions Now Collecting Signatures in 34 States

  16. Despite Obama Plea, Palestinians Forge Ahead With United Nations Plans

  17. The GOP's Mad Rush To Embrace Immigration Reform

  18. Gabrielle Giffords To Face Shooter at Sentencing Hearing

  19. Pot Legal in Colorado and Washington, but Feds Still Loom

  20. Obama Claims Most Popular Twitter and Facebook Posts Ever

  21. Bibi Netanyahu Sounds Alarms on Iran To Thwart Obama

  22. Testy Mitt Romney on Mormonism in 2007

  23. Jay-Z, Springsteen To Flank Obama; Mitt Romney Gets Kid Rock

  24. Chrysler Refutes Ohio Romney Ad; Campaign Shrugs

  25. Romney Surrogate Says Colin Powell Endorsed Obama Because He's Black

  26. Powell Endorses Obama Again: "I'm Not Quite Sure Which Gov. Romney We Would Be Getting."

  27. GOP Hopeful Says Rape Births Are "Something God Intended"

  28. Does the U.S. Military Still Use Bayonets?

  29. Donald Trump Rumored To Have "Bombshell" on Obama

  30. GOP Rep Says No Abortion Exceptions For Health of Mother

  31. "Binders Full of Women" Meme To Take Over the World

  32. Why Is Hillary Clinton Taking the Blame for Libya?

  33. Does Ron Paul Support Mitt Romney Yet? "No."

  34. Is a Crippling Cyberattack Really on the Way?

  35. Rape Survivors Blast Akin In Devastating Campaign Ad

  36. Romney's Latest Minced Words on Abortion

  37. Paul Ryan Spars With Local Michigan Reporter

  38. Paul Ryan Spars With Local Michigan Reporter

  39. Obama Knocks His Own Debate Performance

  40. Romney Reversal: I Was "Completely Wrong" About 47 Percent

  41. Twitter Sets Debate Record, But Not Everyone Tweets Unscathed

  42. 7-Eleven Coffee Can Predict Elections

  43. Romney Caves and Says He Would Let Obama's Immigration Order Stand

  44. Schwarzenegger's Memoir Tells of "Hot Affair" and GOP War Sessions

  45. Campaigns Brace for Social Media Effect on Debates

  46. At U.N., Julian Assange Says Obama Is "Criminalizing Free Speech"

  47. Democrats and Republicans Agree: NFL Replacement Refs Are Awful

  48. [Private Video]

  49. Todd Akin Ignores Deadline To Drop Out of Senate Race

  50. Bill Clinton on Hillary's 2016 Plans: "I Have No Earthly Idea"

  51. Pawlenty Leaving Romney Campaign for Lobbying Job

  52. Pat Buchanan Calls Obama "Drug Dealer of Welfare"

  53. Romney on the Ropes? GOP Nominee Tries to Explain "47-Percent" Comments Made at Fundraiser

  54. Kanye West: "Mitt Romney Don't Pay No Tax"

  55. Romney Spoiler Scenario? Libertarian Party Nominee Gary Johnson on Ballot in 47 States

  56. Romney Attack Backfire? Republican Nominee Slams Obama Over Killings at U.S. Embassy in Libya

  57. Romney Painted as Kerry: Democrats Turn Tables, Question National Security Credentials

  58. Sarah Palin Says Sen. John Kerry Diminished Himself By Mentioning Her

  59. Bill Clinton Brings It for Obama

  60. Obama DNC Speech Moved Indoors Due to Weather

  61. Julian Castro's Keynote: Hispanic Rising Star To Address DNC

  62. Political Playlist: How Musicians and Pols Argue Over Using Music

  63. Democratic National Convention in Charlotte: Like Jimmy Carter in New York, 1980?

  64. Republican and Democration National Conventions: Which Party Goes First and Why?

  65. Eastwooding: The GOP Gets To Claim a Meme

  66. Onus on Mitt Romney To Wow in Republican National Convention Speech

  67. Republican National Convention Attendees Removed After Taunting Black CNN Camerawoman

  68. Mark Sanford Engaged to Argentine He Had Affair With While Governor of South Carolina

  69. Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Requests Paul Ryan Stop Using "We're Not Gonna Take It"

