1. The Celtic Tenors Holland 2013 tour

  2. In that place Wholly far away.mov

  3. holland Advert no credits

  4. Celtic tenors advert Holland shows 2012

  5. Danny Boy, the Celtic Tenors

  6. hard times, stephen foster, the Celtic Tenors

  7. Celtic Tenors - seasonal medley

  8. Nessun Dorma-The Celtic Tenors- Kilbeg church kids choir.

  9. something inside so strong- performed by the Kilbeg Church children's choir as guest artists with the Celtic Tenors

  10. Kilbeg Church childrens' choir- Celtic Tenors

  11. Smile- performed by Kilbeg Children's Church Choir. at Celtic Tenor's concert.

  12. Dervish and The Celtic Tenors Live in Dublin- finnegan's wake

  13. Dervish and the Celtic Tenors

  14. Jerusalem - the holy city sung by the Celtic tenors

  15. Finnegan's wake- The Celtic Tenors and Dervish

  16. mad lady and me- Jimmy Mc Carthy

  17. star of the county down - the celtic tenors- dervish

  18. eileen aroon-Cathy Jordan and the Celtic Tenors

  19. hard Times

  20. the irish rover celtic tenors

  21. cailin rua-the red headed girl-celtic tenors-dervish

  22. eileen aroon- Cathy Jordan and the Celtic Tenors

  23. santa Lucia - dervish and the celtic tenors

  24. Caledonia - celtic tenors and dervish in sligo

  25. Celtic Tenors the Homecoming part 2of 2

  26. Celtic Tenors the Homecoming part 1 of 2