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  1. Drinking With Clefairy! (Bonus Encounter)

  2. Bloopers from Dance of the Sugar Plum Clefairy! (Bonus Encounter)

  3. Arkham Rock Opera Bloopers! (Bonus Encounter)

  4. Music Video: Behind the Scenes of FAR CRY HERO (with Kill9TV!)

  5. Epic Render Day: Behind the Scenes of Tetris: The Musical (Bonus Encounter)

  6. Watch Kill9TV's Bubble Bobble starring Steve Greene!

  7. The Brony Song 2 [Lost Version]

  8. Minesweeper: The Musical [Alternate Ending]

  9. Companion Cube: A Portal Song IN ONE TAKE (Bonus Encounter)

  10. Magikarp VS. Companion Cube! (Bonus Encounter)

  11. Don't Let Me Go Bloopers! (Bonus Encounter)

  12. Sparrow pretends she's a cat

  13. AJ Sings "The Eevee Song" (Bonus Encounter)

  14. Nicole: A Dead Space Song [Re-Performed] (Bonus Encounter)

  15. Rhythm Thief: Bloopers! (Bonus Encounter)

  16. Behind the Scenes of The Eevee Song feat. Dodger! (Bonus Encounter)

  17. Eevee Song Bloopers! Feat. Dodger from PressHeartToContinue (Bonus Encounter)

  18. Pikgirls As Guys (Bonus Encounter)

  19. Death of The Beard (Bonus Encounter)

  20. Companion Cube Bloopers!

  21. Behind the Scenes of Random Encounters: Animation on Display 2013 Panel

  22. Bonus Encounter: Wario Rap Bloopers

  23. PokeBloopers from Singachu & The Magikarp Song (Bonus Encounter)

  24. Three and a Half (Animated Short from O Meta Knight) (Bonus Encounter)

  25. Putting up Our Christmas Tree! (Bonus Encounter)

  26. Making the Donation Song (Bonus Encounter)

  27. Medic Vs. Spy (Bonus Encounter)

  28. Ganon Claus Is Coming To Town! (Bonus Encounter)

  29. Medic! Blooper Reel (Bonus Encounter)

  30. Sephiroth's Blooper Reel (Bonus Encounter)

  31. An Ezio Auditore Story (Assassin's Creed 2 in 3 Minutes!) (Bonus Encounter)

  32. Bonus Encounter: Spider-Bones (Halloween)

  33. One Winged Office Alternate Opening (Bonus Encounter)

  34. Like John in One Try! (Bonus Encounter)

  35. Bonus Encounter: The Magikarp Song Storyboards

  36. Meta Testa - Camera Test for the Original Meta Knight Costume (Bonus Encounter)

  37. The Snake Hole Incident Uncut (Bonus Encounters)

  38. Random Encounters Panel @ AM2 2012 (Bonus Encounter)

  39. RE @ E3 2012: Pikachu Extras

  40. RE Birthday Blog - Angi Viper's Presents!

  41. RE Birthday Blog - Random Encounters Karaoke!

  42. RE Birthday Blog - Angi Viper's Birthday Update

  43. Clefairy's Wild Goose Chase (Bonus Encounter)

  44. RE Birthday Blog - AJ

  45. RE Birthday Blog - Eisenstein McBones

  46. RE Birthday Blog - Angi Viper

  47. RE Birthday Blog - Peter Srinivasan

  48. RE Birthday Blog - Sweeping Man

  49. The Fisherman vs. The Snake Hole (Bonus Encounter)

  50. Princess Peach's Storyboard Animatic (Bonus Encounter)

  51. AJ Talks Tetris (Bonus Encounter)

  52. AJ Performs Like John (Bonus Encounter)

  53. AJ Calls Shinra's Receptionst (Bonus Encounter)

  54. Deafiroth and Yuna Present... "WHAT?" (Bonus Encounter)

  55. Sephiroth at the Drive Thru (Bonus Encounter)

  56. Vidcon 2012 Fight (Bonus Encounter)

  57. Batman vs. Altair (Bonus Encounter)

  58. Princess Peach's Alternate Opening (Bonus Encounter)

  59. Angry Birds vs. The Giant Crazy Snake Cage Match! (Bonus Encounter)

  60. The (Fake) Peach Song (Bonus Encounter)

  61. Inside the Animus (Deleted Scene) (Bonus Encounter)

  62. Needlemouse: Dancing Eggbot Deleted Footage (Bonus Encounter)

  63. Link and Ganondorf Attend a Con (Bonus Encounter)

  64. Ganondorf at AOD 2012 (Bonus Encounter)

  65. Angry Birds: An AngryView With Eisenstein (Bonus Encounter)

  66. 10 Surprises About Pac-Man: The Musical (Bonus Encounter)

  67. Fundraiser Bloopers - Don't Pick These Games (Bonus Encounter)

  68. Fundraiser Bloopers - The 20% Cooler Brony Edition (Bonus Encounter)

  69. Season One Fundraiser Bloopers (Bonus Encounter)

  70. Dr. Robotnik's Mean French Fry Machine (Bonus Encounter)

  71. Fundraising Season 1: The Musical

  72. Glimpse Into The Beard (Bonus Encounter)

  73. Pac-Man Cast Recording (Bonus Encounter)

  74. Bonus Encounter: Ganondorf's Text Message

  75. Pac-Man: AJ Only Temp Track (Bonus Encounter)

  76. Eisenstein's Wild Ride (Bonus Encounter)

  77. Singachu: The Storyboard Animatic (Bonus Encounters)

  78. Singachu Bloopers (Bonus Encounter)

  79. Ganondorf: The Minish Tap (Bonus Encounters)

  80. The Knuckles Rap (i.e. The Big the Cat Song) (Bonus Encounter)

  81. The Bloopers of Ganondorf (Bonus Encounter)

  82. Needlemouse: Spamming is for Dumbbots (Bonus Encounters)

  83. Needlemouse: Rejected Recordings (Bonus Encounter)

  84. NeedleMouse: Amy's Boob Job (Bonus Encounter)

  85. Ganondorf's Castle Construction (Bonus Encounter)

  86. The Needlemouse Blooper Reel (Bonus Encounter)

  87. Meet The Giant Crazy Snake (Bonus Encounter)

  88. A Special Message From Ganondorf (Bonus Encounter)

  89. Sonic Boom BTS: Needlemouse After Party (Bonus Encounters)

  90. Sonic Boom BTS: Eggbot Dancing (Bonus Encounter)

  91. I'm Captain Falcon! (Bonus Encounter)

  92. Patreon - How to Help RE Grow

  93. Patreon Bloopers

  94. DELETED SCENE: Cat Toad Suits Up! (Bonus Encounter)

  95. DELETED SCENE: Toad's Magical Girl Transformation (Bonus Encounter)

  96. Behind the Scenes of Arkham Opera (Bonus Encounter)

  97. Muffins Bloopers! (Bonus Encounter)

  98. Andre, Angi and AJ are BEHIND THE SCENES of Why Not Wii U (Bonus Encounter)

  99. Behind the Scenes of GODZILLA THE MUSICAL! (Bonus Encounter)

  100. Markiplier, Nikasaur, Arcade Arms, and Captain Falcon!

  101. Rhythm Thief - Complete Lyrics (Bonus Encounter)