  70. Larry David Encourages Young People To Vote, With Tuba Music

  71. Todd Akin's Abortion Comments Could Damage His Standing in Senate Race

  72. Obama Campaign Offers a Tax-Return Truce, Romney Camp Rejects It

  73. Megadeth's Dave Mustaine: Obama Staged Sikh, Colorado Shootings To Ban Guns

  74. Joe Biden's "Chains" Remarks, Mitt Romney's "Hate" Accusations Begin Campaign in Earnest

  75. Game of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin Slams Republicans Backing Voter ID Laws

  76. Paul Ryan: Conservative Tax-raising Boogeyman or Tea Party Hero?

  77. Missouri "Right to Pray" Amendment Lets Kids Opt Out of Evolution Education

  78. With Attack Ads on Bain and Obama's "War on Religion," the Gloves Are Fully Off in Presidential Race

  79. Will Ted Cruz's Prime Time GOP Convention Speaking Spot Appease the Tea Party?

  80. Romney Gains Coveted Jenna Jameson, Clint Eastwood Endorsements

  81. Harry Reid, Mitt Romney Dig In on Battle Over Tax Rumors

  82. Twitter: Now Giving You Presidential Popularity Contests, Maybe Useful Polling Data?

  83. GOP Lawmaker Compares Free Contraception to 9/11, Pearl Harbor Attacks

  84. Ted Cruz Wins Texas Runoff in Tea Party Victory

  85. Idaho Billboard Compares President Obama to Aurora Shooting Suspect James Holmes

  86. Mitt Romney's No Good, Very Bad Week in London

  87. Obama, Romney Square off on Gun Control, While GOP Legislator Raffles off AR-15

  88. Romney Adviser: Obama Doesn't Appreciate "Anglo-Saxon Heritage" of Britain, U.S.

  89. Pennsylvania's Voter ID Law Comes Under Federal Scrutiny as Republicans Admit Mitt Agenda

  90. Report: Super Rich Hiding $32 Trillion Offshore, Preventing $280 Billion in Tax Revenue

  91. Colorado Shooting; Mayor Bloomberg Calls for Gun Control Stance From Obama, Romney

  92. Michele Bachmann Still Pushing Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy GOP Disaproval

  93. Luke Skywalker Actor Mark Hamill: Mitt Romney "Not Actually Human"

  94. Kiss Cam Convinces Obamas to Smooch in Public

  95. Mitt Romney: Not Inviting Sarah Palin to Tampa? Former Vice Presidential Candidate Scorned

  96. Police Officer Allegedly Threatens Michelle Obama, Shows Off Gun

  97. Mitt Romney Lying About Leaving Bain Capital in 1999?

  98. Questions Grow Regarding Chicago Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Mysterious Disappearance

  99. George Will: Record Heat Waves and Drought Are Just Summer, "Get Over It"

  100. Ron Paul's New Crusade: Internet Freedom

  101. Jonathan Krohn Responds to Attacks From Conservative Former Fans

  102. Barclays Executive Bob Diamond Also Resigning From Mitt Romney Fundraiser

  103. Romney's Spanish Language Ad Translations: No Es Bueno?

  104. Romney Raises Millions After SCOTUS Ruling

  105. Obamacare Upheld: Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Health Care Legislation

  106. Sen. Rand Paul Holds Up Key Flood Insurance Bill With Anti-Abortion Amendment

  107. Creationist Textbooks: Darwin Is Wrong Because Loch Ness Monster Is Real

  108. Despite Worst Wildfires in Years, Utah Can't Regulate Target Shooting

  109. Despite Chris Christie's Hungry Heart, Springsteen Won't Hang With Him

  110. Mitt Romney to Swing State GOP Governors: Downplay Economic Improvement

  111. Joe the Plumber Ad: Gun Control Led to the Holocaust

  112. Senator Scott Brown's Demands for Debating Warren: No MSNBC, No Kennedy Endorsements

  113. Arizona Sheriff Arpaio Arrests 6-year-old Girl on Suspicion She's Undocumented

  114. Michigan Lawmaker Says "Vagina," Is Banned From House Floor

  115. Game of Thrones Creators Scramble After Severed Bush-Head Cameo Revealed

  116. Romney Crushing Obama in Donations From Wall Street

  117. Secretary Bryson Suffered Siezure Ahead of Double Hit-and-Run Accidents

  118. Supreme Court Now Has Sad Approval Ratings, Just Like Congress and the President

  119. Jeb Bush: Obama Deserves Credit on Education, GOP Will Raise Taxes After Election

  120. Michelle Obama Does Letterman's Top 10 on Late Night

  121. Proposition 8 Case's Possible Supreme Court Hearing After Appeals Court Ruling

  122. Wisconsin Recall Vote: Gov. Walker Lead Shrinks to Within Margin of Error

  123. Bill Clinton Calls Romney's Business Career "Sterling", Criticizes Obama Campaign's Bain Attacks

  124. Mayor Bloomberg's Ban on Big Sugary Drinks/Sodas Could Happen by March 2013

  125. Romney's iPhone App Spells This Great Nation "Amercia"

  126. Chris Hayes "Hero" Comments Draw Epic Conservative Blowback

  127. Bill Clinton's Photo With Porn Stars Makes Political Reporting World Go Bonkers

  128. Colin Powell Endorses Gay Marriage, but Not Obama

  129. Bristol Palin's "Highly-anticipated" Reality Show Coming to Lifetime, of Course

