1. Glen Loyd's Big Brother/Big Sister videos from the 1980s

  2. My 1986 Care and Share Christmas Party for Salvation Army kids

  3. IDtheft devices

  4. Criminals con utililizing operators for the deaf

  5. Glen Loyd and other Consumer Protection officials confront a questionable an out

  6. Don't use gift cards

  7. Using a travel agent to avoid scam vacations

  8. protect your identity while shopping

  9. Young Wisconsin woman tells how her ID was stolen

  10. Go get em Glen

  11. Profile of Action Man Glen Loyd in Dallas, Texas

  12. Action Man Glen Loyd exposes a classic pyramid scheme

  13. Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of fame video of Glen Loyd

  14. Video save reel of Action Man Glen Loyd at KDFW-TV in Dallas, Texas

  15. Getting the best deal on line

  16. Plastic to pay taxes?

  17. Pugnacious swan near Rock River

  18. Evansville, WI girl wants to have fun--forever!

  19. Mark Twain's Blue Jays From "A Tramp Abroad"

  20. Watching winter turn into spring

  21. Big Brother Again

  22. Be on the lookout for pelicans on the Rock River and surrounding areas this spring!

  23. Rock River native making National Geographic movies

  24. A myriad of lightning strikes, the Lovejoy Comet and the Milky Way

  25. America at night from the Space Station

  26. Rock River air show

  27. I can't imagine my life without him

  28. Eagle soars from Rock River frost

  29. Sunset birds

  30. Like me, the Rock River finally has a white fringe

  31. When Frisbees fly, this dog never flubs

  32. Looking at the sky in Janesville

  33. Sandhill cranes in Walworth County Wisconsin

  34. Catch the Christmas Train in Janesville

  35. Building Yellowstone Park with 1933 Chevrolet trucks

  36. A coach for Cinderella-- Selling Janesville Chevrolets with Technicolor cartoons in the 1930s

  37. Selling Janesville Chevrolets with Technicolor cartoons in the 1930s

  38. Janesville made Chevrolets that went West

  39. Janesville made Chevrolets that went West (Oak Creek Canyon, AZ)

  40. See the most spectacular Chevy commercial ever

  41. Film of Chevrolet workers in Library of Congress

  42. When movie makers came to Janesville

  43. Critters on the outskirts of Janesville

  44. Glen's W.W. II Memories

  45. Coming Attractions-WW II Poet Warriors starring Carl Sandburg

  46. Student fashion at UW-Madison

  47. Wisconsin autumn

  48. Mark Twain's Wisconsin

  49. "Pure luminous color fighting the silent shadows until the last"

  50. Janesville girl welcomed to Maryland by earthquake and chased home by hurricane

  51. Passenger train

  52. Preview of Coming Attractions

  53. When WI fostered the Delta Blues and Mississippians settled in Beloit

  54. Lake Geneva, WI horses

  55. Fun at the Rock County 4-H Fair.

  56. Wild Life in Chicago

  57. Southern Wisconsin sights

  58. Sandhill cranes in Walworth County Wisconsin

  59. Eddie Doucette's Hall of Fame induction

  60. My Matt Dillon

  61. Be careful with door-to-door sellers of security systems!

  62. Bill Breitsprecher and the Rock River

  63. Rock County Art Colonies

  64. Eye to Eye Detective David Tatar on ID theft

  65. Guiding children: Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Van Buren School

  66. Rock River Boy becomes dinosaur hunter

  67. Polka Fest in Janesvile, WI

  68. Fake news

  69. Questionable gas saving device

  70. Hitler on call 24 hours a day

  71. Don't wire money to strangers

  72. My job is rewarding!

  73. He explores the ancient Southwest

  74. Wisconsin's Winter Sun

  75. Preventing Super Bowl Rip-offs.wmv

  76. She changed my life

  77. O boy. I rescue opossum

  78. Young people stealing and scamming prescription drugs

  79. Steam Train Number 1003 Storms Into Edgerton, WI

  80. Checking out the new fall fashions? I like the classic fashions.

  81. Wisconsin Dells: When Bessie the Cow isn't enough

  82. Enjoy the kids

  83. Paddle Boarding on Lake Wingra, WI

  84. Purple Martin Majesty.wmv

  85. When Mark Twain Came to Janesville, WI.

  86. Besler steam airplane

  87. When Mississippi steamboats came to Janesville, WI.

  88. Day care for chicks and children

  89. Dame's rocket

  90. Be wary of work-at-home job offers

  91. Retired educators warned about grandparent scam

  92. Friendly flies of the Rock River railroad trail, Janesville, WI.wmv

  93. Lake Wingra lily pads and other signs of spring

  94. Man on the Moon

  95. Spring accompanied by Kevin MacLeod's music

  96. Gotika, the Hindu dog.wmv

  97. Century old photochrom photos of Ireland

  98. Photochrom photos of Ireland at turn of century

  99. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Brando, Gershwin...