  130. Cory Booker Caught in Balancing Act Over Obama's Bain Ad Comments

  131. Elizabeth Warren as Harvard Law's "First Woman of Color"

  132. Can Ron Paul's "Respectful" Delegation Shift the National Republican Agenda?

  133. Ron Paul Supporters: planning trouble for the Republican National Convention?

  134. Wisconsin's Scott Walker-Recall Election:November's Dress Rehearsal.

  135. Obama's Gay Marriage Support: Forced by Biden

  136. Rush Limbaugh's "Rush Babes for America" Fights National Organization for Women

  137. Amendment One North Carolina: Heating up National Gay Marriage Debate

  138. Attention Ron Paul Supporters: Libertarian Party to Pick Presidential Nominee This Weekend

  139. Newt Gingrich Suspends Campaign For President

  140. May Day Occupy Wall Street Protests Attempt To Rekindle Movement.

  141. Chen Guangcheng, Escaped Chinese Dissident, Poses Diplomatic Challenge for U.S.

  142. White House Party Crasher Tareq Salahi Running for Virginia Governor

  143. Obama on Jimmy Fallon: Slow Jam-ing the News on Late Night

  144. Ann Romney Touts Her Job as Mom in First Big Speech After Hilary Rosen Flap

  145. Ron Paul Raises $10 Million This Quarter, but Donations Are Dipping

  146. Republican John Raese Compares W.V. Smoking Ban to Hitler's Yellow Stars

  147. Ted Nugent Will Get Visit From Secret Service After Threatening Comments

  148. Newt Gingrich's Penguin Bite Makes His Bad Week Worse

  149. Obama: Secret Service Prostitution Solicitation Would Make Me "Angry"

  150. Gingrich Campaign Rents Out Donor List To Raise Funds

  151. Ann Romney, Hilary Rosen, and the Political War Over Women

  152. Will Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich's Refusal To Quit Hurt Mitt Romney?

  153. Obama Pushes "Buffett Rule" and Calls for More Romney Tax Returns

  154. Hillary Clinton Skipping Democratic Convention; Cites Secretary Guidelines

  155. Santorum's Pennsylvania Polling Dip Could Spell Defeat

  156. Sarah Palin Picks Allen West for Vice President

  157. Wisconsin Primary: Expected Win for Romney Sets Santorum's Hopes in Pennsylvania

  158. Katie Couric's Good Morning America foil: Sarah Palin on The Today Show

  159. Paul Ryan Endorses Mitt Romney

  160. Colbert Declares Obamacare Dead

  161. Newt Gingrich Makes Deep Campaign Cuts With Delegate Reality Setting In

  162. New Herman Cain Ad Blows Up Rabbit

  163. Santorum Suggests He Prefers Second Obama Term to Sketchy Romney

  164. Gas Prices and Voter Frustrations High, Obama Stumps for "All of the Above" Strategy

  165. Robert De Niro's "White First Lady" Joke Draws Gingrich Demand for Apology

  166. Pastor Dennis Terry's Fire and Brimstone Introduction of Rick Santorum Raises Eyebrows

  167. Puerto Rico Win, Illinois Polling Show Romney's Growing Advantage

  168. Santorum's Puerto Rico English Comments Fodder for Colbert, Romney Supporters

  169. Blagojevich Heads to Jail

  170. Are Gas Prices Hurting Obama While Newt Runs on Fumes?

  171. American Soldier Allegedly Kills 16 Afghans, Taliban Vows Revenge

  172. Game Change Proves Sarah Palin Fits Best With Fiction

  173. Sean Hannity, and Obama's "Radical" Speech at Harvard in 1990

  174. Rep. Dennis Kucinich Loses Primary to Marcy Kaptur After Redistricting

  175. Rush Limbaugh's Slutgate Lampooned by Colbert

  176. Is Super Tuesday Really All That Super?

  177. Rush Limbaugh Calls Sandra Fluke a "Slut," Ignites Political Wildfire

  178. Lindsay Lohan Could Play Callista Gingrich on SNL

  179. Rick Santorum: Church-State Separation Makes Me Want to Throw Up

  180. John Edwards Sex Tape To Be Destroyed

  181. Stephen Colbert and Nancy Pelosi Spar Over Super PACs

  182. Obama Sings "Sweet Home Chicago"

  183. Santorum Targets Obama's Religion, Worldview With Mixed Results

  184. Pat Buchanan and MSNBC Part Ways, Possibly Over "Racism" Allegations

  185. Santorum Pays Twice Romney's Tax Rate

  186. Chuck Norris to Chair National Rifle Association's "Trigger the Vote" Drive

  187. Dogs Against Romney Hound Former Mass. Governor

  188. China's Assumed Future Leader Xi Jinping Visits US

  189. CPAC's Brokered Convention Rumor Mill in Full Swing

  190. White House Birth Control Stance Criticized by Religious and Liberal Groups

  191. Prop 8 Appeals Court Decision a Win for Marriage Equality Activists

  192. Today's Rick Santorum Primary Showing: Another Potential Game Changer?

  193. Gingrich Looks to Super Tuesday in Fight for Delegates

  194. Chris Christie Can't Stop Praising Obama for Hurricane Sandy Efforts

  195. Oliver Stone: Obama's Abuses of Power "Must Have Made Dick Cheney Jealous"

  196. Romney Boys Can't Contain Their Obama Debate Anger

  197. Ann Romney to Haters: "Stop it! This is Hard."

  198. Romney Boys Can't Contain Their Obama Debate Anger